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dodie  I make music! I also feel a lot and talk about myself on my story. A lil selfie here and there. Maybe some good lunch. for business ✨

my new favourite thing to say is “I am my dream girl”
whether I believe it or not it convinces me and other people into thinking I do
it’s nice. Try it!

edit; pretty sure it’s something @barry_happy said first and I stole it

hey gang
i’m sitting on my feelings
just sitting on them brb

see u not that soon I’ll miss ya
ps I look really emotional but actually I just had no makeup on and wanted to look cute so closed my eyes

pic 1 📷 @doyouknowellie
pic 2 📷 @jondbarker
hi universe! Yeah, it’s dodie calling. Doing good thanks! Had a bit of a weekend, you know, it was a lot. You? Yeah haha you’re right, you understand, you have a lot too. Anyway! Just wanted to check that I am in fact on this weird life path where I play shows to thousands of people who like the music I write in my bedroom. Sure I’ll hold. .. hello? Yep. That is correct? Okay cool! Appreciate that. Yeah I just get confused sometimes. Uhuh. Yeah I’ll let you know if anything changes but it’s mostly good, though like I said, a lot. Thanks pal. Have a good week! Bye. Bahbye. Bye now. Yep. Bye.

hey world, u ok

to sitc! Today’s mood - be gentle with me! I am fragile heh

we’re watching @ingridgoeswest here’s a pic from a trip to Joshua tree
this movie is CREEPY AND CLEVER AND HAUNTING watch it

Hi my skin on my face is clearing up however I continue to pick every spot on my legs
also I just emailed my local choir asking to join lol
also I finished a song today and I LOVE IT I’m so proud of all the melodies and structure but idk when to put it out bc I have other songs that have been produced and I’m just sitting on to release because of hashtag business things ANYWAY I FEEL GD TODAY despite my nightmares of someone choking on a rollercoaster ride : D

me: dan what shall I caption this picture

dan: Janet Damita Jo Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in nineteen si-

It still feels weird that she’s here. When she was little I dreamed of the day that we’d be independent, she’d get the train to visit my flat in London. And this morning I leave her in my bed, leaning on the door frame as I list breakfast options, my keys jangling, I strut out to my meeting. Feels like we’re still playing a game. I’m the big sister.
Except Hedy is already stronger than me in so many ways. She’s never been without her fire. Mum said she was born with her eyes open, her fists out.
But now it’s different; it’s matured into burning passion, and determination. She sits, knees up in her patterned playsuit, her curly black hair in a messy ponytail, round glasses resting on her nose, sketching on my iPad. “Draw me,” I say playfully, knowing she’d roll her eyes at the number one stereotypical question she gets asked, as an artist. But then she sits up. “Stand up straight,” she orders. She works, looks up. “Extend your arm like this.” She looks down, up, down, frowning. She finished, sneering at it. She could do better; it was only done in a minute or two. I turned it around, and saw my sister’s future.
I worry about her. Of course the comments of comparison affect her. Every young fan of mine reaching out to her to get to me, defining her as nothing but a tool, an extension of me. It hurts me, I feel guilty for it. I should say something. But every time I see her talent, I’m not worried.
She‘s fucking magnificent, and her work will speak louder than my words.

okay but

I’ve started a wee dream journal
my dreams are not pleasant lol I haven’t had a good dream in a few years
so I think it’ll be interesting to see what my subconscious stuck on 🎈 ☁️

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