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Dr. Todd Hanna, MD, DDS, FACS  Board Certified & Double Fellowship Trained •Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon •Head & Neck Oncologic Surgeon •Esthetic & Microvascular Reconstruction

Happy Father’s Day to my absolute boss of a father. He taught me, by example, everything I know about hard work, consistency, compassion, honesty, and respect. He just always does the right thing. What a father friend and mentor.. what a man!! ❤️ 🙌 #doctor.hanna1.0 #blessed

Skills acquisition ❤️ #pizzaiolina #neice

Rebuilding the middle face after tumor removal. We plan these surgeries through a computer-based virtual planning session. This results in a customized procedure with excellent precision and facial esthetics. #precision #tumorsurgery #facialreconstruction

Adjusting the specs @jamesfarrellphoto

The art and science of contemporary face and jaw reconstruction #stateoftheart

Revisited.. my treatment philosophy on lip augmentation is this: Respect natural proportions, mimic natural anatomy, be conservative, and move gradually. After her initial treatment she still wanted a more voluminous look. We gave a small touch up mostly to the upper lip giving her more volume but still looking soft and natural. Both of our esthetic senses agreed 🙂. Top: pre treatment, middle: after one round of treatment, and bottom: after second round of treatment. #lips

Love what you do and do what you love 🙏❤️ #fibula #cancerreconstruction #facialreconstruction

The Protégé #treepiecesuits 🌳 💙

Perfecting the natural-looking lip aug.. I love this case because it emphasizes the importance of proportion and tooth-show in achieving natural results with lip filler. Pearls: Maintain an upper to lower lip ration of no more than 40:60 (1/3 to 2/3 is appropriate in some patients). Respect lip anatomy.. enhance, don’t recreate. Understand lip embryology. Be cognizant of incisor display as this can decrease if the upper lip is overfilled and can make the patient look older. Enjoy this beautiful Thursday 🙏

Technology impacts our lives in every way. This is a nasal reconstruction of a cancer-related defect with a paramedian forehead flap immediately prior to stage 2, dividing the pedicle. We have to confirm that the flap will maintain perfusion from the collateral donor site vessels once the pedicle is divided. I usually do this with a rubber band occlusion test and visual inspection. This new SPY-PHI hand held device by Stryker allows us to detect a dye called indocyanine green (ICG), which is injected into the blood stream, as it flows through the flap.. Changing the whole game.

Face lift x Jaw surgery. The best results come from having a patient-specific mindset, not hammers and nails.. Here we treated he skeletal deficiency by advancing the lower jaw and the chin, correcting an class II malocclusion and increasing projection of the lower facial third. We also treated the soft tissue laxity in the neck, jowling, and platysma banding with a comprehensive face and neck lift incl submentoplasty. We managed to overcome the low-anteriorly positioned hyoid and achieve a beautiful chin-neck angle and jaw line. 3 months out here and glowing 💫 #facelift #jawsurgery #chinaugmentation #jawline #dedoneckclassification

White coat syndrome is real @jamesfarrellphoto

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