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Kameron Stephens  Level 23, Georgia Film student/cosplayer/musician/gamer Professional Dork Let's be friends! Next Con: AWA or DragonCon? (Saturday only)

So folks. I’m trying a thing. I have a Twitch account (link in the bio) however school is starting soon so streaming will be here or there.
Also my cosplay season might be ending sooner, since one again school and an opportunity to play music for theater later this year. So if your going to either DragonCon and/or Anime Weekend Atlanta, please have fun.

Welp, I came bit of a long way with some of my cosplays. So who else is going back to school? #cosplay #pokemon #staticshockcosplay

Congratulations @oldfashionednerd. Let’s go for it! #ofn8kgiveaway

Guess who hit a thousand!? I know it’s from cosplayers, friends, and family members, but still thank you everybody.
School is coming up soon and I might make another cosplay soon. Now I need to think where to celebrate after graduating next spring.
(Sorry I forgot who took the picture for me)
#cosplay #dccomics #dccosplay #staticshock #momocon2018

Hello everyone. Please excuse my inactivity in cosplay. It’s been a long summer. They’re were some great times and hard times. But that’s life right?

@momocon and @terminusevent gave me some great moments during this summer and I met great people.

I may not be at every cons at the time and there’s some very rough times but (please excuse me to put in religion) I trust God that I would find happiness, purposes, and getting me through rough times.
One more thing, if you’re reading this, you’re a great person, I mean that.

I know we’re way past this but can I go back already!? They have droids here!!! #momocon2018 #starwars #r2d2

Anyone else saw the Young Justice trailer!? This show can’t get here sooner.
📸: @priestresurrect
#staticshockcosplay #cosplay #youngjustice #youngjusticecosplay #momocon2018

Hey I’m still around. Sorry I couldn’t make it to Atlanta Comic Con. My con season is changing here and there lately and I’m honestly ready for my college semester to start soon. I honestly don’t know what con I’m going next but I’m trying. Hopefully after graduating next spring I should have a better change going to others including out of state. 📸 by @djtorres30
#cosplay #dccosplay #dccosplay #staticshockcosplay #staticshock #momocon

Happy 4th everyone! Here’s me a while back in May with Capt’. #cosplay #staticshockcosplay #captainamerica #independenceday #4thofjuly

Wish I had my own drum set again.
And yes this is the Shaft theme song (I will be nowhere be as cool as the actual song)

Hey everyone. Show of hands, who puts too much pressure yourself! *raises hand

For those who don’t know, I tend to overthink... a lot.

If you are too, you’re not alone. Trust me it sucks we’ll get through. Redemption and progress will come to you. (I pick this song. I thought it’s appropriate) #stevenuniverse #natewantstobattle

Gonna do some decisions on cons and cosplays plans later this year. ...also I’m having thoughts about cosplaying a Marvel character in the future (don’t know who yet)
#dccosplay #cosplay #staticshockcosplay #staticshock #youngjustice

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