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Dom  Accomplishments don't need to be discussed. People should see your accomplishments in your day-to-day lifestyle. #fitdad #healthylifestyle #fitness

Sitting at 289!! Goal weight 295 pounds. Time to get serious. #noeasywayout #fitdad #fitness

This is what @hhannah_elzbth first leg day with me looked like. She took it like a champ though. Super proud of this little lady. She is a small package but packs a punch. More to come soon. Building your summer body starts in the winter. Watch and see her progress in the up coming months. #bayclub #southbay #funtimes #legs #bootyworkout #thursday #fitness #fit #noeasywayout

Weekly check-ins. I’m sitting at 280 pounds. I’m 5 pounds heavier than last week. As far as my diet, I increased my carbs a few weeks ago from 250 grams a day to 400 grams a day. My protein consumption has stayed the same and I have increased my healthy fats to help fight unwanted fat gain as I bulk. My sides are starting to hold a little water and fat, but I am overall excited about the direction of my body. #staytuned #saturday #fitdad #dadbod #venicegoldsgym #goldsgym #venice #bodybuilding #champs #chucks #vans #dm #likeforfollow #motivation #southbay #underconstruction

#finisher for #shoulder day. Focusing on movement and precision instead of power. What would you say if i told you that lifting a light to moderate weight builds muscle more effectively than heavier weight on smaller muscle groups?I have found that lighter weights on smaller muscle groups get more activation and recruit more muscle fibers than powering through heavy weights that often times just leave the joints sore and inflamed. Focus on Time under Tension to really make these smaller muscle groups grow. Time under tension means maximizing the amount of time that a muscle is under distress. You want to use a very precise and slow movement with a lighter weight to keep the muscle engage the whole time of the lift. The only time your muscle rest is once the set is over. Your rep range should be anywhere from 15-20 reps based on weight and movement. #fitness #southbay #24hourfitness #hermosa #dadbod #fitdad #motivation #info #workouttips #noeasywayout #domfit #dominator #building

Here I am after 2 weeks of changing my carbs from 250 grams a day to 400 grams per day. My current body weight is 275 pounds which is up from 267 pounds 2 weeks ago.
A lot of people will ask me... why are you trying to gain weight?, or you looked better at a lighter weight. My reply is simple. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back to get 10 steps ahead. You will never unlock your body is true potential if you stay the same. Sometimes change is good because it forces your body to adapt to new beginnings.
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Time to say goodbye to the summer body and start preparing for next summer. As the fall and winter approach, I take this time to really focus on details pertaining to my body. The only way to fix lagging body parts is to put on a little mass And fill them with muscle. The way to put on mass and muscle is to change your caloric intake. And the way I will change my caloric intake is to increase my carb consumption by about 150-200 grams per day. This will allow me to store a little mass without gaining all of the fat. This is key, because when I start cutting again in March, my look will be a lot leaner with more muscle definition. This is the process that you must take to build the body you want. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in one day. Just like your body can’t be built in just a few weeks. It’s a process that you must trust and be patient with. Things that are worth having don’t always come over night, but through hard work and trial & error.
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#Sunday #football from every source possible. #addict

I don’t lift heavy as often as I used to when I was in my 20’s, but every now and then, I like to see where my body is physically. The truth is strength is not necessarily built by always lifting heavy weight. Strength is built off of a combination rest, volume training for reps, strength training for mass and flexibility. There needs to be a balance present to establish true power and strength. With that being said, I decided to take the #200 #pound #dumbells for a few sets of back rows. The form isn’t as tight as I want it, but I’m happy with the outcome. #fitness #rows #tuesday #noeasywayout #fitdad #dadbod #venicebeach #goldsgym #goldsgymvenice

#Nutrition #tip of the #day
The benefits of refueling after a workout are very important. There has been so many times that I have heard people talk about not eating or only drinking a shake after a hard workout.
The truth about refueling is, once you have broken your muscles down after a hard workout, the muscles need to be refilled with the correct amounts of protein and electrolytes. This will help aid in rejuvenating the muscle to help reduce stiffness, soreness, and will also help in keeping the muscle healthy. The refueling time period also helps in growing nice lean muscles while reducing injury to the muscle. A lot of people experience muscle strains and pulls due to having a poor diet and not consuming the correct amount of protein and carbs to keep the muscle healthy. So as we put more demand on the muscle, over time, it becomes weak and eventually strained.
Protein shakes are an alternative, but should #NEVER replace the nutrients of clean, fresh food. I consume protein shakes when there is a time restraint or I am unable to get the proper nutrients from food within a certain time frame (45min-hour following a workout). Often times protein shakes carry to many additives that cooked food do not carry. You have to remember, protein companies are in the business to make money. So with that being said, they will hide behind the key phrase “Proprietary Blend” in there supplements which could be anything. A lot of them claim to have 0 sugar added. So you must ask yourself: What the hell is making it taste good and sweet? I’ll let you do the math.
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Don’t let people tell you what you can and can’t do!! If your heart is dead set on something, go after it and get it no matter what. Set out a plan and blueprint and obtain your every desire. If you listen to the critics, you stay stagnant throughout your whole life. Prove them wrong and laugh while doing it! Thanks to @mrdontelorenzo for grinding it out with me. @ronvent and @ew_2200 let’s get on this grind!!! @psychofitness21 i took a few exercises from your book. @douglasfruchey im ready to train with you bro.
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#PLEASE READ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone needs that one kind of release of energy that bring all your senses back to balanced. Whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional, we as humans need an outlet. In this moment (where some would see me in a world of pain and physical strain) my body is purging all the negativity in my life. I’m also purging my mind, because the mental fortitude needed to get through a set like this forces your brain to process beyond the bodies limits; allowing for an outer body experience.
At this moment I am free. Free from ridicule and hurt, free from addictions, free from negativity and setbacks. And that is something that NOBODY CAN TAKE AWAY FROM ME!! #mentalhealth #therapy #addiction #recovery #important #saturday #motivation #motivationalquotes

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