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Tanner  14y\o I don't put up with bullshit

This tire is probably close if not over 100 pounds and it was on its side. its actually amazing what people can accomplish with a little determanination and effort. I gotta say where it sits now from where it was I look at it and feel a sense if pride I guess lol

The trees got in the way I think it still looks good. Happy Easter

I took this at like 5 in the morning but in the moment it looked like a wicked photo lol

What the fuck is this shit only in Canada..

Sometimes all you need is some determination and good vibes

big oof

this was in my gallery...

What's stealth?

Benny hill theme intensifies
Oh I forgot to add some these clips contain swastikas view at your own will

here we go again.

I don't even English

fcking normies REEEEE lol

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