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❤️Teresa Smith❤️  🏜Phoenix, Arizona 🌄FAITH🙏 FAMILY❤️50 plus😱Fashion💃5'10"😉 Married to Medicine😷 Sparkles🌟 Fitness💪 3 Daughters💄1 Son🏃🏻. Snapchat - Teresa Smith👻

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty upset when I first moved to Phoenix a year ago! I was so mad about the CHANGE, after buying our home in New Mexico 😩🏘 I think especially as we get older, we can lose our desire for NEW ADVENTURES. It's so easy to get stuck in the illusion of security & complacency. I WAS STUCK & afraid of change, I admit it!
How many of us have been driving the exact same route every single day for years, never taking a NEW DIRECTION, or going down a different street. Try driving a new way to work, the gym or the store. Never let your routine get you STUCK into seeing the exact SAME pathway every single day.
Walk down a new hallway today, walk in a different door at the mall. Change up your constant routine at the grocery store, create NEW opportunities for even meeting new people.
My heart has truly changed, I wake up in the morning and have an adventurous spirit. I've decided to create an AMAZING LIFE, first of all within my HEART that extends out into my HOME, that vibrancy would radiate through me. I want to be ALIVE & filled with excitement every day. I'm grateful and excited, this is a NEW DAY 😍🎊🎉🌞
I LOVE & MISS YOU DOLLLLLLS SO MUCH 💎❤️💎 I'm moving into our new apartment in Scottsdale this week. I can finally catch up with you BEAUTIFUL friends 😍❤️😘
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Have you ever walked by a person & felt their INCREDIBLE presence. You even thought about them weeks later, or even months. What was it about them?
What we do in the SILENCE & stillness of our own private lives, SHINES out from our hearts.
When we are spiritually, physically & emotionally energized we STRENGTHEN & inspire those around us. What's inside pours out of you everywhere you go.

I surprised my mom yesterday & showed up at her front
door, we live in different cities now. I was so inspired from listening to Oprah's Audio book, "What I Know For Sure". I drove 6 hours & listened to the whole book, I was COMPLETELY MOTIVATED.💯🎉🎊😱
Inspiration & happiness poured into my mom, I was full of excitement from an awesome book. I even gave her the inspiration for her next painting, she was glowing.
If you're depressed & need sunshine in your soul, go get a great book or listen to an awesome Podcast. TODAY IS A NEW DAY OF INSPIRATION & GROWTH 💯🎉🎊😍😘
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She sits in her car & wipes her tears before walking in, the waterproof mascara disguises what's really happening. Although her eyes are a little red, her stylish outfits disguise the PAIN in her heart. Oh & thank God for amazing sunglasses with sparkles, to hide behind. 💎🕶💎😎💎😫💔😫😤💎🕶😎 I remember sobbing in my car & fixing my makeup before I walked into church. I was dressed up with sparkles, but heartbroken from a failed marriage. 💔😫👗👜 I truly think a lot of us are good at hiding a broken heart with great STYLE. 👗👠💔😎💎
I would take drives often sobbing my guts out with boogers & tissue flying everywhere 😤😫😤
This is a shoutout to you girlfriends that are going through a tough time in life....
That child you miss so much who isn't speaking to you.
You've gone through a divorce & your children are devastated!
You lost someone you LOVE & you miss them desperately at times!
Though it may be dark, I just want to tell you Dolls..sunshine will once agin SHINE in your hearts. ✨🌞✨💎🌞❤️🌞✨🌟✨
I'm here to tell you DARLINGS it will get BETTER, don't give up!
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I'm attracted to 🔥FIRE 🔥walkers, people who have become SPARKLING DIAMONDS, the flames of life did not consume them....only refined them. 🔥💎🔥I heard Dr. Michael Maiden speak & his words pierced my heart, I cried my fake eye lashes right off. His words uncovered the pain in my heart like a surgeon opening a wound. 💔😫❤️ .
So many of YOU I'm attracted to, you've been through the FIRE of hardship & pain, even loss. But, now we SHARPEN each other, INSPIRE & encourage each other on our social media platforms. I enjoy fashion so much, but even more... I LOVE POWERFUL WORDS that change the course of our DESTINY 💎🔥💎💔❤️
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It's early in the morning, my tired eyes just opened 😳I grunt, roll over & grab my phone. 📱I instantly open up IG and began the scroll. Then an hour later, I'm still on IG, I've ignored exercise & personal devotion time. 😫Like a mid school student, wanting attention, might make me feel better for the day. Especially when the day before was a tough one, it's easier to stay in bed and play on my phone... OK & eat chocolate 🍫📱Then I feel hurt & start comparing MY Instagram to others & comparing numbers & likes. 😱Then I notice Suzy (make believe name) didn't like MY picture but left a comment on HER picture that wasn't even that pretty!! 😱😫🤣🤣🤣

I AM LOVING IG, meeting the most AMAZING DOLLLLLS. Inspiring women that will be lifelong friends for sure. But for me... I have to keep my SPIRIT, my SOUL and my BODY strong & sharp. 🙏🏽💪🏽👑💃
Then....I truly can give from my heart on IG, ENCOURAGING & leaving comments with sparkles 💎❤️💎❤️💎❤️💎💎💎💎
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Cherish & I were walking up to a Woman's Conference, I was feeling pretty fierce that morning. You know those mornings, when you just blow dried your hair & your makeup is on point. 💄🤣💋Hundreds of women were outside in a line waiting for the doors to open. Suddenly I trip over a tiny pebble & go crashing down to the ground!!!! I went down hard, broke my shoe & cut my hand, mostly my pride was hurt. 😫😳After much encouragement from Cherish, a pep talk about how no one saw me fall ( yeah right)! 😉🤣😳 We went & had an AWESOME day, laughing & LOVING our time together with fabulous ladies.
Our greatest GLORY is not in never falling, but in RISING every time we fall. Confucius
LOVE YOU DOLLS, MISSED YOU BEAUTIFUL FRIENDS ❌⭕️💋💋💃👑🎊🎉❤❤❤💄💋💄 #momdaughter #cherish #getbackup #hillsongcolourconference #befound #hillsongphoenix #coloursisterhood #blackmilkleggings #louisvuitton #freepeople #styleover50 #fashionover50 #styleover40 #phoenix #arizona #fashionover40

The beloved father of our 4 children passed away suddenly last night. We are all heartbroken & shocked! His LIFE & HEART will always shine through our amazing children. LIFE IS SO PRECIOUS, CHERISH EVERY MINUTE WITH THOSE YOU LOVE ❤💔❤🙏 Thank you sweet friends for your love & support to my children.
At the request of my children, I've included a link in my bio, anything helps them. LOVE YOU ❤💔❤🙏

Do you ever have those days when you feel ALONE or just emotionally tired, you know, one of those days or weeks! 😱😂 I had one of those days, I was traveling alone for 6 hours in my car. It was very early & still dark, I was dreading the long car ride.
I swing into Starbucks to get my coffee and I was told, the car in front bought my coffee.☕️ WOW, their timing couldn't of been better! I cried as I drove away feeling loved & not alone anymore! 😱☕️😫❤
I'm still touched by that small act of kindness, the early morning coffee! ✨☕️✨
NOW, I want to do small acts of kindness ALL THE TIME!!!💯😍 Sunday we bought a meal for 2 older women, they reminded me of my mom without my dad. They were so HAPPY, they came & sat with us telling stories for almost an hour. No one had ever bought their meal before, they felt SO SPECIAL & NOT ALONE!
Go ahead buy someone's coffee, surprise someone with a single flower or handwritten note. Look what a cup of coffee did for me!!! LOVE & MISS YOU DARLING DOLLLLS ❌⭕️❤❤☕️❤ #fashion #oldtownscottsdale #arizona #swarovski #swarovskinecklace #louisvuitton #fashionover40 #styleover40 #fashionover50 #styleover50 #mystyle #blackmilkclothing #blackmilkleggings

Whoever is careless with the TRUTH in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein
I've been catching myself exaggerated the truth, or just right out lying about little things lately. I was 'trying' to act cool the other day in front of my daughter & lied about my past, we were talking to a stranger we just met. There was no reason to embellish the truth, the lie just flew out. She knew I was lying & was actually embarrassed by my lie!
I want GROWTH & MORE TRUTH in 2017, so I'm going to call myself out when I lie or exaggerate the real TRUTH!
I went in her room & embarrassed as I was, I repented & asked her forgiveness for not speaking TRUTH! I cried & was so sorry for being a bad example. I want TRUTH to be a SHIELD of LOVE around my family & friends, strengthening the bonds of our respect for one another! Our families & friends know when we are exaggerating the truth, it weakens our integrity. ❤LOVE YOU DOLLS TRULY ❤
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✨LISTEN with the intent to understand, not to reply. Stephen Covey✨

My daughter was sharing her heart with a friend one day, the friend looked away & was watching other people, then interrupted with her own story. My daughter just wanted someone to really LISTEN to her heart ❤
I've been bad at this too, interrupting while my children are talking, just waiting to give my opinion, never really listening at all. How many of us only want to hear ourselves talk, or tell everyone what we think we know!
When you really LISTEN to another person from their point of view, and reflect back to them that understanding.....It's like giving them emotional oxygen. Stephen Covey

SO I CHOOSE TO LISTEN, to value the others persons heart & mind & not give my opinions....actually LISTEN.
LOVE YOU DOLLS & MISS YOU...I took a few weeks off to LISTEN to my heart ❌⭕️❤❤❤ #doll_teresa #downtownphoenix #arizona #michaelkorsbag #mystyle #animalprint #mercedes #styleover40 #fashion #mystyle #phoenix #fashionover50 #listen #fashionistagram #loveyoudolls

MERRY CHRISTMAS, from my Home to yours. This is my first Christmas alone ever in my life. ✨🎄✨Mike is working this year & my kids aren't here, I'll see them after Christmas though. 😍🙏🏽😍 Honestly, I'm SO HAPPY & FILLED WITH LOVE & PEACE❤🙏🏽❤THANK YOU for being such uplifting JEWELS in my life this year 💎✨💎 LOVE TO YOU & YOUR FAMILIES DEAR FRIENDS❤ I'll post the WINNER right now on my IG Story darlings, your comments BLEW ME AWAY!!!!! 😍💯😍💎✨💎💯😍❤💎❤
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From my heart to yours, I want to say THANK YOU
for bringing SO much SPARKLE into my life this year💎🙏🏽💎 I'm giving away this SWAROVSKI 25th ANNIVERSARY ORNAMENT❄️💎❄️ I'll pick the winner Christmas morning from a sparkly hat &
post a picture of the winner💎
To enter, just leave a comment, about 1 GOAL YOU HAVE FOR 2017🎉🎊 Let's keep SPARKLING & DREAMING together another year Dolls🎉💎🎊💎 I LOVE YOU DOLLS & MERRY SPARKLY CHRISTMAS 💎🎄💎
( watch my Story to see the amazing SPARKLE )
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