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Doe Deere  🧡 Russian Jewish American entrepreneuress 🦄 Unicorn Queen 🦋 Co-Founder @poppyangeloff 💄 Co-Founder @limecrimemakeup 📰 FORBES:

Magic 🌟💎🌟 He recently got a lion cut (you can see a little bit from neck down), which he loves. It’s always such a shock to see a Persian go from superpuff to a lion. I’ll take more pictures soon, if he lets me!

Cuteness alert! Lorelei gets super giddy post-bathtime and can’t help herself squealing!!! 🧼🐏🛁

(Article link in bio) 🎇 THANK YOU @forbes! Seriously. As a female CEO, you don’t get a lot of praise. You hear lots of criticism your way almost daily, while your biggest accomplishments and sacrifices often go unnoticed. Acknowledgements like this are rare and so important - a huge milestone in an entrepreneur’s career. It took me 10 years of daily hustle & sacrifice to get here. Thank you for making an incredible start to my year! #forbes #forbeswomen #femaleentrepreneur #girlboss #womenempowerment #girlssupportgirls

❄️🌸 Snow Pansy ring is now available in sizes 7, 8 & 9. ($135, link in bio) Sizes are selling out fast, so hurry!
We will be rolling out more sizes over the next few weeks. Having a fully inclusive range is a big goal of mine! Thank you for all you love & support. ♥️

Currently battling hot pink hair. 🚫🎀 The pink undertone is still showing through - and, in certain light, completely overtakes the purple! I already did a shampoo cap; any other tricks I can employ to take out the pink stain?

Happy 2019! 🍾🎊 I spent mine with family and then went to the @ditavonteese NYE performance, which was bea-U-tiful!🍸

#SnowPansy: coming soon to @poppyangeloff! ❄️

My tired, messy haired, ’what is makeup?!’ car selfie. Being a mom means that some days throwing on red lipstick is all you have in you. If there was only ONE item of makeup you could wear, what would it be?

Not a lot of people know this, but Kristina @prestpoutbeauty is Mark’s cousin’s wife. I guess you could say makeup artistry runs in the family! 🎨

At home, Lorelei is known as LaiLai (Ляля по-русски). 👒 At 3 months, she weighs 14+ lbs and is at the level of a 4 month old developmentally. Sometimes I wonder what she’s going to do when she grows up. Whatever it is, it won’t be boring!!

💜☂️🔮 I’m back to my signature ‘pansy purple’! The red was refreshing, but boy did I miss my purple hair! It just feels the most like me and I find myself coming back to it time and again. What color was my hair when you first started following me?

Merry Christmas from my family to yours! 🎁🎄❄️