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Angela Privin  Superhealer & gut health coach. I beat #IBS #leakygut #SIBO #candida #hpylori. My #grainfree #lowfodmap #lowcarb #keto #primal food journal. 🐶 crazy.

Yesterday I ventured outside for the 1st time in 4 days. This seems to be my standard time for kicking the flu. I had a veggie juice with another IIN coach and walked the dog.
Being sick is not fun but it has it’s advantages. It helped me get closer to some of the health goals that have been eluding me. Like intermittent fasting and lowering caffeine. Both became easy and helped reset my body to a new pattern. Should be easier to continue now.
I also had lots of time to rest (been doing way too much lately). I finally made some golden cups, which are chai spiced coconut butter fat bombs. A truly delicious treat, meant to be savored as coconut butter is very expensive here. I made them in my muffin tins but am storing them in an espresso cup because I have little Tupperware here (the glass kind is very expensive). I’ve been posting so much neutral colored food lately that I’m excited to start eating colors again!
#superhealer #takethatflu #coconutbutter #fatbombs #lowcarb #treatyoself #healthytreat #chaispices #yum #reset #speedhealer

I know Instagram, you like sexy food photos and images of people living their best lives. But I’m just here sitting on my couch, coughing and eating my Amaranth porridge cooked in coconut milk and sweetened with fruit. I know it’s too much reality, and it’s not that sexy. But it is gluten free, yummy and comforting as %#*^%+!

Sick day lunch of oxtail pad Thai. Rice noodles were easy to digest and cooked in bone broth, which they absorbed, giving them gut healing, flu fighting powers. They were delish too and easy to make. And rice was the only ingredient. Sautéed with oxtail in oxtail fat and a bit of salt and sriracha. That’s it. Yum. Health food. Comfort food. Fast food.

Don’t have my usual tricks here for speeding up recovery time like elderberry syrup and high dose vitamin C, so I am going old school using remedies like ginger, honey, lemon, coconut oil, garlic (and lots of liquids). All of these things are natural anti viral and anti bacterial agents. I also have some biocidin for extra help in speeding my recovery from this nasty flu. So far so good. Feeling better today. No medicine, fever reducers or painkillers needed.
#ginger #naturalhealth #nomeds #speedyrecovery #naturalhealing #boostingtheimmunesystem #takethatflubugs👊

On Saturday I had a crazy day. I got up early, did errands, then a Pilates AND yoga class, got a massage, walked 12 miles and went out to dinner with friends (and drank wine). Whew. My body did not like that. “Oh no” it said, “you are grounded”. The next day I got sick.
Ah well, at least I got to enjoy this decadent, gluten-free lasagna at an amazing gluten-free restaurant called Sintaxis. And I had a pretty awesome day. I may not be superwoman but I do have super healer powers. Won’t stay grounded long...😉

Sometimes dinner is just sautéed veggies and an egg. I sautéed it in coconut oil and bone broth. Not fancy but yummy and nutritious. #tired #simple #putaneggonit🍳 #redpepper #shreddedcarrots #greenonion #lowfodmap #lowcarb #dinner

Fish tacos served on grain free tortillas brought from the states and kept in the freezer for special occasions. I “breaded” the fish with egg and cassava flour. And the sauce is made from mayo, yogurt, lime, cumin, salt and sriracha. Eaten on our deck in the sunshine. It’s just Sunday but feels like a special occasion. @sietefoods and local sole. Yum!

Nettle tea is an amazing super food. I made it by boiling fresh nettle in water. You can eat the nettle (with eggs, as a pesto or side dish) and you can ferment the tea with kefir grains and some sugar.
If you can’t find Nettle fresh, you can find dried nettle tea at a health food store.
This is my way of combating all the toxicity of Argentina. I can’t find clean laundry detergent or dish soap here. Organic produce is not easily available.
So I try to detox and support the organs that are most effected (my liver). And this is such a yummy way to do it. Both fresh and fermented nettle tea does wonders for supporting and detoxing the gut and liver. Nettle is also amazing for allergies and building the immune system.

Food journaling is one of the best ways to figure out how food makes us feel. Not only can it help us discover a food sensitivity but keep us on track to eating healthy by staying aware of exactly what we are putting into our mouths.
You can start a private Instagram account where you snap photos of everything you put in your mouth. With a visual representation of what you eat, you can look at your meals to make sure you are eating the most diverse colors (veggies). Or if your meals are mainly protein and carb heavy?
This breakfast was just egg, sausage and gluten free toast with a dollop of Buffalo yogurt because I didn’t have any other food in the fridge. That’s fine for a meal or two but getting into that pattern/habit without realizing is not a good nutritional habit. Awareness of what you eat is key and recording every bite is easy with our smart phones...

The other day I was very inspired to cook. I made some kabocha squash soup, a stir fry and these persimmon muffins which were 👌. For the muffins I used two eggs, the pulp of 3 over ripe persimmon (no skins), a tablespoon of coconut flour, two heaping tablespoons of cassava flour and 1/4 cup of almond flour. I added a teaspoon of honey, some vanilla, cardamom and cinnamon. And a pinch of salt. The persimmons were about to go off so this was a great use for them.
This was one of my favorite inventions yet. Perhaps because I just haven’t been baking many Paleo treats. This made me so happy and was relatively low in sugar. #paleo #muffins #treats #healthy #healthytreats #fruitsweetened #persimmons #yum #homebaking #makeyourown

How do you turn a steak salad into breakfast? Put an egg on it. (And some sriracha) #putaneggonit #breakfast #paleo #grainfree #glutenfree #lowfodmap #eatyourgreens #breakfastsalad #protein #fiber #fat

I’ve always been a fan of saag paneer, which is Indian spiced spinach cooked and puréed in cream with cubes of cheese added.

I used that dish to inspire this one. I cooked down a pound of arugala in bone broth, blended it, then added diced feta cheese and salt. You don’t need much salt because the feta is salty.
If you are dairy free you can use coconut milk instead of feta. The benefit of pureeing your veggies is that they are much easier to digest. Raw greens take a lot of digestive fire to break down. But puréed greens digest much easier, giving your digestive system a rest. Greens are also amazing for your liver, hormonal and mineral balance. #arugala #arugalapaneer #greens #superfood #healthy #glutenfree #moreveggiesthanavegetarian #recipeideas #bonebroth #yum #tastesbetterthanitlooks #puree #digestivehealth #digestivetips

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