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This was from yesterday but seeing as I brought enough clothes to last me through to September (never knowingly underpacked), I’ve been wearing three outfits a day. Nothing to do with me underestimating how warm it was and having to change 😘😘😝 I did also suggest staying so I could make full use of the extensive summer wardrobe I appear to have packed, but apparently that’s not an option. 🙄😉🤣 #ootd #wiwt @almyrahotel @chic.retreats #ad Tap for credits Outfit details Dress @andotherstories (sale two years ago) - Sandals @andotherstories (two years ago) - Bag @hillandfriends (gift current) - Belt @topshop (ss17)

Last sunset before we all head home to reality later today. And again a slightly different departure for me.. culottes! Ok so they’re culottes on me but @erica_davies has the same trousers on and yes they are trousers on her. Definitely swing your pants numbers 😘😘 Went for dinner at the restaurant’s fusion menu which was divine. To be fair, all the food has been exceptional (and they do make a very very good French martini as well 🍸😉) Shoes are the three year old Zara numbers that are odd sizes that I begged them to sell me in the sale when they were refusing as they weren’t a pair (but they were the last ones in the shop!). 🤣🤣 #ootd #wiwt #jigsawtravels @chic.retreats @almyrahotel #ad Tap for credits Outfit details Top & trousers @insidejigsaw (gift current) - Belt @topshop (ss17) - Shoes @zara (sale 3yrs ago) - Bag @hillandfriends (gift current) - Sunglasses @chloe @veryexclusiveuk (aw17) - Earrings @aliceswondersuk (gift current)

When you don’t even have to use a filter.. yes the sky is actually that colour here 😍 All the blue with a pick me up of orange. This is the family pool. Which is empty. Not sure I can guarantee it’s like this during the school holidays 😝but right now, it’s peace and quiet x a gazillion. 😍 #ootd #wiwt #jigsawtravels @chic.retreats @almyrahotel #ad #ootd #wiwt 📷 @erica_davies 👊Tap for credits Outfit details Dress @boohoo (ss17) - Bag @hillandfriends (gift current) - Sunglasses @chloe @veryexclusiveuk (aw17) - Shoes @insidejigsaw (gift current)

Always my favourite time of the day on holiday (in my head I am “on holiday..” 😘😘). Before the sun starts to go down, glass of wine before you go and have a shower (although if I’m completely honest I have reached that age where I’d quite like to just carry on through in my bikini and kaftan 😳 please tell me I’m not the only one... does advancing years really = laziness or is it just that you’ve just learnt to enjoy and savour a really good moment and hold onto it as long as possible? 😘🙌) However I AM going to have a shower... and get the gladrags on as tomorrow it’s back home to, I understand, a slight change in the weather? 😩😩 *will be glueing tan on as long as possible...* @almyrahotel @chic.retreats with @insidejigsaw #jigsawtravels #almyrahotel #chicretreats #ad

Currently not looking like this.. think sweaty heap after getting up and doing a (measly to some, a miracle for me!) 4km this morning. This “no long print dress or skirt shocker” was from last night. Top and trousers (which I’ve rolled over to be cropped as I am part Gulliver 🙄😩) and not a jumpsuit as loads of people thought from the Insta stories. Beautiful evening at @annabelle_hotel (sister hotel to the @almyrahotel ) Wine tasting dinner with all Cypriot wines. A revelation!! Feel a LOT better for my run 😘😘 #ootd #wiwt #jigsawtravels #ad Top & Trousers @insidejigsaw (gift current)

Sundowners... Tears of a Greek Beauty... tastes RUBBISH. Awful. You really wouldn’t like it at all. 😘😘😘😘 😳😳 If I eat the fruit that’s at least one of my five a day. Plus salad. Counts as dinner too? ☺️☺️ #sundowners #jigsawtravels @chic.retreats @almyrahotel #ad

I think I’m going to start a new thang. Kaftan Mondays. How am I looking for next Monday? Kaftan with wellies and a snood?? 😜In which case I am absolutely making the most of today. Washed hair after the most amazing head massage (still verging on oil slick.. expect to see hair back for next two days 😳) Holiday mood has totally taken over. I know it’s impossible for most to come to Cyprus in April/May but it’s the most incredible temperature.. dare I say. We’re currently sat here debating baby Prince names. I’m rather hoping due to St George’s Day, seeing as they already have a George, how about Dragon?? 🤣🤣 Maybe not? Arthur? What do we think?? 📷 @erica_davies #ootd #wiwt #jigsawtravels #cyprus Kaftan and bag @insidejigsaw (gift current) #ad

Yes I am as excited as I look. It may be stupid o’clock here but I have explored every nook and cranny of this room (includes obligatory trying on of bathrobe 👊) hoovered the cold platter (I am that person who gets over zealous with glee when it comes to airline food.. can highly recommend the Tapas box and pre mixed Aperol on easyJet for future reference 👊) , pondered the mininbar (kinder egg. Pure genius. Why do they not make bars of pure kinder egg as I can do without the toy at 45..) and will be channel surfing way longer than I should. Already missing the family but I think I’ll survive 😘😘 Have also LOVED getting the jeans out again. Like discovering a long lost friend. Travel outfit.. #ootd #wiwt @almyrahotel @chic.retreats @insidejigsaw #ad Tap for credits Outfit details Blouse @insidejigsaw (gift current) - Jeans @zara (sale ss17) - Belt @jasmblondon (13yrs ago) - blazer @marksandspencer (part of paid partnership aw17) - Shoes @insidejigsaw (gift current)

In lieu of a spray tan (lilywhite leg on show as you can see..) I’ve gone orange on the accessories. As I’m off again on another Press Trip 😱😱☺️☺️I am so absolutely aware how lucky I am, pretty much pinch myself every day 😉😙Was up this morning at 6 to put together another blog which is up now! Seeing as I’m off to Cyprus, it was all about the sandals... and whilst I’m good for flats, I have a random hankering (after my insta stories the other day when I stalked a lady with awesome footwear) for a heeled every day pair . Rocking horse poo? I think not.. 😘😘 new blog post up #linkinbio 👆👆👆 I am now jetting off with @insidejigsaw x @chic.retreats .. it’s not a paid trip but obviously we are there to showcase the clothes and the hotel so I will be tagging #ad 👊 #presstrip Tap for credits Outfit details Bag @anyahindmarch @bicestervillage (ss17) - Bag @hillandfriends (gift current) - Shoes @insidejigsaw (gift current) - Jeans @zara (sale aw16)

And doing a home hair removal on my tache to lessen the chances of me getting mistaken for an Eastern European shot putter 😳 All the glamour over on instastories as I didn’t have time to get it threaded by someone who actually knows what they’re doing. Current situ.. hairy tache replaced by raw looking red mess. 🙄😩😜Rock & roll Saturday night chez nous. However I have had a chance to put a blog post together on one of my favourite offers of the year and one I always take advantage of... everyone always asks me about my sunnies.. they’re mostly from here! link in bio 👆👆#newblogpost #rockandrollsaturdaynight 👊👊

Wasn’t all mum’s taxi today. Run done 👊(jeez louise it was ver ver warm.. 🌞🌞) and before an afternoon of ferrying kids around and supermarket sweep, managed to squeeze a catch up with the lovely @style_mum (our four boys are like the band of Merry Little men 🤣🤣) Thank you P for the photo 😘😘 Forgot how much I LOVE this dress! #ootd #wiwt #saturday Tap for credits Outfit details Dress @andotherstories (two years ago) - Boots @zara (current) - Sunglasses @chloe @veryexclusiveuk (ss17) - Bag @chloe @bicestervillage (ss17)

When good selfies go bad 🤣🤣🤣Do we get the impression Ginny isn’t loving the instagram life? 😜 Oh Gin 🤣🤣😳😁#pleasedonttakemyphoto #dogsofinstagram #ginny #australianlabradoodle

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