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dodie  I make music! I also feel a lot! My theme isn't great I don't know how to make it great. info@dodieclark.com for business ✨


anyway off to a Christmas party
we all went outside to take nice pictures of each other lolol

London winter hasn’t been so bad so far
maybe it’s because I’m not depressed
or maybe it’s because I have a really warm hat this year

“It sounds to me like there’s a story you’re telling about yourself,” tessa says knowingly in response to my worries, her eyebrow raised.
We find the story. We share tears, wails and chuckles in the corner of a coffee shop. We tell ourselves we are loveable. We hope the other person will be able to see themselves the way we seem them someday.


starting to understand that sometimes you don't have to feel something. A moment can just be a moment.
I think about where I'm at a lot; which can be healthy. I think most people should do that. Hold your brain in your hands and go "okay, what is it. What do you feel. And why."
Usually you will search behind the walls and find something cowering in a corner. You will lift up the blanket covering the mound of anxiety and put your hands on your hips and breathe; "right then. Let's sort through this."
But sometimes there isn't anything there. Sometimes you can just exist, and not have to explore every corner of your soul. Sometimes experiencing is just enough.

uploaded a nice lil crimbo cover on doddlevloggle ☺️

Struggling to feel Christmassy but THIS HELPED

pink! Pink winter!

anyway here's me not doing a triple axel.


spring tour in 2018!
presale on wed 6th, 10am
general sale fri 8th, 10am

links and info are on my twitter!

I live with a very lovely person and I am so lucky 💕

tonight I listened to Jacob Collier play "in the real early morning" (a song I put on when I feel heavy, but I don't know why, so I listen to it to bring the deep routed sadness/hope up and out.)
i have listened to it after sighing loudly at 3.48am, eyes itchy but brain awake. Or staring out a taxi window, drunk, thoughts messy, tears streaming down silently.
So I stand at the back of the venue. I try to sing along, but he carries his words on a different path than I'm used to; so this is not a time to sing, this is a time to listen.
And so I do. I rest myself into the music. And it's almost too much.
I allow my brain to flicker through all of the images I am scared of; faces of my family, old homes, familiar places that aren't so familiar to me any more. It hurts so much, but god, it's so beautiful.
It is my therapy.
My trauma, accompanied by waves of chords and simple phrases that mean so much in this specific moment.
I let go; I explore the places in my head I am scared to.
It is my drug.

This is all very dramatic. I'm trying and failing to express to you just how much I didn't want this song, this full, incredible moment to ever end. It was so, much. And it was wonderful.

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