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Dogs of Birling  Dogs who morph at @birlingtheott skate shop.

Pablo Escobar died on December 2nd, 1993, a day after his 44th birthday. Pablo Esobark was born 15 years later, the very same year of Escobar’s 59th birthday. This is not a coincidence. This is an epilogue, a reincarnation of where Escobar left off. Today, his life is one of leisure, but beyond these eyes may lie a latent longing for more... #dogs #dogsofinstagram #PabloEscobar #PabloEscobark

Within the trappings of modernity as engulfing as this heat, and in the thought of refreshment as alluring as the mouth of a river, here lies the smiling but stoic face of Virginia Woof. Despite her namesake’s destiny, this poor canine’s legacy is now prefaced by shattered hopes and dreams. She was intended, at birth, to be a show dog, but her birth intended otherwise: hair too long, face too adorable, and other features prized by her owners but regrettably not by the kennel. She was not doomed for mediocrity, though: she has an impressively refined palette for artisan excrement, an uncanny ability to camouflage as a skunk, and an absorbing social presence. Who knows, beyond these first six months, into what form she may flourish. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #streamofconsciousness #VirginiaWoolf

Hurricane Katrina, Brokeback Mountain, The Kyoto Protocol, Sean Paul’s The Trinity, Aaron Cayer’s varial-flip down Elgin 6, and the birth of Russell Copelli: 2005 was a massive year. He’s old now, an elderly citizen at 82 dog years. Within 13 birthdays, he learned how to open doors, narrowly averted castration, became a Pet Smart alumni, travelled stateside, and had a brief stint with steroids. History and experience aside, Russell is an extremely good boy. He’s charming, sweet, and unique, like “Russer,” the dog in Nanalan’, after whom he was named. Link in bio. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rarepuppers #raredoggos

This dude’s coat was shining at the shop today. Fresh out of a bath and presumably smeared in fabric softener, Charlie glimmered under the overcast, much like how his rad attitude could uplift anyone’s day. He’s the kind of homie you wanna crush a beer with. He’s the kind of homie that will back any dumb shit you might get yourself into. He’s even the kind of homie who will gladly take your ear-beer and keep the night going. He’s a true homie, unconditionally. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rarepuppers #raredoggos

Though he is currently battling a severe case of diarrhea, Memphis never once defiled the shop’s floor like some dogs named Nora do on a regular basis. Rather, he is a dog of grace: his bourgeois taste had him laying daintily on a splayed vintage jean jacket in the corner of the shop, presumably judging the skater products around him. He is around nine years old and is a huge Elvis fan, but his enigmatic presence precludes his history. He is simply Memphis, a dog so well composed he challenges identity. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rarepuppers #raredoggos

Walnut “Wally” D’Michael Smith might have two skateboard tricks in his name but he will never have the energy or enthusiasm for skateboarding. Ever. He has serious breathing problems, high cholesterol, loves eggs and masturbating, and frequently indulges in twenty-hour sleep marathons; he doesn’t just give into his vices, he embraces them. His name synonymous with lethargy, he’s truly the dog form of a thirty-year-old gamer living in his parents’ basement. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rarepuppers #raredoggos

Karl was born into a family of ducks in the small community of Val-des-Monts, Québec. Having spent some time in front of mirrors but only little time on Earth, he seems to be discovering that he is not a duck, but a dog. And in this mirror, a dog of Birling. ❤️ #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rarepuppers #raredoggos

THIS MAN IS A NATIONAL HERO. At 1:49 p.m. on Monday, February 5th, 2018, the unthinkable happened. Nora, new to the Birling family and life in general, was found asphyxiated by a tote bag: playtime gone wrong, horribly wrong. Clenching for air and slowly losing mobility, she was rescued by a saint in red beard. Kyle “Tublé” Robertson’s daily routine turned heroic that afternoon as he acted swiftly to relinquish Nora of the tote bag grip of death. Think of this noble act when his angelic hands grace your board with an immaculate grip job. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #NorasAngel #piousact #sacerdotal

@birlingtheott has a new shop perma-lurker. Originally named Neil Magadzia, Nora Neil Cayer-McConnell is a stage-five clinger, much like one of her owners, Aaron Morley Cayer. She’s a mix between a lemon shark and a schnauzer, and she’s a garbage-snooper and a bit of a nymphomaniac. Everyone loves her even if Inga secretly doesn’t. #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rarepuppers #raredoggos

🚨 NEW DOG ALERT 🚨 This is Benny. He’s a garbage-eating blanket fucker. He’s got a heart of gold, though ...dumb gold. But even if he’s not the brightest canine that’s strolled through the shop, and even if he has a problem where his left eye bleeds profusely without warning, he’s certainly one of the most sweet and loving lurkers Birling has seen. ❤️🐶 #dogs #dogsofinstagram #rarepuppers #raredoggos

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