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snow series' last one 😘

In ten years, you may not be able to ski anymore. Or at least, not as easily as now. It’s worst than I thought. Let me explain myself. 🌎🇧🇴#Chacaltaya in #Bolivia, was the highest elevation ski resort in the world. Yes, was. It’s base camp was at 5.300 meters. It was one of the only ski ressorts in South America, and it was so cold and high, that you could even ski every summer. It disappeared on 2009, six years before estimated… Now, it’s just a mountain. #Andean glaciers shrunk by about 50% since 1970. 🎿North-America and Europe’s ski ressorts are facing the same destiny. It’s not always about the lack of precipitations, about lack of snow; in some cases it’s just way too hot, and way too sunny. 🌨And whereas #globalwarming rises earth temperature by +1℃, the temperature at #TheAlps raises by +2℃… ❄️The #isotherm , the altitude point where you get a 0℃ temperature is nowadays between 800 and 1200m. It is estimated to raise up to 500m by 2050. Meaning that any ski station between 1300 and 1700 meters, will no longer receive snow at all….. 💧And even at more than 2000 meters, we’re getting less and less snow every year. 🌬Seasons shorten. #SkiSeason has already shrunk by 37 days by now. Some places are shutting down because of the danger implied by the lack of snow. Pollution makes snow dirtier. A stronger sun melts it more quickly. Skiing will become less and less accessible and more and more expensive. In just twenty years, it’s estimated that snow depth will decrease by about 40% for elevations above 3000meters. It is estimated that most of the Alpine glaciers will disappear by 2100, and the Alps zone will lose about 70% of snow. 🌊The #MerDeGlace near #Chamonix at #MontBlanc loses one meter each year.. ⛷⛷⛷Do you like skiing? Do you go every year or you went just once? Was it fun? Do you realise how many thousands of people live from this form of tourism, or simply live at these places? 🔥Tell me you don’t give a fuck. Tell me you’re way too lazy to care or tell me you’re way too selfish. Dare to say that you don’t give a fuck but don’t you dare say it won’t affect you. Il y aura un point ou même les canons de neige n’arriveront plus à te préparer ta piste de ski…

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Je tombe

Skiing is so weird. People from home will get me, and people from france will wonder why I think this way; try imagining you never saw that much snow in one place in your life, that you never skied ever before 💭
You got all these people coming from everywhere just so they can slide down a mountain using things strapped to their foot and leaning on thin sticks. ALL THESE PEOPLE, thousands of them, students, youth but also families, grandparents with their grandchildren.. And they all come to this cold place to do sport, thats the weird part, a very demanding sport.. And there's a whole world prepared for you to practice this seasonal sport; the station itself, the ski rental, the restaurants on the mountain so you can stop for only a while and you continue skiing, the freaking skilift that scared the fuck out of me when we used it to go all the way up.. I mean, the equipement too; you got the mask you got the helmet you got the ski underwear, the gloves or mittens the first layer the second and the ski jacket... I mean.. woaw... Imagine you never skied ever before.. It's so weird that so many people want so bad to come here for a few days and even leave early in the morning so they can do this all day. It felt so weird at first. Like I couldnt see why they did that, why they were so eager, why.. Until I did it myself. And suddenly I get it. And I confirm - it's awesome

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