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DogsOf Shelters  Bringing together adoptable dogs from around the country. Thanks for your support! Submit a photo + more:

ATTENTION NORTH CAROLINA: These are the faces of just SOME of the dogs up for adoption at the Iredell County Animal Services in Statesville, NC. This Saturday (8/19) the shelter is participating in a “Clear the Shelter" Event. This means that ALL adoption fees are waived. It still includes spay/neuter, microchip, heartworm test, dewormer, flea treatment, and rabies vaccine. The shelter is located off Bristol Drive, and will be open from 10-2. Even if you cannot adopt, please share (or tag friends). The goal is to find homes for most, or all, of these animals. However, please make sure you can afford to commit to a dog for the rest of its life. They all deserve forever homes. Check out the link below to see the other dogs (and cats) up for adoption! If you have questions, feel free to ask the photographer (@blueheartsphotography) of these photos. She is a volunteer and can find out information you need. You can also call the shelter at: 704-878-5424

Dogs pictured (in order): Coco, Fete, Diamond, Hank, Violette, and Violetta.

ATTENTION WARWICK, NEW YORK: Miranda is a very sweet and quirky 9-year-old senior Pit Bull who just can’t seem to catch a break. Her #PitBullFlowerPower portrait by @sophiegamand tells it all. Miranda needs her happy ending ASAP. She was found abandoned, emaciated, sick and very scared with wounds and old scarring in October 2014 on the Appalachian Trail, and made her way to @warwickhumane. Whatever her past was, it wasn't pretty. When she arrived at the shelter, she had severe ear infection, mange, worn down teeth and only rocks, sticks and berries in her belly. Miranda is now overall healthy (as healthy as a senior doggie with such hard past can be), although she was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that needs lifelong, inexpensive supplements and occasional monitoring. Just as she was getting interest from adopters after being featured by @susiesseniordogs, Miranda had a cancerous tumor removed, which stopped the adoption process. She now has clean margins and is ready to rock your world! Miranda is affectionate, loves treats, loves to be pet and really, really loves her tennis balls. She is house trained and up to date on vaccines. If you give this Special Needs pooch a chance, she will melt your heart, entertain you and adore you. Miranda doesn't want to live with other pets or children, she is too old for that stuff! She needs – and deserves - a spa retreat for the rest of her life! Please, consider opening your heart to this beautiful, soulful senior cutie. Call 845-986-2473 for more info, or visit
Thank you @sophiegamand for the beautiful shots and helping Miranda find a loving home!

Black dogs do not fair well in shelters. They are often the last to be adopted and most likely to be euthanized. @shainafishman, a commercial photographer specializing in animals, decided she needed to do something to spread awareness about Black Dog Syndrome to help combat the problem. Fishman teamed up with Sarah Brasky, founder of @fosterdogsnyc and @thedogmatchmaker to recruit fourteen black rescue dogs to participate in the photo shoot, five of whom were a littler of eight week old black Labrador mix puppies in foster care.
Black dogs are just as loving and just as playful as other dogs but shelter staff can have a hard time photographing them. A good photograph is crucial to creating interest for a potential adopter. According to the ASPCA, 20% of the 3.3 millions dogs in shelters nationwide are euthanized every year. Through increased foster and adoption rates, these numbers can fall drastically. “A stigma can follow adoptable animals who are black, as they often wait longer to find their forever homes” says The Bark in an article about the plight of black dogs in shelter. There are so many dogs in need of a loving home and waiting to be adopted. So, we ask to start your search for a black dog on, or at your local shelter!

Thanks to Sarah and Shaina for your hard work in animal adoption, and bringing Black Dog Syndrome to our attention!

ATTENTION NEW YORK! PJ is available for adoption at @animalleague! He is a three- year-old German Shepherd Mix rescued from Tennessee. PJ can be shy at first, but after a little bit of patience, he will warm right up and will show you his trusting and affectionate side. If you are looking for more information on PJ, send an email to Erica at and she will be happy to answer any questions you have. #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals

ATTENTION FLORIDA! Meet Bogger! This dapper guy was in the shelter when he was a tiny pup and almost 8 years later he has found his way back. He appears to be a Chesapeake mix. Bogger lived with cats, women, men, and young children. He loved snuggling up with his cat for a quick nap and playing with other dogs. Bogger is a very smart boy who is house trained, and knows sit, shake, and lay down. He even walks great on a leash! He loves being inside and getting lots of attention, but right now he does not quite understand why he is at the shelter. Please contact @tiffanietudor or @nassaucountyanimalservices for more information.

ATTENTION PHOENIX: Meet Creasy Bear – this handsome boy came to @azk9rescue from the County shelter along with his “sister” Sula. Both doggies had been held as evidence against their owner for over a year. There, they were not allowed to get much human interaction, and were only allowed in an indoor kennel. By the time they were finally freed, both had to face challenges. @sophiegamand photographed them 1.5 year ago, and both wore a crown for #pitbullflowerpower, but despite several posts, they still wait. Upon rescue, Creasy was diagnosed with a severe case of heartworm, which he underwent treatment for and recovered (he is now heartworm free). Creasy still has some issues with breathing after a heavy play session or on hikes, so his activity needs to be monitored – but other than that he is doing great and is healthy and happy! Creasy is crate-trained and likes to play with his foster sister. He would do best in a home without cats (or birds) due to his prey drive. He enjoys car rides and getting pets from people. Email to find out more about him--or visit their Facebook page for more photos and info! Big thanks to @sophiegamand for bringing Creasy to our attention, and for the beautiful photos!

ATTENTION NEW YORK! Kit is available for adoption at @animalleague! He is a three-year-old lab/collie mix who was recently rescued from the Yulin Dog Meat Trade Festival. Kit is a well-mannered gentle giant who would love nothing more than to be by your side. If you’re looking for more information on Kit, send an email to Rachael at and she will be happy to answer any questions you have. Photo Credit: @thedogist #GetYourRescueOn #NSALAnipals

ATTENTION NYC! This is Poseidon, a 3-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier mix. Poseidon was rescued by the NYPD, and is a friendly pup who loves spending time with his favorite people and female dog friends. He has a medium energy level, and would be happy to go for a long walk outside or lounge around at home! He’s a smart dog who already knows some basic tricks, and is looking for an experienced adopter and a home with teens-and-up. If you're interested in Poseidon, please contact the @aspca at (212) 876-7700, ext 4120 or found him online!

ATTENTION LA! “Hi, my name is Will! I’m available for adoption at @bfas_la NKLA. I’ve been bounced around a lot throughout my life. So far I’ve had four homes in four years, but that doesn’t keep me from smiling! Sure, I may pull on the leash when we walk and steal your sneakers when you’re not looking, but I’ll never pee in the house and I’ll always make you feel like you’re the greatest human on Earth. Tennis balls make me happy and I really enjoy long walks around the neighborhood. When you’re home I’ll keep you company in every room and I’ll stay very quiet so you can get caught up on Netflix. I’m a really good companion and you’ll think so too if you give me a chance. If you’re interested in adopting me, please contact #NKLA:” #ADOPTWill

Will is a 4-year-old mixed breed who weighs 64 pounds. He's up-to-date on all vaccinations, and he's even microchipped and potty trained! He will make an awesome addition to a loving home! 📷 by @chilberg

ATTENTION NORTH CAROLINA: This is Shawnzee. He was found as a stray running loose in the road. It’s a wonder no one has claimed Shawnzee, he is the sweetest! He loves people, but has not been dog tested yet. However, we think he’ll do great because he’s an a amazing boy! In one of the photos, there is grass in his mouth- perhaps he thinks he's a cow? 🐮 Shawnzee is about 2 years old and his adoption fee is $80 and includes: neuter, microchip, heart-worm test, flea treatment, rabies vaccine, and dewormer. He is located at the Iredell County Animal Services in Statesville, NC off of Bristol Drive. He would love to meet you! 📷 by @blueheartsphotography

ATTENTION CHICAGO! Bear is currently searching for a home at @pawschicago! His ideal home is with an active owner who will take him on runs or long walks in the great outdoors! This one-year-old Boxer mix is a big and goofy boy who is always looking for something to do! Whether it be playing in the sprinkler, going for a long stroll through the neighborhood, or putting his brain to work in training class, Bear loves it all! Bear spent a short amount of time in a foster home where his foster mom reported that he enjoys riding in the car, chewing on cow hoofs and loved playing around in puddles! He is looking for an experienced, adults-only household with someone who is strong and confident in handling this playful and handsome boy. If you're interested in Bear, please reach out to PAWS today!

ATTENTION ARIZONA: Meet Sula! She came to @azk9rescue from the County shelter along with her "brother" Creasy. Both doggies had been held as evidence against their owner for over a year. There, they were not allowed to get much human interactions, and only allowed in an indoor kennel. By the time they were finally freed, both had to face challenges. @sophiegamand photographed them 1.5 year ago, and both wore a crown for #PitBullFlowerPower, but despite several posts, they still wait. At the time of her rescue, Sula had been rapidly losing weight and had little to no interest in interacting with humans. She was diagnosed with Shadow Chasing; a form of OCD in dogs where they become obsessed with watching shadows and lights. She is an adult dog, spayed, crate-trained, microchipped, current on vaccinations, and walks well on a leash (with a little pulling). She does okay with other dogs her size but like any pup, she requires a dog introduction with any new potential four-legged family members. Since she has been in her foster home she has made a complete 180 from when she first went into rescue- she rarely displays the shadow chasing behavior and has become much more attached to humans - she likes to interact, listen, receive treats, and get pets. Such a resilient, gorgeous little lady! Email to find out more about her--or visit their Facebook page for more photos and info. A big thanks to @sophiegamand for the awesome pics and bringing beautiful Sula to our attention!

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