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So my photo of @amberbattlegear comforting a dog she rescued in the North Carolina Flood last year, is going to be on billboards all over America! If you see one, please take a photo and send it to me. It’s pretty incredible because the work I’ve done in the last 10 years has been about making a difference. So far, I think I’m hitting it out of the park. 😉 @americanhumane


So awesome seeing @orfeh in Pretty Woman: The Musical and I also went backstage to say hi! Great seeing her again! Orfeh is a giant advocate for doggy adoption. The people you meet in life because of a shared love of canines is kinda amazing. Life is pretty good! P.S. She still has another show to do tonight. What a voice!!!

If you live in Florida, vote YES on Ammendment 13 to end dog racing in the state and save greyhounds. This is a truly bipartisan movement to take a stand for man and woman’s best friend!

Happy to be able to participate in early voting today, because tomorrow I’m leaving to travel to the great freezing cold tundra know as the NorthEast, to begin production on my latest feature length documentary. Especially proud to have voted to End Dog Racing in Florida! My 15 years of experience in the dog world has shown me that the minute money is made off the back of a dog is the moment when abuse can begin. #LeaveTheDoggiesAlone

Transporting over 40 dogs to Northern Georgia Animal Shelter to free up room for Shelter in Hurricane Zone. @americanhumane #hurricanemichael

Just got word we’re being deployed to the hurricane zone. Helping with the animal transport out of Georgia. No more info available yet.

Code 3 Associates even rescues roosters!
@code3associates @safehvnrescue @amberbattlegear @krissienewman

Here’s a beautiful German Sheppard that we rescued! He was very happy to see us. @americanhumane @code3associates @safehvnrescue #hurricaneflorence

The chihuahua’s look happy to be rescued! @americanhumane @code3associates #hurricaneflorence

Loading up the boat with doggies! @code3associates @americanhumane #hurricaneflorence

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