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dodie  I make music! I also feel a lot and talk about myself on my story. A lil selfie here and there. Maybe some good lunch. for business ✨

well once again my theme is dead lol
BUT i’m getting better at cello every day, i’m constantly in the studio surrounded by music AND me and hazel finally figured out a natural name for our flat together and i love my damn home

HAPPY BIRTHDAY i like ur lampshade hat
I admire how you value your art above all of the drama and how much you try to pull up other people who you believe deserve success! have a wonderful day pal ✨💕

just two ladies who struggle with feeling good enough sometimes but who are naturally magical and brilliant in their own way!
(we recently have to keep reminding each other and shouting louder than the voices in our heads that like to disagree)

we’re starting a band, leave your name suggestions in the comments 📷 @ohlookitsakyle

bbs first cello lesson is today

i wish u all good thinking patterns (thank u @barry_happy for candid pic)

we didn’t mean to wear matching dresses we are just soul sister twin flames and The Universe thinks it’s funny to play jokes on us!

i’m taller than u imagine me to be

yesterdays photo, but off to LA!
ps: every time an uber driver asks me what i do, i get a little flutter in my chest and a burning naughty desire to lie and tell them something different. Then again, when i tell them the truth (a musician) i barely believe that either

today we made something beautiful! it took a VERY LONG TIME and i’ve been sitting in a dark studio for about 10 hours (minus a walk where we bought these sunflowers) but it truly is a very special thing.

also the time there is until my flight is less than the time i’m going to actually spend on the plane and that’s... crazy
considering i have to pack and sleep

h e l p

new vid in a bit it took a strangely long time but it was so fun to make!

HAPPY FRIENDIVERSARY to the person who taught me the idea of a friendiversary. There are many valuable things I have learned in a year of knowing you, but here are just a few of the best:
-you taught workaholic perfectionistic me when I was moaning about not being productive to redefine what that meant by stopping me in my tracks and saying; sure, I hadn’t written a video or a song in the time that I was there. But I’d worked on enjoying my time, and I’d helped a friend or two; you can be “productive” by helping yourself and your friends and family around you.
-I found my fun, spiritual side again; there’s nothing wrong with watching the universe and feeling excited by the idea that She’s up to something.
-feeling is living
-loving is everything
-we are exactly the same. And we are entirely different. And I love it.

here’s to the next year! and the one after that and after that and after that etc etc etc etc. (ur grandma/the universe knows)

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