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Genarro Porcini  Quintessential Italian-American gentleman. Documenting my life in Staten Island and beyond!

Many people think that farfalle pasta is named after the Italian word for 'butterfly,' but they are wrong! Butterflies are actually named after the pasta.

Many years ago, God himself was enjoying a nice plate of farfalle, and loved the dish so much that he decided it would only be fair to create a living creature in its honor. So, he ordered Pope Julius II to recruit a team of genetic engineers to create an insect that resembled the pasta. Thus, the bellissimo farfalle, or butterfly, was born.
I hope you all enjoy lots of farfalle pasta this Lent!

#TheMoreYouKnow #Farfalle #Pasta #Pope #Lent #GodLovesItaly

You call this wrap 'Big Italy?!' When was the last time you saw a true Italian nonna making a tortilla?

#shameonyou #misleading #brokendreams #imstillalive

Just like yours truly.


This sculpture represents a ball of mozzarella and the large impact it has had on Italian cuisine. Legend says that at least 15 innocent passersby are crushed by over-sized mozzarella every year in Italy.

#donttrythisathome #mamamia

Auguri per un felice 2018! Welcome to the year of the ravioli!

In all honesty, I spent most of 2017 sitting on my porch listening to Frank Sinatra and smoking. I can only hope that (with the lucky powers of black eyed peas) 2018 will be just as great.

#fingerscrossed #yearoftheravioli #noregrets

This evening, I was trying to enjoy a warm cappucino, when I was suddenly disturbed by the words of another customer. "May I have an expresso?" he asked the barista. But this glorious, strong liquid is not called EXpresso, it is ESpresso! There is nothing express about the laborious years of refined technique behind each small cup of espresso! Just look at the bitterness in Connorius' eyes!
#blasphemy #espresso #hatecrime #imhurt

At first glance, Benedito looks just like an average high school boy. But unlike other students, Benedito knows the secret to a perfect lunch- a pinch of Italian flair. That's why Benedito chooses pizza! Live by Benedito's example.
#pizza #italian #smarteststudentatMHS

I came across this photo in a gallery today! I once played my first piano and voice recital as a young boy in this hall, in front of my dear nonna and papa. They called me the Elton John of Italy. How poetic.
#italian #pianoman #legendary

Germany may claim the printing press, but did you know that Italy claims the invention of the typewriter? Legend says that Steve Jobs stole the idea from Italian technician Stefano Moretti and sold it as his own product!
My gnocchi-making apprentice, Roberto, is angrily typing a letter to Mr. Jobs himself. For justice, Roberto!
#TypewriterRemembranceDay #Italian #Crime #SteveJobs #justiceforall

Visiting a buffalo farm in Campania, Italy. Here, they produce some of the world's finest mozzarella! I tried to smuggle one back to New York for myself, and managed to trick Italian airport security, but the TSA somehow noticed the horns sticking out of the suitcase.
#thanksamerica #thanksobama #cheese #mozzarella #italian #flighttips

"What is Italian ice?" you might ask. Well, Italian ice is a dessert that comes from the frozen waters of the Tiber River and is crafted by the hands of Chef Boyardee and Michaelangelo themselves to form an icy, authentically-Italian explosion of flavors. ...If you didn't know, now you know
#italianice #bellissimo #italianheratige

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