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Angelyn  πŸ’• Use #doctorlacquer to be featured! πŸ“¬ HELLO@DOCTORLACQUER.COM πŸ‘ FB.com/doctorlacquer πŸ“¦ doctorlacquer.ETSY.com


@darkartsandcrafts with a #watermarble using the #ChromoZones polishes which are beautiful multichromes!! 😍
Which #DoctorLacquer polishes would you want to make a comeback??? πŸ€”

@nailsbyidarling using the #Scubaloha Collection for this beautiful pastel gradient! πŸ’ I feel this making a quick comeback. πŸ€”
#DoctorLacquer #nailpolish #indienailpolish #nailpolishaddicts #indiepolish

The #Scubaloha collection, a lovely set of glow in the dark neon pastels to be restocked soon! 😍 ======> @thecottonsugar:Tutorial 🎬 for the neon rainbow gradient + arrow charmπŸ˜„
⇨ Colors: Scubaloha collection from @doctorlacquer πŸ’•WWW.DOCTORLACQUER.COMπŸ’•
⇨ Arrow charn from @daily_charme πŸ’žWWW.DAILYCHARME.COMπŸ’ž
⇨ Around my nails Peel Off Tape from @mitty_burns πŸ’•WWW.MITTY.COM.AUπŸ’•
Tutorial 🎬 del degradado neΓ³n arco iris + flechitaπŸ˜„
⇨ Colores: Scubaloha collection dd @doctorlacquer πŸ’•WWW.DOCTORLACQUER.COMπŸ’•
⇨ Charm de flechita de @daily_charme πŸ’žWWW.DAILYCHARME.COMπŸ’ž
⇨ Alrededor de mis uΓ±as Peel Off Tape de @mitty_burns πŸ’•WWW.MITTY.COM.AUπŸ’•

Lucky gals who got to order the #Magic8box for September ~ this baby will soon be yours!
@honeybee_nails:The next polish from the #magic8box comes from @doctorlacquer; here is Salaam Alaikum. I used two coats plus topcoat for this swatch. I love the richness of this one, and that shimmer!

The September Magic 8 Box presal runs through the 16th, or until all boxes are sold out! The theme of the box is Greetings From Around the World and it features polishes from the four core brands: @phillyloveslacquer, @justricarda, @myindiepolish, and @smokeymtnlacquers, as well as polishes from this month's guest makers: @scofflawvarnish, @lollipopposselacquer, @dripdropnailpaint, and @doctorlacquer. I love the different finishes and subtleties in each of these polishes. There are only 50 boxes available so make sure you head over to the @phillyloveslacquer shop to secure your m8b before they're gone!

#magic8box #prsample #greetingsfromaroundtheworld #indiepolish #indienailpolish #indiecollab #phillyloveslacquer #ricapolish #myindiepolish #smokeymountainlacquers #scofflawvarnish #lollipopposselacquer #doctorlacquer #dripdropnailpaint

Are you ready to stock up on your favorite Doctor Lacquer babies?? We're reopening with a full restock soon! For now, here's a gorgeous swatch of #Hemoglobin from the #KaleidoscopeWorld collection! πŸ’—
@10digits2polish:Another birthday present from @aaaratednails - this is 2 coats of Hemoglobin from @doctorlacquer. It's so gorgeous in the sun, too. I wore this all weekend. Thanks again!! XXOO #doctorlacquer #indieswatch #alltheindies #indiepolish #supportindiepolish

It's the last day to purchase the September 2016 #Magic8Box ~ Greetings From Around the World! 🌎🌍🌏 There are only a handful left so hurry and grab yours now at phillyloveslacquer.com πŸ˜‰

Salaam Alaikum for the #Magic8Box! Grab yours at phillyloveslacquer.com ~ there are only a handful left!
@minipolishh:I'll be showing you guest makers for the Magic 8 Box πŸ’œ this is @doctorlacquer Salaam Alaikum is described as "a deep purple jelly with blue undertones filled with a shimmery red/orange shift". πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ the Magic 8 box is available NOW in the @phillyloveslacquer shop! 😊

Have you grabbed your box yet? There are a few left and this gorgeous is only available through the #Magic8Box πŸ’œ Run and get yours at phillyloveslacquer.com
@roselynn787:Salaam Alaikum by @doctorlacquer part of the September Magic 8 Box 'Greetings From Around the World'! Now available for purchase http://bit.ly/septm8b - limited to 50 boxes so don't miss out!

Also featured in this box are @phillyloveslacquer , @smokeymtnlacquers, @myindiepolish, @justricarda, and amazing guests @scofflawvarnish, @dripdropnailpaint, and @
#magic8box #presssample

This is our contribution to September's Greetings From Around the World #Magic8Box! *
@phillyloveslacquer:Hey folks! This evening I'm going to be sharing collages of all the maker contributions to the September 2016 Greetings From Around the World Magic 8 Box! Starting with our guests, next up we have @doctorlacquer's polish, "Salaam Alaikum", which is Arabic for "peace to you". If you're a collector of gorgeous purple polish, you will definitely want to get your hands on this box! We don't have many left, so if you haven't gotten one yet, click on over to http://bit.ly/2aOTusC to get yours before they're gone! $59 plus shipping, international orders welcome! #doctorlacquer #magic8box #magic8 #m8b #indiepolish #indiepolishbox #indiesubbox #indiepolish411 #indienailpolish Thanks to @honeybee_nails, @nakedwithoutpolish, @roselynn787, @gotnail, @cosmeticsanctuary, and @minipolishh for the amazing swatches!!

Have you grabbed your #magic8box yet? This is the September box called "Greetings From Around the World" 🌎🌍🌏 Available at phillyloveslacquer.com πŸ˜›

Gorgeous macros of the polishes in the #Magic8Box for September by @gotnail! πŸ’œπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’› JayLynn said, and we quote, "I think this may be mu favorite box to date!!! Have you grabbed yours yet???"
So have you? 😍 The box is available at phillyloveslacquer.com πŸ’•

The #Magic8Box is releasing tomorrow! πŸ’œ Our contribution is #SalaamAlaikum, a gorgeous purple with red-orange shiftiness! Follow the Magic 8 Box group on Facebook to see more swatches and previews of the other gorgeousness!

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