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the power of wearing a matching purple hat and jacket literally made my soul jump out of my face in pic nombre deux #wow 📸: @yung_canoeli 💜

aAaAaAaAah i’m so lucky what the FUCK 💖😇🐾


beautiful long weekend now back to studying hell

cannot believe i’m just NOW seeing these iconic photos from @valkyrie_vitality ‘s birthday extravaganza but i am thrilled nonetheless 🖤🔥

missing my short hair a lot lately really not sure how to feel about this mop of blue stringy nonsense on my head also i feel stupid all the time please remind me that i’m smart and capable thank you very much bye

went on a pre fall semester solo hike the other day to clear my mind 🌲🐾✨

new jersey ✨

thanks for holding a rubber chicken and posing for me noel!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

HAPPY FUCKING BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST PERSON I KNOW AND MY FAVORITE SONGWRITER IN THE WORLD SCOTT THOMPSON!!! It is such an honor to be your bandmate and friend! Please watch some Frasier in an emo way today. Everyone go listen to @infjband on Spotify or Apple Music or Tidal, it’s your JOB TODAY. 🤠✨

hot topic mom

i cannot believe these two

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