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Check out this guided Group clean up hike happening in our area on June 23rd! Bring some gloves and a friend, and pack a lunch, I’ll provide bags for everyone! #letskeepitwild #keepitwildco #groupcleanup #easttennessee #southwestvirginia #swva #devilsbathtub #cleanitup #hiking #plogging #keepyourtrashtoyourself

Campin’. And doin right by Smokey and leaving things the way they should be. #feelinmyself #campingblog #campeveryday #leaveitbetter #cleanitup #keepyourtrashtoyourself

Camping in the Smokey’s. One of my favorite places to roam. Thankful to the so many rangers and volunteer groups that work tirelessly to keep it beautiful. #keepitwild #synchronizedfireflies #seviervilletennessee #gatlinburgtennessee #keepyourtrashtoyourself #packitinpackitout #letskeepitwild

I try to keep personal stuff mostly off this page. But let me attest to the people of parks for a minute. Bear has been doing an incredible job using underwear lately. For three weeks now he’s maybe had two accidents. Until last night. We were extraordinarily privileged to be a part of the lottery to see the synchronized fireflies in Great Smokey Mountain National Park. 1 in 13 people who apply get a chance to see them and we got in on our first try. It was an unbelievable experience to say the least, but not without its struggles. This was Bear’s first time using a porta potty and he was not amused. Actually he was terrified. I told him that he definitely didn’t ever have to use one again and that we would just go in the woods when we got to our viewing site. Unfortunately the damage had already been done and he was terrified to pee anywhere, even on the trail where he had come to love going. My sweet boy cried for so long, and has had several set backs after that since making so much progress a few weeks ago. But you know who was totally understanding? LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE PARKS. Not one person asked me to leave because he was being too loud, several rangers stopped to check on us, and even offered to help if they could. It just reminds me of how beautiful life can be in such frustrating times for both of us. It reminds me that camping is a place to scrub dirty dishes in your undies, pee all over them or not. The trail is a place to experience new things, but also have familiarity and family where ever you go. I’m so thankful to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world, but I’m even more thankful that I have a kind, nature loving boy riding in the back seat on the way back home (in a diaper) that with no prompting says “trees look beautiful” when driving through the foothills. Seriously, holding the tears back from how great this weekend has been. Thanks so much to @raisingawanderer, Amanda, and Andrea for being the most caring individuals ever, and being a super fab firefly team. #fireflies #smokeymountains #gatlinburgtennessee #seviervilletennessee #camping #hiking #camptennessee #hiketennessee #gooutside

This bag of trash is my second for this week. It was gathered along the waters edge at the green belt in Kingsport, the first was taken from the waterfall trail at Laurel Run Park. I just cannot comprehend why in the world you would hike a mile into somewhere just to defile it. Just to use it as a trash can. There was. So. Much. Single. Use. Plastic. Some embedded so deep it must’ve been there for years. Some in exact places on my way back that I had already cleaned on my way in. My hope as a #wildkeeper is that posting on #impactday will open their eyes like mine have been and understand the beauty of our area, the sanctuary we have been given, and take measures to help #keepitwild. I’m so thankful for my mentors @ryleelarae and the rest of our team that is making a huge difference! Let’s keep it wild y’all! #trailcleanup #pickupyourtrash #dontbetrashy #keepitwildco #easttennessee #keepyourtrashtoyourself #hikingblog #hiking #hikeyourownhike #campingblog #hikinglife #letscleanitup #stateparks #nationalparks #parksproject #planetorplastic #letskeepitwild

Check out the Parks Project Instagram for all kinds of fun stuff like this parks version of Would You Rather. Bring on the bear sized squirrel! #parksproject #nationalparks #nationaltrailsday #keepitwild #gooutside #idhikethat #hikeyourownhike

Fresh spring mix, home grown and rain washed nasturtium leaves and flowers, pumpkin seeds, diced prunes, lemon juice, olive oil, and salt and pepper. Delish. #growyourownfood #gardening #gooutside #salad #eatgoodfood #rabbitfood

I am so excited to announce that earlier this month I was accepted as a 2018 summer term Wild Keeper for a company called Keep It Wild. Wild Keepers are stewards of the earth, keepers of the ground, with the mission to stand for what we stand on. I’m proud to say that once a month I will be organizing local group clean ups in an effort to get MY local community to join the initiative to keep the area we call home as wild as can be. Dates to be announced soon. Link toKepl It Wilds website in my description. .
In nature,
#hikingismyhappyplace #keepitwild #wildkeeper #hikeyourownhike #gooutside #hikingblog #letscleanitup #planetorplastic #letskeepitwild

Thwarted again. Seems like the only times I can get out it rains. Hard. Planning a local trail clean up day to make up soon. #trailcleanup #keepitwild #cleanuptheearth #planetorplastic #hiking #hikeyourownhike

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