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It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you don’t stop.

First chest day of the new year and I’m feeling good! As a lot of you know, I’m still working on fixing my shoulder and reprogramming my CNS to handle the motions more properly. One of those methods in helping with strength and mobility is to use the decline press machine but instead of just going through the motions and letting my shoulders move upwards I’ve been focusing on keeping the Scapula and shoulders down while torquing the handles outwards as I move to deliver more power and keep the pec major firing correctly. You can really SEE the pump while doing this 😍💪

Surprised myself a little bit today on rack pulls and hit a solid 455 for 4 followed by another set of 475 for 2! Looks like Santa brought me some leftover gains from Christmas 😂💯

Merry Christmas to all of you and your families! I had a wonderful time with mine and even managed to sneak in a quick pump to end the holiday 💯 Feeling full after all of the amazing food 🙌

Live large.
Die large.
Leave a giant coffin.

I attempted another lat spread today. I should really learn how to pose 😂

Keep reading, keep studying, keep working, keep pushing, and keep taking care of yourself. Soon your hard work will pay off. 💯

The hip circle by @mbslingshot is an incredibly valuable tool when it come to squat training. If you don’t have one use a band but damn this thing is awesome! 💯

Destroyed back and ass today! I finished with these banded rack pulls. The point of this is to focus on the hip hinge both exerting the force and then resisting it during the descent. Unfortunately this has been a weak point for me these past few months but I am well on my way to destroying my weaknesses 💯👌

Tried something new today thanks to @smith.julian Target those triceps and give em the biggest squeeze you can manage and I promise you the pump will be REAL! Even though I’m still learning the movement I am definitely feeling this one deep in my triceps 😭 No pain, no gain right? 😜

Work while they sleep.
Learn while they party.
Save while they spend.
Live like they dream.
Always be different.

Stop doubting yourself. Have clear vision. Plan. Set goals. Work. Believe in yourself. Fail forward. Learn. Improve and make it happen. 🔑

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