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dodie  I make music! But this is the place I post about my feelings/my outfits/rave about my friends. Listen to Human here:

@hellohannahsnow turned me into a Christmas tree/whoville character?! hehehheheeh


@danieljlayton can we make some more plz

EY new song on doddleoddle! It’s an anthem to being LAZY AND ANTISOCIAL
called party 🙃

pic stolen from @ sunflowerxdodie on twitter

it is so cold my ears are going to freeze and snap off my head lol

Disney trio! Paris is VERY COLD. I made a joke about enjoying Europe whilst we’re still in it tho we’re not leaving the continent so I changed it to enjoying the EU whilst we’re still in it but it kind of doesn’t work so never mind I’m not funny

my skin is covered in spots and scars

I walk home to sad music when I’m drunk and emosh to cry out the feels

I am positive, negative, principled, flawed, angry, content; I am everything, and I am human. (join in!)

shot beautifully by the talented @lindablacker (thank u for all your lovely comments everyone. I feel like the fire emoji)

one bod
some not very fancy underwear
a mixture of positive and negative thoughts and feelings about this bod and also social media
one talented photographer (@lindablacker ) (I wrote a giant post and sent it to my gal pals but they helped me realise that I personally can’t write anything about “body positivity” because I don’t think I’m quite there for myself yet. I can talk about body confidence though; and these pictures help with that for sure. Thank u Linda!)

she looks up
she looks down
more photos with @ohlookitsakyle !

thank you
t h a n k y o u

EY happy to announce @kawalagram as my main tour support! I LOVE their songs this is one called “do it like you do” - I can’t wait to see them play it LIVE EVERY NIGHT omg
Anyway come! London Dublin and Glasgow are sold out but there’s another Dublin day on st paddy’s day omg so come
go to for tickets! Hey it’s a great Christmas present

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