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nadia morrison  Sharing my crafty life. Find my work @designnook at 2038 Danforth Ave, Toronto.

Lots of farming happened this weekend. Doing this bit of selfish making, has really helped get me closer to pulling the trigger on some hard decisions.

Time to restock our preserved lemon supply!!🍋

Mmm, its grapefruit season!

Sunday morning chess, and a first try at a dutch baby! We were both sitting in front of the oven watching it pouf up like on the British bake off! 😂

Downtown at night, who am I!!??😂 #noappropriatetowearjammiestothetheatre

Farming again. Always a good way to calm my worrying, anxious brain.

March. This card will prompt some inner reflection... I have been struggling lately, with where I fit in all facets. Trying to work out what I need to change, or at least figure out how to be kinder to myself.

Found a tiny bit of making mojo last weekend. Some of these new pieces are already in my #dolaleenook !

Mimosa is the flower symbol for International Women's Day. I will be thinking of all the strong women in my life, ones that inspire me to stand tall and be brave.

Picked up my fabric order, and had a last visit to this sweet shop. #theworkroomismoving

Sorry in advance for the f-bombs I am about to type, and the SUPER wordy message...but I have had some form of a migraine for 11 days...sometimes the pain is so bad I wish I could scoop my left eye out of my obvs the sailor part of me kicks in. James just put on this sweet animated short called "Piper", and it was SO FUCKING ADORABLE!! It reminded me of every walk on the beach we have ever taken, and now I am missing PEI even more, and gasp, longing for summer, even though my migraines will me FUCKING INTENSE come the hot weather!! This is a psa that if ya are feeling blue and need something to smile at, and maybe cry a little at, find it and watch it!! It is magic!

More meds...on day five of this migraine. I am determined to at least sew a bit today, as I have lost most of the week.

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