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dodie  I make music! I also feel a lot and talk about myself on my story. A lil selfie here and there. Maybe some good lunch. for business ✨

I met @oona_who and fangirled a lot
HERE’S WHY SHE’S MY FAVE ARTIST. She manages to capture human movement and emotion so well her characters look like they’re about to jump out of the page. I flicked through her sketchbook and every facial expression she drew almost made me uncomfortable because I really believe they were staring at me from the paper. She practices all the damn time and is always working on her styles (I love the almost caricature ones) and she’s just getting better and better and better and I’m just so in awe. Ur so cool oona!!!


first track:
Friday 21st sept

my life is so wild. Tonight I went further out to the box right in front of the barriers and bopped down low so close to the people watching me. Their hands were reaching for me and their faces were so excited but I think they sensed my nervousness at this newness and silliness (I am not a popstar) and so they were kind.
Chicago I saw so many of your expressions tonight and they are burned into my brain in a good way. I see you singing to yourselves, closing your eyes and feeling the music. I see you looking up and grinning so purely, jumping to every word. I see the shared glitter on your cheeks and your rainbow flashlights and most of all I see the love. I hope you could see it too. 💕

no we are not kissing, yes Tessa is batshit and awesome and I love her and it truly is a privilege to get to be her friend

nashville is SO HOT. Touring is A LOT. Something something ROBOT. Also thank u so much for all the skin care tips. And ppl who gave me spot cream and face masks in Atlanta :”) I got asmr from ur care <3333

I saw a picture of Hayley Williams with no makeup and nearly cried lol. I’m so sad about my damn skin and touring on a bus that ranges from fridge cold air con blasting at 3am to hot and humid mornings with 13 people’s mixture of wee, morning breath and desperate sprays of deodorant mixed in the air is not the nicest thing for my pores (or nostrils tbh). Not to mention just painting over all my spots and blackheads with foundation every night so I can play a show and feel good. I’ve just been glueing stars over the reddest areas. Help! (Thank u whoever got me face wash the other day. That’s a very thoughtful and useful tour gift. If ur looking to buy me something then feel free to gift me washcloths and benzoyl peroxide lmao)


lil dressing room mirror selfie
I had a Philly cheesesteak sandwich earlier and my god it was the tastiest thing I’ve ever eaten
But also I’m about to play a show (surprise) and I feel it mixing up inside me lmao yikes

Can anyone just enjoy a good moment and not obsess over enjoyment and the concept of time and pressure to keep enjoying it and stay present whilst practicing forgiving themselves for thinking of all this shit in that moment? Asking for a pal who’s having a sort of great time :D

I luv women especially when they love each other (enjoy these two they are the most in love ever)

“Say... coats” @orlagartland
SHOW ONE! I just uploaded a vid to doddlevlogge! It’s a tour diary sort of thang!

goodbye bed
I will miss u
see you in a month and a bit
(tour tomorrow! Can’t wait to play for u! And to travel! Tho I am scared!)

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