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Ms. Renee Trevi  Kink exploration facilitator, BASE jumper, learner of ancient traditions & intrepid explorer of consciousness. See @msreneetrevi 4 session inquiries👇

My beloved island welcomes me 😍🌺🌅 I went through some turbulent times just recently in NYC, now Thailand is like a bandage for my soul 😇 #thaiparadise #sunsetbeach #myspecialplace #sunsetsea

When jacuzzi has a proper view 🌴😍🌞 I’m still relearning that self-care is not the same as being lazy, selfish, spoiled, or getting old, or even being a loser... as these were the messages I got as a child, so I’ve been a workaholic all my 20s - keeping 2 jobs, getting all kinds of education and degrees, not sleeping enough, accepting every invitation because of FOMO, constantly improving myself, staying in perfect shape, being responsible for feelings of everyone around... enough is enough, let 2019 be the year of self-appreciation! 😍❤️🌺 #selfcare #selfappreciation #bathwithaview #selflove #vacationtime #footfetishnation #barefeet #toefetish #feetworship #footporn #tropicalparadise #thaiparadise

This kitty of Thailand represents my current mood :) #timetochill #lazyday

I went to Thailand for the first time 10 years ago! 😍😃😆 I look and feel so different, almost like past lifetime. Between me and Thailand, it was love at first sight 😍 I keep on coming back year after year :)

Great shoot today 📸, the results look very promising. I’m also fully booked with sessions till my winter escape to Thailand. This winter air hurts my face and I’m really looking forward to relax rejuvenate in a warm place 🌴🌞😎

Another kinky night @ Palace hotel. I’ve been experimenting a lot with impact play lately, it’s not as simple as it seems, I’ve been introduced to many hidden dimensions of it. I’ll never stop learning! #leatherglovesfetish #leathergloves #leatherfetish #naughtythoughts #prodomme #femmefatale #seductress #fetishist #yesmistress and follow @msreneetrevi for less censored, more kinky images 🤫😎🙃

Another day in the office #legday #legsworship #legsfetish #leatherfetish

This collection of impact play toys are now going into my suitcase. Someone’s ass is going to become nice and red 😈🖤🤟 This is only a half of my collection of impact play toys. And more toys are constantly coming to my mailbox! 😍🙏🖤I’m so grateful to my loyal regulars for the constant flow of kinky gifts 🙏🙏🙏 #bdsmtoys #paddles #whips #impactplay #kinkyplay #spankingtoys #mytoys #timetoplay #powerplay #corporalpunishment

~ Beginning of the night of my facial expressions to the end of the night look really should say it all. Thank you for a night of many “firsts”. Your site gave a hint of your beauty and kindness but doesn’t give it justice. In person was so much more. As I said when we were chatting, no toy alone can bring a person to a state of consciousness. It takes a women’s touch. When we were close it was like I was protected from the world ~
Feedback from Sat night’s session. As I’m slowly getting ready for my winter adventures in Thailand, I realize that I’ll be missing my submissives. Just like I offer them a unique experience of subspace, I get to experience a sublime high of a topspace. Let’s play more while I’m still here in NYC. This week I’m flexible to play Mon-Sat, even same day appointments may work, let’s do it! #readytoplay #bdsmsubmissive #kinkyart #eroticdomination #leatherfetish #leathercorset #blondemistress #nycdominatrix #nycfemdom #ultimatesurrender #radicalsurrender #powerplay #goddessworship

Mexico taught me to feel stronger and more confident - locals tried so hard to spoil my vacation, and nevertheless I had a great time! 🤟🥂🌅 now as I check these GoPro videos of our jumps I’m reminded of our skydives, so delicious, mmm! Skydiving with a view is always a treat as well as escaping a cold NYC weather, and nothing can beat skydiving and partying with awesome friends 🤟😍🥂 I’d love to be back again and enjoy these warm sunny days of non-stop skydiving, but if only I could avoid Mexican airport, Mexican roads, Mexican foods, and all kinds of local scam :( As for me, I notice that Europe, Asia and Africa seem to be far more tourist-friendly countries. And it’s only one week till I’m in Thai paradise! 🌺🌴🌞

Feeback after yesterday’s session ~ Thank you again, Mistress Renee. The session yesterday was a deep and exciting experience for me - I'm still a little absorbed by it today, and still sorting through all the feelings that came up. You masterfully took power over me, and I was almost entirely in the moment after that. I'm happy that you also enjoyed the session ~ #leatherfetish #femdom #handovermouth #bdsmrelationship #bdsmsubmissive #alphafemale #bdsmhealing #shamanatrix #nycfemdom #nycdominatrix #surrender #femmefatale #kinkyshit #bdsmexperience

Back to NYC from a very intense and adventurous vacation (wild Mexico!), took a day to rest (vacation after vacation - much needed!), and already started playing this evening. Had a great session with a new client, feeling so satisfied!
I’ll be around for a week and taking session appointments. Will be gone to Thailand Jan 13th to return sometime in the beginning of March. I know that many of my submissives are disappointed that I leave NYC for so long. Well, sorry not surry. I really don’t like NYC winter and definitely prefer Thailand, I’m so grateful to life (in a form of my generous submissives) for allowing to do this 🙏🙂😇 🌴🌅🌺 for now, let’s play, catch me while I’m around, I’m playing every day until my departure! #latex #goddesslife #dominantsubmissive #blondedomination #sensualdomination #erotichumiliation #teaseanddenial #russiangirlsgram #domina #dominantwoman #alphawoman

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