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Kat  Fashion writer trying to straddle the line between mutton & frump. Musings found on my blog. doesmybumlook40@gmail.com


Still clinging on to not cracking out the big coat guns just yet.. and short sleeves to boot. And not even boots. The perennial fave.. white trainer heaven πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ In other news I was persuaded by the 10yr old to buy honey roasted cashew nuts. Which means I have just inhaled my entire daily calorie allowance in the space of 10mins. Do they cover those feckers in crack??? 😫😫😫😫 #ootd #wiwt #fashion #saturday

Look no dress. Quick change for dinner last night. This is my "Autumn has arrived" look. I thought they said it was going to be a warm weekend. I've looked outside and there's very little in the way of Indian Summer out there..πŸ™„πŸ˜³πŸ˜³ We are going to Dino Golf today. Kill me now. #ootd #wiwt #fridaynight

And my colour of the season is... drum roll... green. So that's obviously why I'm head to toe in black 😝but I'm easing myself in with the accessories. I'll be branching out in the next couple of weeks until I'm essentially a tree but In the meantime, it's those little extras that make all the difference. Gimme all the green... link in bio #newblogpost #allthingsgreen #ootd #wiwt #fblogger #fashion

And thank goodness it's Friday. This was all about last night and yesterday. Not feeling "quite" so perky this morning ... although I can report that these @oliversweeney boots are insanely comfortable. Too many amazing, amazing things to buy at @lfw_festival Thank you for having me 😘😘 Fashion hat on hold this morning as I go to my Autistic course for a couple of hours. It's always tissues at the ready. And deep breath (do you think I can go in my jamas? 😝😝) πŸ“· @milliemackintosh #lfwf

So all we need is a filter that gets rid of grey head hair pubes (I mean, as if gravity wasn't a big enough bitch, grey pube style hairs on the head? Thanks a bunch 😫😫) and then my work here is done. And apologies to the lady across the bar who we may have unintentionally airdropped this photo 😳😳(hands up who else has done that by mistake?!) Planning the most exciting venture with this lovely one, here's to a great adventure 😘😘😘

London baby... yes they are bare legs and no i'm not cold... yet. Do not tell me it's going to rain later 😝 Lunch and coffee but then off to the preview of the new House of @hillandfriends which opens tomorrow at 63 South Molton Street. And a little bird has told me that the first 100 people to visit get £100 off their purchase... you're welcome 😘😘😘😘#London #ootd #wiwt

Seriously? At what age does the penny drop for boys that they have to clean their teeth EVERY DAY. 😱 The level of outrage when I ask them EVERY MORNING is absurd. One has actually just said to me "AGAIN??" YES. YES YES YES. Ditto with washing your hands after you've been to the loo and changing your pants. They're like human versions of goldfish with appalling ordinal hygiene. I've only been telling them this (or shouting at them whilst I'm in the shower otherwise I come out and nothing has been done) EVERY DAY for their entire lives 😫😫😫😫😫 #boys #thingsnoonetellsyou #quote #instaquote #quotesoftheday

This is not the face of a dog who was happy to be taken for a walk this evening πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ€£ She REFUSED to look at the camera, honestly this is her "huff" face. She'll be sorry when I find HER a hoodie to wear. I am in full on hoodie mode, over on the blog now. I think we could twin in a hood?? That's a blog in the making if ever there was one. Who'd be up for a bit of puppy fashion... (and where do you start with that?!) In the meantime, it's hoodies for humans (of the female grown up variety) on the blog now. Are you in?? Link in bio #newblogpost #hoodie #stroppydog #dogsofinstagram #ginny #australianlabradoodle

When you could stay chatting all day but your role as Mother Earth kicks in and you return to collect the children from school.. (aka you didn't book the nanny in. 🀣) One could almost be forgiven for thinking Autumn had taken a hiatus today. Hello delicious mild weather... (although I have to say with my copious trying on of all things knitwear, I am looking forward to a cold snap. But yes, I will moan like hell when it arrives. Can I put in an order for cold but sunny?? That's ok isn't it? No rain and god forbid it should snow 😱😝😝) πŸ“Έ @oliviarubin #ootd #wiwt #maxi #fblogger #fashion

They really are the "I've no idea what to wear and want to be comfy so you'll do" option. They also, however, work for the "night out but want something quick and easy, oh and I haven't done anything about the enchanted forest adoring my legs..." Yes JEANS!! Is there anything more truly traumatic to buy??? I've done a lot of the leg work (boom boom, I'm here all week 🀣😝) and explained why I love the ones I love. And basically don't wear any others. If that isn't justification for an investment, I don't know what is. They also work for pretty much every occasion (providing you have the right shoes... it's not my fault if you haven't but I can put you on the right path.. coming up shortly 😘😘) Link in bio #newblogpost #ilovejeans #ootd #wiwt #fashion #fblogger

Ok so what is it with our obsession (it can't be just mine.. 🀣😝😝😝) with a discount code or a sale? Is it just a UK thing? How does the word "discount" galvanise us into shopping like crazies??? And do we care?? That frisson of excitement about getting a bargain (ok I need to get out more, don't I? 😝) Today, I'm salivating over discounts on the blog. Oh and I haven't even started to discuss the levels of euphoria at a parcel arriving at the door... 😳😳😳😳Link in bio #newblogpost #bargain #saleaddict #givemeallthediscounts #quote #instaquote

Monday, you've not been too bad. Apart from the rain.. note to self. There is a downside to the long flowy skirt. Moist fabric sticking to your ankles 😫😫🀣🀣😳😫😫😝 Determined however, to make the most of these skirts... seeing as I'm not sure I've seen many winter maxi versions. Hmm flappy wet material is probably why πŸ™„πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ Am loving the green, pink and grey though.. We are going out for a birthday dinner πŸ‘Š#ootd #wiwt #fashion #fblogger #winter

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