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Amber Henson  📍Charlotte | Duke Alumna | Love, religiously.

Million dollar smiles 💰#fam

Forever grateful to have had the opportunity to go to a world-class institution along side some of the best athletes and smartest people in the world 💙gotta come say hiiiii every once in awhile #ForeverDuke

When it's the last weekend to wear all white

Love and light

This photo describes my summer perfectly.. DRINK YOUR WATER, MIND YOUR BUSINESS. 💧😭😭

Summer's end

Love is love is love is love is love. Get over it. #ally #pride2017

I said I was done but I lied. Memphis isn't exactly a tourist destination but the National Civil Rights Museum is a MUST VISIT. I'm moved every time. And it meant a little more this time
Also, one chilly November night back in '93, right here in the Blues City and BBQ Capital of the World ...one of the greatest moments in American history 👶🏾🙋🏾


Thanks for bearing with my road trip look book. It was a sobering experience driving through the Deep South where racism and bigotry are considered "tradition" ...The same "tradition" that fueled the recent acts of domestic terrorism (let's call it what it is).
First, that's insulting to REAL southern tradition that runs deep in my veins...tight knit families, hard work, shooting stuff for food, 5+ hours of Jesus on Sunday, sweet tea, and all the pork and fried fish you can handle (even tho I'm going vegan and have a blended spiritual identity, but I digress lol**ughhh stupid millennials**)
Second, what I just described is likely very similar to what those people acting a fool in Charlottesville enjoy about life. But somehow they're convinced that people of color are a threat to their lifestyle. Weird. We're not that different fam
Im smart enough to know I'm not gonna change a man's mind/worldview by taking to the streets and telling him he's an idiot, even if he undoubtedly is. The best I can do is when I run across people like that, have a conversation with them, be kind, and show them that underneath it all we're all made up of the same stuff.
Granted, DJT is throwing a wrench in this theory by participating in, condoning, and arguably encouraging hateful rhetoric... so if that doesn't work just stay away from those folks and hope they die without [reproducing and] doing too much damage to the progress this country has made 🙂
To all: the best way to live life is to love one another, be kind, and MIND YA BIDNESS. But if you're so bored/angry/depressed/insecure about your own life that you MUST hate something or someone who has done nothing to you... Go talk to a therapist and cop you some alprazolam or sertraline (or better, tetrahydrocannabinol) for that. If that's not your style, do us all a favor and keep your acts and words of hate within the walls of your sad pitiful home.
After all, happy hoes ain't hatin' and hatin' hoes ain't happy.
Now, enjoy this photo of me being black and happy

My roots keep me grounded.
Featuring Frank and Dallas who some of you might know. They are still alive and well. Slightly surprised Frank is surviving the hot delta summer. Frenchies aren't built for that. And Pete XII..because every dog chained on the hill since I can remember was named Pete.

Ascending from a long line of story telling, gospel preaching, hot meal cooking, freedom fighters #DNA

Strong football/Jesus vibes here

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