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Look how cute my egg-in-frame valentine from Kate is!! (Slightly smudged because Beau immediately drooled on it...) #galpals #handmadevalentines #puntastic

Selfie room at the Color Factory! #selfie #tomstayte

Reminder for #nationalcomingoutday, I'm still gay af

This smol bean is turning 17 today! The happiest of birthdays to my clever, funny, stubborn, SPARKLY niece. I love you, Munchkin!

The most fun piece of art to look at with a color blind friend. We both see something completely different, but equally appealing.

Cinnamon roll cake for Shan's birthday!

Good things that happened to me in 2016:
* Got my PhD * Moved back to California * Got to show my girl my natural habitat out here on the West Coast * Got a job I love with an amazing team (of pirates) * Went to Hawaii with my family * Adopted my amazing doofy pup
Bonus: remembered I have an Instagram and posted occasionally....

Going to match all my outfits with @beausregards from now on. #ilovemydog

Spiced pear and pomegranate pavlova with cinnamon sugar whipped cream for @laurenlibero 's birthday

All dapper in his Beau-tie! #dapperdog (P.S. Beau has his own Instagram now, @beausregards)

He's finally here!! Meet Beauregard, superderp extraoirdinare. #doggo #doof #heneedhisownhashtag

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