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dodie  I make music! I also feel a lot! My theme isn't great I don't know how to make it great. for business ✨

"Oh, that's so pretty."
"Yeah, it's cute."
-walks past-
"hey - would you mind actually taking a picture of me there?"
"Oh sure of course!"
-hands phone, goes to pose-
-silence, camera turns horizontal, vertical whilst I try not to concentrate too much on my face and weird stance-
-overwhelming self consciousness kicks in-
"Okay I'm good, thank you!"
"No problem. Can you take one of me?"
"werk, yaaaass"
"Haha okay. Thank you!"
-we stare at it for a while. Then walk by and get breakfast-

HULLO this is a lil old but if u didn't see I did a cover of I Want Candy cause I bloomin love #chupachups #sugarfree and they are babes and are sponsoring me lol #ad

sometimes u bring fairy lights to New York to put in the background of a video you plan to film with pals, and also sometimes u bring boob tape to stick ur dress to ur chest for the awards show you're going to. And sometimes you use said boob tape to stick up said fairy lights and you nail the video and have a wonderful time in New York with said pals.

hi so my bae @connorfranta wrote a friggin book and it's beautiful?! Like the imagery and look is beautiful but also the writing is beautiful? It's just beautiful? Like him? Ok? Ok.

more sunshine please! Me and my flowers would appreciate it β˜€οΈ

I go to New York in 2 days! Do I have far too much to do to be travelling across the world again! YES! Am I ignoring it to go to an awards show and see my favourite musical for the first ever broadway show I've seen with wonderful people?! YES! Is a breakdown on the horizon? VERY POSSIBLY
lol just kidding. Maybe ✨🌸✨🌸

my poor hands. I'm biting them to shreds, lol. I painted my nails today in hopes that I'll be less tempted to damage the skin around then if they look pretty.
Turns out nail polish is great substitute for skin picking, so now the tips of of my fingers are a mixture of shimmery navy and red raw skin. Mmmmm.
My body does not thank me when I'm stressed. If it's not my hands, it's my face, back, neck, scalp, legs. I bite and chew and scrape and pick until I bleed. Couldn't I be someone who nibbles their lip politely? I've always been a pen gnawer. My choir sheets were rolled up and ripped at the edges. Now I take it out on my skin. yuk ;P

hello yes ur all fuckin talented and I love u

I put up a new song ^_^ it's called "you" :D

EVERYTHING. Is. So. Intense. Extreme.
Someone is potentially angry with me, and my whole world crashes; I'm the worst person in the world. Everything I have become is unbearable. I am awful and I must change.
I like someone; I'm obsessed with them. They must adore me the way I adore them - we will be best friends. This is the start of something ginormous and I'll look back on this first revelation and we'll laugh at our journey.
Someone gives me advice or shares an idea; I research it to shit and decide this will be the thing that changes me. I say goodbye to something in my life and mark it as a giant chapter, a pillar of experience, and I mourn as if a part of me has died. Maybe I just start waking up an hour earlier and I start dreaming of my new life as an early bird; someone who wakes up to watch the sunrise and goes swimming as a wake to introduce the day. Today I watered flowers and was convinced this was a turning point in my life. I dreamed of the changes being a morning gardener would bring, and how I'd tell struggling people of the way that filling up a watering can as a routine saved my brain. HOW AM I THIS DRAMATIC. Why does everything have to be SO... intense. It's fun, but it's exhausting. And a little embarrassing.

I'm feeling very proud today. I'm proud of myself for my battle with depression, and that I keep fighting and always will. I'm proud that I can create through it. I'm proud of the lessons I've learned and shared so far and I'm excited for the new ones that will come. I'm proud of my music and how despite my constant doubts, I push through my insecurities and create anyway, and improve as a result. And I'm proud of you! Though it's not my doing I feel proud of how talented and kind the people who know me are.

but I'm having a mini crisis about turning TWENTY TWOOOO


man what a song. anyway it's my birthday! I'm 22!
I really am very much in my twenties now. I feel far away from a young naive teen. 21 still sounds inexperienced and excited; 22 sounds like the age of a teacher. Maybe I'm being silly.
Anyway, I have a bit of a heavy heart saying goodbye to being 21. But then again, I have a heavy heart saying goodbye to anything!

Here's to being a real life adult and still bagsying top bunks and procrastinating from work by practicing ridiculous eyeliner.

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