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Toshi Salvino  däl/  (fiː) ⭐ #LivingDoll using itself as canvas to express true feeling. Hair ✂/ Make Up 💄/ Model 📷/ Muse 💖 💌booking 💌

#throwbackthursday to #wakuwakunyc ! My first real NYC #runway and first time on #nhk ! I was representing the #Goth / #punk subculture! Dreams do come true! And it seems so long ago now!!! Thank you @mishajanette for the incredible experience 😚💕💋 I look forward to many more.

Vampira Gloriana 💋💄👑
📷: @katrin_albert
Inspiration : @komunhorangi 👑 @voodooodolly 👡: @jeffreycampbell

#Bodypaint : @mehronmakeup @patmcgrathreal @sugarpill
#lashes: @velvet59 and @sugarpill
#Eyeliner @nyxcosmetics and @inglot_usa
#Face @danessa_myricks @lunatickcosmeticlabs @atomicmakeup (use "dollfille" for discount on everything, especially my favorite glitter product , limelight disco jelly!) #Tear is @litcosmetics syringe
#livingdoll #vampire #bjd

I #voted today. I was never the type to care about #politics but this has been f****** insane and I've become much more active since a few years ago since educating myself and realizing how much this shit matters. One of my best friends who I consider family was almost deported. Many people I hold dear are trans. Immigrants. Queer. People of color. Women!!! I'm pansexual and gender fluid myself.
I'm on the side of equality and if you're not with me then you're against me.
Take some #action to protect your friends and those you love. Or those you don't even know. Use your fucking #privilege to make change in the world even if its only a little. If you chose not to vote out of inconvenience I'm ashamed of you and personally #offended. If you didn't know how to vote or how to register since you thought that you couldn't please message me in the future, I'm very happy to help you find the resources to help.
Its important.
For all of you young ones who's first time it was, I'm proud of you. Create the world you want to see. Isn't that what #America is all about?

I am now a quarter of a century years old according to human years.

Onward and upward, keep realizing how young I really am.
I want to do more.
Lets go × !! 📸@gumballthespacekitten

Happy Halloween loves.
I spent it creating artwork with the most talented and kind creatures I know. 🦄🖤💞 I feel so blessed to be a part of what we create at @themckittrick and I'm so thankful for every single soul involved. . . Special shout outs to @batty_page , @lace.oddity @taracarrara @makeupbystarr for helping me through troubling times when my mental health collapses in the heat of the moment; y'all sweep up my ashes and rekindle my flame. Hope we can burn bright together forever !!! 💥⚡💕🔥 To my entire make up team and @sleepnomorenyc family ... You kill it more and more every year. With each party is a new learning experience and stronger connections made. I love all of you!!! Thank you!!! Blessed Be!!! #Halloween #mothgirl
#dressup #livingdoll #sleepnomore #mckittrickhotel

So o o o happy to finally have these amazing photos with my @antsonamelon #lightwhip !! If u want your own, use "dollfille" for a discount! I feel so complete dancing with it... Seriously I've tried so many #flowtoys and this is the one ~ thank u for the amazing shots @dariendhester !! More to come featuring my little twin @dem_apples who's roof this was on lol.
#lightplay #longexposure #lightdancing #flowtoy
Top by @magical_ulala
Bra from @gothrennyc
Shoes by

I had fun going on a spooky adventure with my buddies @linkreturns and @dariendhester a while ago! I was really happy to get a pic in that pile of garbage (fake garbage??) because I totally call this my Trash Bag Dress, hehe!! ALSO IT HAS POCKETS!! I'm obsessed. You rock, @hottopic . Killing it with the designs. Also giving me opportunities to climb things and make staff people mad for taking photos in areas were not supposed to.
#sponsoredbyht #htfanatics #ootd #CHICKENFEET

Princess of Glory
#Angelic princess vibes in this beyond gorgeous piece from @ixdoxdeclare and headpiece from @voodooodolly . @katrin_albert did the most incredible job capturing the #regal feeling this character brought out in me. . . The dress is velvet, heavy and luxurious and has POCKETS...for keeping your secrets in.
Thanks for helping me explore an untouched world.
Face is @bennyemakeup , @sugarpill , @patmcgrathreal , @lunatickcosmeticlabs , @bioglitz , @atomicmakeup (use “dollfille” for discount)

Heavily inspired by #Gloriana by @komunhorangi

Headpiece @voodooodolly
Dress @ixdoxdeclare
Shoes @currentmoodclothing
My incredible wind up key is handmade by @triellfreschi
Jewelry is vintage borrowed from @katrin_albert and from costume shops.

I can’t even describe how different i felt in this look. Try new things. You’ll discover something.

#Låmp ?? Very excited to bring to you a sneak peek of my #FlapperMoth look. . . Honestly yes this has been my favorite meme going around since I've always felt connected to these beautiful lil friends.
my biggest inspiration point was probably what I broke down in tears after reading about how moths involved in a pre Electric World and therefore the lights that humans create throw them off course and are harmful... But they still are attracted... And something thats not good for them!! Sounds like my love life. ⚡💔😣 So many looks have been inspired by my emotional turmoil lately. . . But also, flapper girls are just here to have FUN! and be cute, have a good time dancing! So why not #flirt with the light and dance for a while? But ultimately, the moonlight always will be my guide 🌙🌌🖤 (Old pics from years ago at my doll house in PA...I miss getting beautiful visitors...)

#steampunk #robotic hand from #VioletEvergarden . I wasn't very happy with the outcome but it was a great learning experience and refreshing to take my time #practicing something out of my comfort zone. Dedicated to @jack_of_knaves and @amber_kohaku_chan 🤖✌🖤 Its fall so the change in weather has my #chronicpain acting up - it hurts my hands and knees the worst so felt good to do something related to that. Also, I relate to Violet in so many other ways, her inability and desire to understand other people being a very dear concept to my heart. Also how she discovers emotion through typing and how she gives so much of herself to help others... Please give this show a watch!
#cosplay #cyborg #prosthetichand #bodypaint #sfx #anime #VioletEvergarden #netflix #cyborgrevolution

I had such an incredible time today shooting with @cendruschat for #RTLTV ! I transformed her into a #livingdoll and we went on a lovely adventure to @hamletsvintage 🖤💕👠💄 Thank you so much for joining me on our journey for #radicalselfexpression ... I can deal with the consequence 😜

#ootd #makeup #nyc #rtl #rtlnieuws

Sadness Songstress,
Emotions are so real you can sometimes make a fool of yourself.. .
But thats OK. Harness it. Channel it. Turn it into Art.

#sadclown #neonlights #latenight

Shot at @newyorkmagiclab !
@artificeclothing corset,
Red top thing is lingerie from @goodwillintl
Skirt by @acdcrag_harajuku
Shoes by @currentmoodclothing
Gloves from @hottopic
Socks from @lolitacollective
My bow is an exersize band lol!
Face is
@lagirlcosmetics white foundation
Red is @sugarpill love plus
Gold is @patmcgrathreal
Sparkles are @atomicmakeup disco jelly ( use "dollfille" for a discount !)
And rhinestones from the dollar store!
Lips are @litcosmetics glitter over eyeliner or something probably

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