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dollymahbaby  Sugar pusher, candela seeker, wife and mommy to a dreamy Afro-Chicano family wrapped up in yoga and dope girl magic.

Lil' mami in lilac and cowgirl boots for her first dance accompanied by her papi. 🦄❤ #southerncharm #daddyslittlegirl

"I want to be as free as the spirits of those who left. I'm talking Malcolm, Coltrane, my man Yusef..." So happy to drown my eyes and mind in dope art this weekend And judging by the answers I got when I quizzed the kids on Black leaders, Mommy gots some work to do!

Manolo favored this one here ... said his eyes were like the Mona Lisa's. I do appreciate how easily he bridges the two 😏 @bmike2c @studio_be_

Yea, you are. (When I told her to stand for this pic, she asked if she could give me a little "action", hence the hips and look. Lawd help me! Lol) My phone pics do little justice for all the beauty and magnitude the kids and I took in courtesy of the brilliant @bmike2c and @studio_be_ Can not wait to see what this brother does next!!

Had to go support the Champ one mo'gin!#rockandrollmarathon #rockandrollneworleans

'Yonce KNEW we needed something to believe in y'all!! 🐝How cute is Blu, tho? 💙

It's almost ten years later since I first met and fell in love with him; and still, he inspires me to infinite joy and possibilities of what I may bring to the world and how I may affect change. #joydelightsinjoy #shakespeare

On deck for today 😌

How will you resist today? Your struggle is my struggle and I honor and love you all. We are all walking each other home, remember? We must not close our eyes while their grip slips from ours. Chicanos and Mexicanos for Muslims. Chingonas for Muslims. Brujas for Muslims. #resist #nobannowall love for all, love for always.

Fam, @dallasclayton so beautifully captured it. We are the lightworkers, the ones who no matter how loud or meek our voices may be have to speak up and say that this is unconstitutional, abysmal, and let our love and compassion for each other grow even stronger in the face of all this. Ugliness will not win. God does NOT like ugly. #ourdreamswillnotbedeferred #howbowdah #nobannowall #noimaginaryfears

If u ain't pissed off, u ain't paying attention. #nobannowall

Grabbed this gem from @laura_mckowen the other day and boy, has it rang true for me especially during this cleanse. Day 21 of #ycc17 and I've never considered myself much of a crybaby, but it sure seems that i have had a lot of tears under those layers. Being #sober has allowed me to tap into a sincere vulnerability and honest home where I find myself being less concerned with other people's opinion of me, and for real dancing more (in the streets) and say no to the shit i don't want, and pausing to ask myself if my choices are lining up with my fears or dreams. I have cried so much and i hardly know what about ... but there's a bigger part of me that feels like maybe it's all for some #BRUJA MAGIC that has been waiting for me to shed my layers of protective bullshit and coping habits and come to the circle and share my tears and imperfections yet still shout from the mountaintops that i intend to love all my darkness and find goodness in myself and the world, no matter how beautiful or how bleak things may seem. ❤