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Dr. Todd Hanna, MD, DDS, FACS  Board Certified & Double Fellowship Trained •Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon •Head & Neck Oncologic Surgeon •Esthetic & Microvascular Reconstruction

Respect goes out to @austinchiangmd for initiating the #verifyhealthcare movement. There is a lot of drivel out there on the gram.. but there is also a lot of good and legitimate healthcare information that is allowing for greater communication between patients, providers, and rising students. (Photo per @jamesfarrellphoto)

The following required 15 yrs of training and schooling after college: •BA - New York University •DDS - New York University •MD - University of Alabama at Birmingham •General Surgery Internship - University of Alabama at Birmingham •OMFS Residency - University of Alabama at Birmingham •Fellowship #1 - Microvascular Reconstruction & Maxillofacial Oncology (OMFS dept) - University of Maryland Medical Center & Shock Trauma •Fellowship #2 - Head & Neck Oncology and Reconstruction (ENT dept) - Lenox Hill Hospital, NY Head & Neck Institute, Northwell Health •Clinical Research - NYU School of Medicine, dept of pathology •Board certification #1 - American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons •Board certification #2 (in progress*) - Head and Neck Surgical Oncology & Reconstruction, CAQ •Memberships & Affiliations - American College of Surgeons, American Head & Neck Society, American Board of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, American Dental Association, American Medical Association •Publications in peer reviewed journals on facial reconstruction, facial esthetic surgery, oral surgery, oral cancer, head and neck cancer, microvascular reconstruction

❗️Surgical images❗️Arm to face transplant.. here we used a forearm flap based on the radial artery and veins, and cephalic vein to reconstruct a cheek defect after removal of a cancer. The video shows the left neck with the internal and external jugular veins and the facial artery, off of the external carotid artery, anastomosed (connected) to the transplanted vessels from the forearm which are tunneled from the cheek into the neck. The skin from the forearm will reline the cheek defect and blood flow through the vessels will keep the whole thing alive restoring proper form and function. The forearm donor site will be repaired with a skin graft and function of the hand and arm is normal. Happy Monday.. 🐎

17 years.. Always remember ❤️ #september11 #wtc #9/11 #neverforget

The Tree Man.. this 139 year old Moreton Bay fig tree is over 80 ft tall and equally wide. It is the second largest of its kind in the US. American heroes such as JFK and Howard Hughes have sat in it’s shade. God bless and happy Monday.

Rock top 🐐

Be water my friends 💧🙏 #bewatermyfriend #bruceleequotes

Surgery is science plus art.. This is a esthetic facial reconstruction case of a cancer-related defect of the nose cheek and lower eyelid. We refer to this a a full-thickness composite defect in that it included skin muscle and bone, which requires a more complex reconstruction compared to just skin. We performed a paramedian forehead flap (an ancient technique dating back to 300 BC) and cheek advancement, and reconstructed her lacrimal apparatus and medial canthus.. restoring proper form and function 🙏❤️💪 #formandfunction #estheticfacialreconstruction ❗️Graphic images for educational purposes. Viewer discretion❗️

Always coffee.. happy Monday, All

Corrective Jaw Surgery procedures are amongst those with the greatest patient satisfaction. By moving the upper and lower jaws, and chin, into a proper position we can markedly improve several areas... esthetics of nose lips chin cheeks and jawline, healthier occlusion (the way teeth come together), less obstructed breathing and snoring, and improved neck and shoulder posture. Basically look better, feel better, be better. #mobetta

The mountain life is a good life

See one do one teach one.. Thank you to @dr.davidforlano for having me over to lecture to the future generation

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