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Ethan & Grayson Dolan  The Dolans >anyone els

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Imagine(18) you look at Ethan and touch his hand. “it’s nothing we can talk about it later I wanna enjoy this moment and night “ Ethan nods and you both sit down to eat dinner.. “(y/n) so Grayson and I were thinking about making a YouTube channel since we’ve always enjoyed making videos.” You look at E and smile “sounds like a good idea can I help with ideas sometime .?” You say. “ of course, gray and I are actually filming a video tomorrow and it’s gonna be a good one.” You laugh “I gotta be there.” It was getting late so you and Ethan went up to his room to lay down, “so can I know what the news is.” Ethan says to you. “Well my mom said she got a job opportunity in Arizona and she put a down payment on the house apparently.. “ Ethan looks at you in shock. “(Y/n) you can’t ! You can’t go you can’t leave me you’re literally the love of my life.” You give Ethan a kiss “you’re mine too..I don’t know what to do E” “What if you stayed here? If she went.” You look at Ethan in shock. “Really? No way I don’t want you to deal with my problems.” “Well (y/n) I am because I need you here.” Ethan gives you a hug and you both go watch a movie and go to bed “

Imagine (17) you get a text from Grayson back “ no no way you can’t go (y/n) and don’t be done with Ethan.” You looked at your phone and sat there and thought to your self “what is happening.?” Suddenly you get a text from Ethan “come over we gotta talk.” Great you said to your self, you got ready and headed over there. “Oh do I have something to talk about too” you said to your self. You got to Ethan’s house and knocked on the door. Grayson answers and tells you to go out back, so you did and you see a huge projector screen showing a slide show of you and Ethan, so you watched it and at the end it had “happy anniversary and no I didn’t forget” . You looked around to see a dinner set up with a movie choice of my own, than you see Ethan and Olivia ??? “I’m sorry but why are you here “ you said to Olivia. “I helped Ethan set up since you know I am girl I thought I’d give him some ideas to make it special, no funny business I promise, it’s the least I could do since he did the whole project and got me an A, but I’m leaving now have fun.” You stood there waiting for Ethan and there he is with a huge bouquet of your favorite flowers. “Happy anniversary I hope you’re not mad at me I wanted it to go this way” You suddenly just couldn’t be mad anymore or mad toward Olivia. “I need to ask why you said you were with Olivia so much?” You ask. “She’s an amazing artist so she helped me and guided me on painting this “ Ethan than shows you a painting of your favorite picture of you guys and you started to cry. “ Ethan I thought you were starting to get tired of me”
Ethan wiped your tears. “Never that (y/n) I wanted this to be special and a surprise ..I love you and you make me feel a way no one else could “ Ethan than hugged you and kissed you . But than you thought about Arizona ...”what’s wrong ?”Ethan says. You have no idea if you should mention it or not.... TBC

Imagine (16) your anniversary was tomorrow with Ethan your one year!! You were so excited and had bought him the best gift. The past week has sucked since you've barley seen Ethan or talked to him as much as you usually do but you weren't that worried because tomorrow was the big night for you 2 even tho you 2 haven't really spoke about your anniversary and what the plans were. It was 12am and you texted Ethan "you excited!?". Usually he texts back pretty fast but this time he was taking forever and you knew he was up? You texted Grayson to ask where Ethan was and why want he answering?" Grayson texted back - "hey! Ethan's over Olivia's working in the project but he should have been back hours ago? Sorry!" Then and right there you just wanted to cry .. why wasn't he answering? What could he be doing? It's 12am?? Really ??. So you texted Grayson back -...I can't go through this again it's basically our one year now and this is exactly what I was afraid off.. sorry to throw that at you goodnight gray." Than you went to sleep.
You woke up around 10:30 and still no text ? You called Ethan and he didn't answer. You texted Ethan -Ethan wtf is going on why are you avoiding me do you not know what today is? What are we doing tonight when are you coming over ?." Ethan finally responded-sorry been busy and no? Can't hang tonight finishing chemistry project with Olivia. "
The and right there is when you wanted to
Blow up. You told yourself "I am not going through this again." *knock knock* it's your mom. "Hello honey, I have some news I am not sure you're gonna be okay with? I got a great job opportunity! " you look at your mom and smile . "That's great but what would I be un happy about?" Your mom sits on your bed. " it's in Arizona, I had already put a down payment on a house and we move in pretty soon"
At this point you were so angry you
Didn't wanna see Ethan you just wanted to leave and get away before you knew what was about to happen. "Mom it's okay I am not mad . "
You texted Grayson. - I am done with your brother, he had been with Olivia too much putting me off and is ditching me on our one year! I am moving to Arizona and I am not speaking to him. "

Imagine pt (15) after the last bell had rang you decided to just take the bus home instead of waiting up for Ethan, you were so upset with a million thoughts roaming in your head and it felt like it was eating you alive. Your phone rang and it was Ethan but you ignored it. You didn't know why you were just so angry ? You could trust Ethan by not trust Olivia, but than again he is not a grayson. Suddenly you remember it's about to be your one year with Ethan in a couple days and it changed your mood. *Knock Knock* you run down stairs to open the door and it's Ethan. "(Y:n) why have you been ignoring me ? And why didn't you let me take you home?"... " I'm sorry E, just been kinda bummed out about your chemistry project with Olivia..." Ethan signs. "(Y:n) you have nothing to worry about I told you I'm probably gonna end up doing it alone ". Ethan than pulled you in for a tight hug and a kiss. "It's gonna be okay" Ethan says to you. TBC

(Imagine pt 14) you went over to Ethan's house in the morning and headed to school. "Have a good day I'll see you later" Ethan said running to class and you stood there confused because he never runs off like that. After first period you see Ethan and you walk up to him, "hi" you give a half smile off. "Just so you know I have a huge chemistry project to do and we got assigned partners.." Ethan says. "Okay? Great???" You say with confusion. "And it's someone you hate... Olivia". You suddenly have crazy thoughts roaming through your head because you know how Olivia is and she's not a very good, classy person. "What's wrong (y/n)" .... "nothing i Just worry because she's pretty you're a good looking guy and then there's me." You saw with insecurity. "No never that (y/n) I date you and love you, not her. Anyways I'm probably gonna be doing the project alone honestly so what's there to worry about?" Ethan kissed you on the head and went into class before the last bell and you just had a ugly feeling right then and there .... tbc

((PT 13)) It was homecoming night, you walked down stairs in your red tight dress, you hear the door knock and ... it's Grayson...and some girl ???.... "Ethan will be here in a sec he told me it was okay if we came by for pictures.?" You looked at Grayson and just wanted to smack him so hard across the face but you didn't. So you smiled and let them in. For some reason it just slowly destroyed you inside but finally Ethan came and the thought erased. Ethan had bought you a beautiful diamond necklace for you to wear with your dress. "Isn't this a bit much Ethan? You didn't have to get me this but it's beautiful" Ethan looks at you and kisses you "every beautiful diamond deserves to be worn by a beautiful girl". You took your picture with Ethan and went and headed to homecoming at the school and you realized how lucky god had blessed you. (To be continued)

Should I start a new story or continue the old one 🤔😫

Pt (12) The night to you seemed perfect. The boy you fell for asked you to homecoming, you had beautiful flowers from him...everything just felt so great..but thought about Grayson.. Every since the last time the whole "incident happened you just couldn't let it leave your mind and it drove you crazy. You just wanted to forget about it but you couldn't. You really wanted to talk to him but you were really into Ethan and you didn't wanna say anything you'd regret.

Pt 11
You woke up so tired, you've been face timing Ethan all night and you both had school in the morning. You were kinda bummed about going to a different school than Ethan but you couldn't do anything about it. Hours pass and schools almost over, you receive a text from Ethan saying to go straight to your backyard for something. You were a little confused but just agreed to it. school came to an end and you rushed home wondering what he had to show you. You walk in your back yard and see Ethan in your pool on a floaty bed holding a sign asking you to homecoming. It was a bit strange but you laughed and said yes. You didn't care about your uniform so you just jumped in the pool and gave Ethan a kiss.

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