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Art Requests Open; Рак Мемов  1st- 1847 followers. 2nd- 1276 followers. Curing pedos by beating them


Isn't this alphabetical order?

Normie content

This is my essay if anyone does not have Facebook

This is where I shall write my essays, and I finished one, so go read it, because it's actually very well-produced

An absolutely outstanding performance that I recommend you goyims to look at. Her singing is fantastic and almost brought a tear to my eye

Chile is just chile

The Jews weren't black, the Egyptians weren't black, and the Mediterranean people weren't black. And I know there are some people who are around 2% black and 98% white, but that doesn't mean they're black, and vice versa. But whatever, just enjoy the meme, I guess

I actually think Northern Ireland should go back to Ireland. It is their land, after all

Very nice meme

Gotta go fast!!!

Do the two look alike?


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