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Angela Privin  "Superhealer" & gut health coach. I beat #IBS #leakygut #SIBO #candida #hpylori. My #grainfree #lowfodmap #lowcarb #keto #primal food journal.


The last two days my whole family was sick, including the dog. That’s never happened before. After laying around for a day and a half without drinking or eating my dog suddenly jumped off the couch and started playing with his toys. Animals are so much better at healing than we are. There’s no neurotic googling, worrying or overthinking, just following the body’s intuition to let everything rest. We have everything we need inside us to heal. Being healthy is not about feeling great all the time or never getting sick, it’s about recovering well and quickly. Two days later I’m feeling good enough to get back into my routine. Like my dog I fasted and rested and my body did the rest. I’ve always been afraid of fasting but when I’m sick it feels so right. I’m barely ever hungry. And mostly my desire for food is psychological. Feeling so grateful for my body’s ability to recover so quickly. #recovery #health #fasting #speedyrecovery #family #coldfluseason #rest #faith

Day 2 of my water fast. So I’ve got no food to show you, but I am diffusing these germ fighting essential oils right now to battle whatever bug has taken hold of me. And it sure smells nice. Being sick is the worst but my secrets for speeding up recovery is water fasting, elderberry capsules, these essential oils, Epsom salt baths and lots of rest but still enough movement to get my blood flowing. #superhealer #healingfaster #recoverysecrets #immunebooster #fasting #healingfaster #essentialoils

I’m sick you guys, which happens rarely but despite being a super healer, I’m also human. The whole family is sick, including the dog. 🐶 I’m fasting today and letting my body heal itself. I did make broccoli soup in the instant pot for my husband but didn’t want any. I’m dreaming of this sashimi/poke bowl from this New Year’s Eve dinner made from salmon, tuna, crab, avocado, green onions, Serrano peppers and toasted @sietefoods tortillas to mimic the gluteny wontons that are usually served with raw fish. This is my dream meal so I’m feeding my imagination while my body heals faster from fasting. #sick #sucks #netflix #fasting #selfhealing #nothungry #sashimiobsessed #yum #bored 🤕

Congrats to @loyning944 for winning the case of @peakyogurt ! Direct message me with your address so I can send you the world’s richest triple cream yogurt. The plain flavor tastes like sour cream! And the vanilla and strawberry are so lightly sweetened@compared to most conventional brands of “sugar” yogurt. If anyone is in the Portland, Seattle or SF Bay Area, check out this yogurt as one of the attractions. Find out where to buy on the Peak Yogurt site. Learn more about the health benefits and fat content of this yogurt from my post a few posts back. #probiotics #keto #primal #triplecream #healthyfat #yogurt #yum #healthy #grassfed #pastured

Yesterday’s perfect Sunday brunch. And one of the ways I show my husband love. Duck egg “yolk porn”. Cooked to be crispy around the edges and runny in the middle, served over chorizo hash. #sundaybrunch #duckeggs #glutenfree #grainfree #chorizo #hash #paleo #love

Cream of mushroom soup made with homemade brothy goodness and creamified with coconut milk and a small potato (you can use cauliflower for low carb). Lots of thyme and bacon to make it irresistible. Sunday comfort food. #soup #brothheals #dairyfree #grainfree #glutenfree #homemade #comfortfood #carbup

I take NAC every day to support healthy liver function and glutathione production but this amino acid is also an amazing hang over preventer. When I used to drink, one NAC before, during and after drinking with a big glass of water prevented or greatly lessened the intensity of a hangover. I have a group of friends who use it that way and they were the ones who introduced me to it. Turns out that it’s also really supportive to the lungs and liver regardless. And if you are fighting an infection like h pylori it is also a wonderful, natural biofilm buster. #NAC #liverlove #supplements #nomorehangovers #liversupport #biofilmbuster

Effortless dinner from last night, when I didn’t feel like cooking. Defrosted cauliflower mash left over from Thanksgiving as a base for salmon topped with butter, sriracha, salt, Serrano peppers and cilantro. Sprinkle with shredded parmesan and crumbled feta. Pop in the oven for 15 minutes and dinner is served. #primal #easy #lowcarb #lowfodmap #delish #omegas #grainfree #glutenfree #nofuss #frozenfood #keto

This was invented when I had SIBO. White rice muffins. I also made them a few weeks ago with leftover white rice I took home from brunch. I mixed it with an egg, shredded Parmesan cheese, salt and spices, herbs and chopped prosciutto. Baked it in silicon tins for 30 minutes at 350. Now that rice dish is full of healthy fats and protein to balance the insulin spike from the carb load. And is an easy low fodmap meal/snack on the go. #muffineverything #carbup #lowfodmap #teamwhiterice #glutenfree #healthy #balanced #convenient

*High fat yogurt Giveaway for the Seattle, Portland and SF Bay Area*
The Paleo/Primal movement has spawned many amazing products that let you follow this diet without feeling deprived. The newest product to join my list of favorites is Peak yogurt! It’s made locally in San Francisco by folks who personally used the Paleo/Primal, low carb and keto diets to heal their bodies naturally. I love yogurt the most commercial brands are full of too much sugar. So I stick to plain yogurt for my fix of probiotic goodness. Peak yogurt has a plain flavor but also offer a strawberry and vanilla that are very lightly sweetened with only 10 to 11 g of carbs per serving. Plain yogurt has 4 g of carbs that’s pretty low but tastes sweet anyway. What also makes us yogurt stand out as a high fat content it’s a triple cream yogurt with 15 to 17% fat content, made from organic milk from pasture-raise cows. It’s so rich and fatty, I could only eat half a cup of yogurt for breakfast before feeling full. And of course, no a sketchy gums or fillers are used. It’s a perfect addition to a dairy friendly keto or low-carb diet because it raises those fat macros. It’s currently available in Seattle, Portland and the SF Bay Area. Check out @peakyogurt yogurt to find it locally. I’m excited to giveaway a case of yogurt to residents of Seattle, Portland or the Bay Area! To enter follow my Instagram account and @peakyogurt and tag at least three of your yogurt loving friends. #giveaway #yogurt #keto #highfat #lowsugar #healthy #primal #healthyfat #pastureraised #organic #pure

I made these for the people in my chi gong class this weekend. They are coconut butter chai fat bombs topped with homemade chocolate ( cocoa, cocoa butter, coconut oil, coconut butter, vanilla and a touch of honey) I used cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and ginger to spice the melted coconut butter and set them in silicon ice cube trays. They were a hit! To make it low fodmap leave out the cocoa. #fatbombs #chaispice #healthy #lowcarb #treats #lowfodmap #keto #coconutbutter #paleo #grainfree #glutenfree #sugarfree #dairyfree #yum

I am obsessed with Caesar salad and it’s so easy to make at home. All you need is a hand blender or regular high speed blender. Just blend up 1/2 a cup of avocado oil, juice of one lemon, one egg yolk, salt, one garlic clove (leave out for lowFODMAP), 4 anchovy filets and a few tablespoons of shredded Parmesan. With a blender you need to pour in the oil slowly to emulsify but you can skip this step with a hand blender. This dressing adds so much healthy fat to your diet for low carbers, gut healers and keto folks. By the way even though avocado is a FODMAP, the oil is NOT according to Monash University. I’ve been eating Caesar salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner because my body is craving something in this dressing. I can’t get enough. There’s worse things to overdose on. Here’s one of my salads with chopped shrimp, extra Parmesan, extra anchovies and cherry tomatoes. So filling and healthy. No crotons needed. Do you make you own? #fatisphat #makeyourown #caesarsalad #primal #keto #lowfodmap #hflc #lowcarb #healthy #avocadooil #lifeaftersibo #yum #obsessed #recipe #salad #light #fatty

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