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Kat  Fashion writer trying to straddle the line between mutton & frump. Musings found on my blog. Ramblings found on Stories. doesmybumlook40@gmail.com


Something new over on the blog... the Monday Must Have. This Monday it’s this BEAUTY! Which admittedly is toooo oversized in the large so I’ve ordered the medium to be delivered tomorrow which is all the not very organised as the idea was it’s things I recommend... and I do recommend this but in a smaller size. And this level of cockingupness sort of sums up my day 🤣🤣 I’m having a glass of red. See ya Monday.... 🤣😣😝 #linkinbio👆 #newblogpost #mondaymusthave #shearling #notarealshearling

Thank you so much for all your lovely messages and apologies for not updating sooner... I was only in the car for almost 90mins so it could have been a lot worse. I also had my thermals on although didn’t have a purse or a front door key so no option but to wait for the husband to go all the way into London and come back out. I then proceeded to wait in a supermarket for 30 mins for a Click & Collect order which they had delivered to another supermarket. HOWEVER, my boys had the most amazing time in the snow after school. I will just confess to this being a TOTALLY fake snowball fight photo as I hate being cold and wet. This is me smiling thinking about the list I made for “Santa” whilst freezing my ass off in the car this morning. Everyone’s a winner. And I am so SO sorry about everyone who’s asked about this jumper.. it’s 4yrs old from @hm 😪😪😪😪 I will see if I can do a blog on others this week. Scandi snow style is where it’s at 👍 #ootd #wiwt #snow #monday #fashion Tap for credits Outfit details Jumper @hm (4yrs ago) - Leather leggings @hushhomewear (gift 4yrs ago) - Nanette boots @grensonshoes (New) - Scarf @black_co_uk (gift aw15) - Wrist warmers @hushhomewear (gift New)

Monday morning PEACE!! Quiet, calm and just hanging about on snow watch....We live in (apparently completely true...) a micro climate where when it doesn’t snow elsewhere, our tiny town grinds to a complete standstill.. Very hilly and very high... which is why I’m using the big car today. And very kindly offered to drive the husband to the station. If you’ve seen my insta stories, you will see that this proved to a MASSIVE FECKING MISTAKE as he then proceeded to get on the train with the car keys. Onto a non stopping train to London which means a 90min wait in the car with no heating, no coffee, but thank goodness I have a phone with a lot of battery and a good signal. Currently googling Christmas presents.. for me. Which are of significantly more value than they were before I left the house this morning. 🤣🤣🤣 Now sat in a blizzard waiting for him to text to say there’s a problem with the train. AND AND AND, I was being all stupidly smug this morning and had a ginger and lemon hot water to save my lovely coffee for when I got back. I haven’t even had a coffee yet.. 😱😱😱😫😫🤣😤😳 Can you tell I started writing this before I left the house and have finished it half way through in my car?? 🤣 #Monday #snow #interiors #vintage #cottage #kitchen #home #homedecor

Could they be happier about the snow?? 😍 Please don’t grow up ever. My moment of uncharacteristic maternal adoration is because a) they wore hats (after refusing to wear them for 10mins and then realising it was chuffing freezing and capitulating with the ease that only small boys have 😍), b) because we have NO plans for today so I’m watching Gilmore Girls in my jamas whilst the husband has gone to the gym and c) as I stepped up for childcare duty and said yes of COURSE you can go to the gym, he offered to go the supermarket on the way home. WINNING AT SUNDAY ⛄️⛄️⛄️ #snowday #brothers #brotherlylove #christmas #everyoneneedsachristmaspuddinghat #admittedlyallsnownowgone

This is NOT and right now... right now I am in jamas, sheepskin boots, a vat of coffee watching the snow (and match of the day on iplayer 🙄) and thanking every lucky star that rugby was cancelled! 🙌🙌 That’s Christmas right there! Sort of wishing I’d gone to the supermarket yesterday 😝 can imagine the shelves will already have been decimated - one flake = general mass panic where we live 😳 (although I only want pita chips and taramasalata.. oh and maybe some honey roasted cashews although I’m thinking the children might prefer something more substantial for dinner.. chocolate??🤣🤣). This is a rather fetching hoarding outside the O2 and this is the outfit I was worried I might boil in yesterday. Turns out it wasn’t too bad. I’m off to research “Christmas Jumpers”... and watch Christmas movies and look forward to a lovely mulled wine as i have had ONE glass of wine since Wednesday. 😱🤣🤣 @gabyroslin I cannot thank you enough for the recommendation of this coat. Admittedly it’s not remotely warm but it’s possibly my most favourite coat I have ever owned 🙌🙌🙌 #ootd #wiwt #jinglebellball #leopard Tap for credits. Coat @helene_berman_london from @anthropologieeu (New) - Jumper @bella_freud (aw15) - Mayfair skinny jeans @boden_clothing (at least 3yrs old!) - Superstar sneakers @goldengoosedeluxebrand (ss15) - Tools bag @balenciaga (aw16)

Jingle bell balling... yes I did sing along to absolutely everything, yes we did dance, yes we were possibly the most embarrassing mums there, but Craig David knew who he was talking to when he did his set of mostly classics 🙌🙌 Thank you to my lovely friends @siobhanburgess and @colettecarey for the most amazing night. AND I’ve got home and the husband is still out so I’ve gone to bed with leftover takeaway pizza (and not burnt this week garlic bread 👊), a cup of tea and The Crown ☺️☺️☺️ Am also on email watch, praying that rugby is cancelled otherwise I might actually just take my duvet with me. #jbbstage #jinglebellball #capitalradio

What total loser wears a wool poloneck to a concert?? 🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 am tempted to stand her in my bra.... 🤣🤣🤣 I’ve only had one glass of wine so that will be a massive no 🤣😝😝 #jinglebellball #sweatinglikeapig

Stockings DONE. And managed to find another couple of things to Christmasfy the house.. the husband is worried I’m gearing up to sell tickets 🤣. I’m not going to leave the small games in the tree, they have gone back into the bag to wrap up (the chances of me doing it before 2am on Christmas Eve? Not high.. every year I promise myself, every year I’m weeping into a mulled wine knee deep in sellotape and regret) All over on the blog now.. all three for two or in the sale. And all the gifts for the children and the husband I HAVE actually bought and can recommend 👊👊Oh and if ANYONE can find an A in this wooden decoration from @marksandspencer I will LOVE them forever... ETA FOUND ONE THANK YOU!!! 😍😍😍 I am feeling ALL the smug with the majority of my Christmas stocking shopping done and mostly from the comfort of my sofas #ad #linkinbio👆 #newblogpost #christmas #stocking #shopping #loveonlineshopping

I did progress out of my jamas but clearly didn’t put that much effort into the outfit. Lots of old favourites and all the super comfortable. Another night out foiled.. the good mother in me is saying watch a Christmas movie with the kids (although choosing one has the propensity to begin WW3, The Walton’s we are not), the “other” mother in me is saying let them just play on the XBox or watch trash on Netflix whilst I get stuck into The Crown series 2... dilemma dilemma dilemma.. I did though put together a little blog on my other winter essential.. the good old coated skinny jeans. Have they had their day? Pah no. Tried and tested over on the blog now.. (and as an aside and a compromise, is there anything vaguely educational about The Crown? 😯😫🤣😝) #newblogpost #linkinbio👆 #ootd #wiwt #fashion #grey #friday Tap for credits. Outfit details in comments

And plans. Man two down with diarrhoea, there’s one man standing who’s gone to school, I am in my “gym kit” (which looks suspiciously like my jamas with the addition of a sport bra thing 😳) and wondering whether I can do the unthinkable and wear it all day (I was in my way to Pilates but...) 🤣😱🤒🤒 The husband is off out for lunch with his oldest friends.... were it me going out for lunch it would have been panic stations, trying to sort childcare, drop offs, clean jamas, buckets, blah blah blah. He meandered out asking if his coat went with his new jacket... 😫😝🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 In his defence, he did fix the new broadband before we went as having to be housebound with no Wi-fi and no 4G (in the sticks) may have sent me over the edge.. not to mention a sofa bound 9yr old who was horrified at having to watch “just Sky”.. 🙄😳🤣#instaquote #quoteoftheday #allthesickness #friday

The hair of someone who got nailed in the rain, the face of someone who feels rough. The 13yr old is sick (vom a dom dom) and we don’t know if it’s a bug or a coeliac sickness (she had the curry at school which is “usually” gluten free but she didn’t ask.. 😪😫, ditto some random drink that could well have had barley in 🤒) so she was at home today. And I’m trying to convince myself I’m not coming down with something (please not as I’ve got the jingle bell ball on Saturday and I neeeeeeeed to see RakSu 🤣) So it’s a night on the sofa instead of a lovely dinner out 😪😪, an early night and lamenting my good outfit on an average day. Highlight was wearing the new boots 👊 and reminding myself how much I blooming love this leather skirt. So much so, I’ve done a blog extolling their virtues. Alas this is a couple of years old but I’ve found some real and faux gems. Over on the blog now.. #linkinbio👆 #newblogpost #ootd #wiwt #leather #fashion #tapforcredits Outfit details in comments

Apparently there’s nothing more embarrassing to a 13yr old than when you run after up to a very cool (young) lady and ask her where her boots are from (clearly I’m not trying hard enough 🤣)... And you then find out that they are sold out pretty much everywhere 😫 and manage to track them down after extensive tinternet research at every single U.K. stockist, at one of your favourite boutiques (and pay extra for next day delivery as you NEED them immediately) And then you find out the reason they’re like rocking horse poo to get hold of is because the sublime @stylememos has a pair so has sold them out!! Some pairs left at @collenandclare .. go and grab them. Oh and you then wear them and everyone hates them apart from.... your husband 😱😱😝Who says... “are they Grenson’s?” .. wtaf? 😯 BRING ON THE SNOW... PS, it’s ok to think these ming 🤣🤣🤣🤣#newshoes #boots #marmiteshoes #shoeporn #happychristmastome

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