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Feeling tiny at 3330 meters #AllTheWayUp #NothingCanStopMe

The city of Amsterdam has roughly 1,500 bridges. Here's the view from one of them

To the girl with the piercing blue eyes: spending the last two years with you has been wonderful. Enjoy Peru; I'll see you in a little bit

Stirling, UK

Suffice to say, University of Glasgow's tall thing is much bigger than Hamilton's tall thing

One point for noticing the distant Scottish flag, another point for finding where I hastily removed a scaffold in Photoshop.

Barring the unfortunate shadow across my mother's face, this is actually a very nice photo of a group of people whom I will miss dearly. Glasgow awaits.

Was just trying to photograph these nice succulents when Leigh interrupted. Rude.

Only spilled a little

A portrait of my dog dogging very hard in the woods today

"Ya think ya betta than me?"

Just two men assessing the vulnerability of Fort Ticonderoga to artillery fire from high ground #Isserman #LegendsNeverDie #GetScrolled