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Doe Deere  🦄 Russian Jewish entrepreneur / Unicorn Queen 💄 Founder of @limecrimemakeup 🎤 Live Chat every Thursday 12 pm PST

My antique display case is finally finished - and I’m obsessed!! ☘️☘️☘️ It started out as a plain brown piece we spotted at an antique store. Mark didn’t have much faith in it 😏 but I fell in love with its structure and hand-carved details. Right away I knew what I wanted to do: paint it my go-to furniture color, vibrant leaf green! Scroll through to see the process of transformation, complete with mistakes & misdirects. And yes, I did re-upholster the back in vintage toile fabric. 👌🏻 Now it lives in the living room and puts a big 😃 on everybody’s face!

As I like to say, if you want it but nobody makes it, make it yourself. ✂️🔨 Let me know if you’d like to see more #diy projects like this.

May is #mentalhealth awareness month. As someone who’s been struggling with depression and panic attacks (and been prescribed medication for both) for years, I think it’s important to re-consider how we view matters of emotional health. It can be especially hard, as a business leader, to admit that you need help & put yourself first. Watch me open up about my personal struggles in this spontaneous live chat. 💐

Hello, I’m Magic! 🌟 I’m the latest addition to the Deere family. I’m a Himalayan (that’s Persian with Siamese-like markings) and have bright, baby-blue eyes. I’m a sweet boy who loves to purr, play & snuggle. My nickname is Chocolatito and I think I’m mommy’s favorite... Now our fur-family is complete! 🐈👱🏻‍♀️🐈👱🏻‍♂️🐈

My interview with @stylistmagazine is out! Link in Stories. P.S. I am actually an introvert 😉

Just filmed my Botox appointment on IG Live! 💉 Now me and my beetle are headed home. 🦋🚙🐝

The secret’s out - we’re pregnant and Cassie @glimmerwood is carrying our baby! 🤰🏻 Watch the recording of IG Live where we discuss surrogacy, how our husbands feel about it, and more!

Yes, it’s true! Mark and I are having a BABY!!! 👶🏼🍼🌟 Watch yesterday’s Live about how we got here, and tune in today at 5pm PST to meet our surrogate. 😳🤰💕

Rings are like butterflies for your fingers. 🦋🦋🦋 I love collecting vintage & unusual rings, let me know if you want a peak at my collection!

Featured: Ruby & diamonds butterfly, Russian gold chrysoprase, ruby with diamond halo, emerald & diamonds.

Last year at @beautycon LA 📸✨

Come Dye with me! Tomorrow’s IG Live is all about fantasy hair. 🌈 Tune in at 12pm PST to watch me dye my own hair, answer your Qs and talk about how coloring hair has changed my life.

We did it!!! Go watch my latest IG Live video where I open up about my darkest secret, show you around my kitchen, and reveal something MAJOR. 🤫 I got a little emotional in the middle (sorry!!) so here’s a picture of me like I know what I’m doing. Comment #InternetHugs if you watched till the end! ❤️

Catch me on IG LIVE tomorrow 12-12:30 pm Los Angeles time! I’m going to answer some of your questions and address, ahem, some of the rumors. ✌️🤓 Submit Qs below!

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