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It's sort of trendy to be a little bit sassy online nowadays. Add a frog and tea emoji. You're being salty, it's banter, and you feel included, you feel part of something and a little bit naughty. But please please please take a step back. Say the words you type out loud, and imagine how it would sound and feel to the person you're directing it at in real life. Would it be funny? Or would it sound cutting? Would it hurt you, to see or hear the same thing?
If something's happening online, #stopspeaksupport.
(Hear me out; it's a catchy hashtag to help you remember.)
STOP: take a moment. Assess the situation. Be objective, and try to see all sides. Check the community guidelines of the site your on.
SPEAK: with kindness. If someone's being targeted, talk to the people who are targeting. Reach out to ask why, suggest that it's not right. This can be difficult and scary to start; but you can do it in a way that is kind, and will help everyone, I know you can.
SUPPORT: the victim. Show them they're not alone, that you're there to listen, that you're stepping in between the lines to help out. And also to everyone else involved, too. Usually there is a reason behind being mean.
Today was an incredible day, and I'm so incredibly humbled but honoured to be a part of this new campaign! I feel so inspired; and truly hopeful that this will help. Let's start a movement please. It's time to be kinder online :)

perhaps boredom will do the trick


I found rain dove on my Facebook feed, sometime last year.
I stopped scrolling to look at someone attractive. I didn't know why I was so intrigued; but then I realised it was because I couldn't figure out if they were a boy, or a girl. My brain was trying to quickly log down the info; and their face kept flipping from one possibility to the other and it made me frustrated.
Until I realised; what the hell does it matter?
Society has restricted my viewpoint into restricting others into two sections. (Which will never turn out well in humanity, because humans simply aren't like that).
I saw rain dove appear on various feeds over the year (I recommend their StyleLikeU interview) and I am so grateful for their pleasant reminder to step outside of binaries, and to take a look at structure and question it, rather than conforming to it.
Anyway. We followed each other on Instagram, promised lunches in various cities at various times; and met today!
I danced my way to the table, and we gushed about mental health, rules, self care; skipping surface level chatter to reach straight into each other's minds.
"I think something that has been so helpful for me to learn, is to be honest with myself. For example!" - they turned around in their chair - "I can feel when someone's feeling anxious." They raised an eyebrow to someone behind them, a woman in a green jumper who was scratching the back of her neck. "Or when..." - they looked to our side "... a couple have run out of things to say in a relationship. I gotta be honest with myself that I can feel those things, and that it doesn't feel good. But I also gotta be honest that - this," they prodded at their brunch - "is a great scone. And that bunny," (a toy on the back of a pram) "is adorable. And when you find those things that are honestly great, maybe you should, you know, take a picture of it or something."
I grin. And I end up taking a picture of the pool of jam on my plate that I had been dipping my finger into and sucking on. Because I gotta be honest with myself; the whole situation was wonderful.

hullo USA :) i have a book that came out there yesterday!
I hope you like it!

hello! I am in @womenshealthuk magazine as part of their #mystrongmind campaign! Please do pick up a copy and have a read - so many inspiring women educating the world on different mental illnesses. <33

find a piece of music that sits behind your ribs and stretches them out
that makes you long for something - but you can't put your finger on what it is
that holds your hand and guides you through deep emotions you are scared to journey through (I've been listening to @sleepingatlast's music. What's a piece of music that makes you feel like this plz?)

I'm actually really really enjoying winter? what?

I am charcoal girl

remember remember the.. 4th... of november

I've drunk out of jars and vases and now here's a giant lightbulb

dress @lazyoafs
I had a hot toddy whilst FaceTiming stevie. And now I'm excited.
I want to move to LA, for a month. I want to watch fireworks over a different horizon. Drink vodka soda out of red solo cups, rather than red wine from mugs. Not have to wear 3 jumpers and a coat on the way home, tugging my clothes over my chest and breathing into my scarf as I speedwalk from the station in pitch black.
Excuse myself to use the restroom and see shower curtains, thin outlets, bulbous faucets, large toilet seats
Why do I always reach for what I don't have. Lol.

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