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Document  Documentjournal.com coming January 2018. Collectible but not consumeristic, a blending of viewpoints with a similar fascination: Beauty.

Congratulations to @hedislimane on his recent appointment as the new head of French house @celine. With the addition of Slimane, the @lvmh owned house will be expanding into menswear, couture, and fragrance. Self-portrait by Hedi Slimane, from Document No. 8. #HediSlimane #Celine #LVMH

Set against the transient backdrop of an airport, @Fendi’s menswear offering for Fall/Winter 2018 was set to weather any storm. Perhaps this is a forewarning to the perils of the current political climate, but, as is to be expected with Fendi, this was a decidedly straightforward and luxurious output.

It’s only appropriate that the focal point of this collection was discernibly the accessories, as the now indomitable fashion house started as an accessories boutique in Rome in 1918. The playful spirit of Silvia Fendi's homage to their accessory laden past ran rampant on the runway with bucket hats, shearling mittens, fur jackets, leather grocery bags, and even umbrella hats. Nearly every model was carrying a bag of some sort—sometimes every hand and arm was overloaded with luggage—and, as is the case nowadays, each accessory was heavily logo’d and printed with the iconic Double F, reaching for that ever modern, ever viral sensation of instant recognition. See every image from Fendi Men’s FW18 on documentjournal.com. Photo by @luigilista. #Fendi #MMFW #FW18 #Menswear #LuigiLista

“When you’re by yourself you’re able to make your mistakes and follow your instincts, whether they’re right or wrong.”—A brash upstart in the pristine fashion world of Milan when launched in 2008, @MSGM, founded by @massimogiorgetti, has grown to be a mainstay in the Italian fashion capital. Awash in sharp tones, and with prints and logos replete from head to toe, the brand has found a connection with a younger audience that is driven by instant nameability. Following his recent menswear show at the University of Milan, Giorgetti met with Document at his studio to discuss his unconventional fashion education. Read the full interview online now. Photo by @luigilista. Interview by @alicelefons. #MSGM #MMFW #FW18 #MassimoGiorgetti #LuigiLista #Menswear

"If you have an idea you think is beautiful, it’s not relevant who's going to be wearing it—whether it’s a man or a woman. I don’t even think it’s relevant who you show it on. I wanted to show a more complete idea of what I think beautiful clothes are." Edward Crutchley wants you to know that he’s not a menswear brand. The British designer spoke with Document the day after showing his FW18 collection at London Men’s Fashion Week about his vision of clothes for all, and why emojis are a just an evolved form of ancient communication. Photo by @davidaarichardson. Interview by @alicelefons. #EdwardCrutchley #LMFW #FW18

“The most important thing is for people to walk into a show, feel an experience, and for it to envelope them. It should be a sensory experience. It shouldn’t just be 20 boys walking up and down a white runway.” Can the design duo @matthewdainty and Ben Cottrell, better known as Cottweiler elevate sportswear to the level of Savile Row-made garments? Following their FW18 show at London Men’s Fashion Week, the designers sat down and talked their @mulberryengland collaboration and their passion for creating real experiences at fashion shows with Document. Photo by @davidaarichardson. Interview by @alicelefons. #Cottweiler #LMFW #FW18

For Document No. 8, @colin_dodgson and Joe McKenna. This January, five years of fashion come to a new documentjournal.com.
Photography by @colin_dodgson.
Fashion by Joe McKenna.
Hair by @akkishirakawa.
Make up by @mirandajoyce.
Manicure by @mariannewman.
Props by Poppy Bartlett.
Casting by @pg_dmcasting, @samuel_ellis.
Models: @riannevanrompaey at @dnamodels. @nataliewestling at @thesocietynyc. @inamariboy at @scoopmodels. #ColinDodgson #JoeMcKenna #NatalieWestling

“I had the great honor of working with [Richard] Avedon. I learned more from him about portraiture in two days than I have in the 20 years since. He was so entirely uninterested in repeating himself or in making a shape in each image that he had ever made before. He waited for the pose to drop and the life to flood in. And then he snapped.” In Document No. 9, frequent collaborators Tilda Swinton and Olivier Saillard discussed their past work and where their creative process will take them next. Photo by @colin_dodgson. Hair by @cyndiaharvey at @streetersldn. Make up by @niamhquin at @lgabeautyandstyle. Production by @shelbybeamon at @artpartner, Michelle Methven at LS Productions, and Walter Micklethwait.

This January, five years of conversations come to a new documentjournal.com. #TildaSwinton #OlivierSaillard #ColinDodgson

“In a historical moment when politicians behave like financiers and ideologies are merely empty shells, it’s both very entertaining and sincere to put one’s private feelings at the center of the debate.” In our inaugural issue, Document No. 1, Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli discussed with @danielebalice how twitter has watered down “celebrity” as we know it and why his work came to feature his mother (shown above).

This January, five years of conversations come to a new documentjournal.com. #francescovezzoli #danielebalice

“But no artist is down on her luck when she has her art. It’s what Greer fed on, even when she ate no other food at all. Her dolls were starved for our attention. They had thin arms but lips or eyes that competed with the klieg lights one saw inside their living minds.” For Document No. 5, essayist and cultural critic @hilton.als revisited his memories of the subversive Greer Lankton, and what drew us to her, at once, lifelike and pallid dolls.

This January, five years of portfolios come to a new documentjournal.com. #HiltonAls #GreerLankton

@jamie.hawkesworth for Document No. 7, guest edited by Oliver Rizzo. This January, five years of fashion come to a new documentjournal.com.
Photography by @jamie.hawkesworth
Fashion by Olivier Rizzo
Hair by @anthonyturnerhair.
Make up by @peterphilipsmakeup.
Set Design by @davidjameswhite_.
Production by @sylviafarago.
Casting by @ashleybrokaw.
Models: Eliina, Miikael, and Erik at M Models. @sigriddeforchevieira at @weare_models. #JamieHawkesworth #OlivierRizzo

“I strongly believe that the more positive my vibration is, the clearer my message will be. I keep my negative thoughts from infiltrating my pathway and my dreams. Other people’s thoughts are none of my business.” In Document No. 4, the immutable soul artist @erykahbadu spoke with Nicholas Weist about her desire to cultivate creativity. Photo by @markabrahamsphoto.

This January, five years of conversations come to a new documentjournal.com. #ErykahBadu #NicholasWeist #MarkAbrahams

“There’s something interesting about the immediacy of the posting and the relevance of it being something of this precise moment, that it exists right away. [When shooting for a monthly magazine] it’s a drag that it stays in the fridge for three months…it feels very anachronistic.” Having kept an online photographic journal devoid of self-editing for over a decade, @hedislimane spoke to @alexneedham74 for Document No. 8 about why he made the move online, and how social media parallels that work. Self-Portrait by @hedislimane.

This January, five years of stories come to a new documentjournal.com. #HediSlimane

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