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David Remedios  Time waits for no one.

While I've been to Japan many times in the past, I've never had the fortunate opportunity to see the country during its most ephemeral season. I've been told that "you truly have not visited Japan until you've seen it during cherry blossom season," and after this trip, I can see why. It was like the country took on a completely new shade of color that I had never seen before. Paired with this and Mt. Fuji, this trip was full of many firsts, and in many ways, felt like my first visit to the country. If you ever find yourself with the opportunity to travel to Japan during their sacred Sakura season, take my advice: do it. #vscocam #sakura #japan

There are few places around the world that truly fill me with awe and wonder. The kind of place that you see in a postcard and say to yourself, "Here. I have to go here before I die." For me, that place has always been to see Mount Fuji and on this last trip, that lifetime dream was fulfilled. #vscocam #vsco #fuji #japan #fujisan

#vscocam #vsco

Got back from Japan yesterday working my flight attendant job in the cabin, at the controls today. Also I love it that my lessons take place mostly during the golden hour. #vsco #vscocam #studentpilot

Practicing sharp turns, stalls, touch and gos, and slow flight at sunset over Dana Point. If you look closely, you can see Catalina on the horizon. #studentpilot #vscocam #vsco @ieatsleepfly

Another picture from my first flight last Thursday. I've flown thousands of times in the cabin, but seeing the world through the eyes of a pilot genuinely took my breath away. Newport harbor has never looked so beautiful. #vscocam #vsco #studentpilot

I started a new chapter today. I've completed my first hour of flight training and have begun taking the steps towards becoming a full fledged pilot. Special thanks to @artkoral for the fantastic instructions and @ieatsleepfly for providing the means towards achieving my dream. 1 flight hour done, 1499 to go! #vsco #vscocam

Went skiing today with @jakethe_kid. On the drive back we made a short stop along one of the side bends overlooking the majestic view of Big Bear and lit up a cigar. Found this abandoned building nearby and I was definitely afraid of encountering a hibernating bear or some form of dangerous wildlife during my scouting haha! #vsco #vscocam

I'm back, Japan. #vsco #vscocam

I love this country #aussie #vsco #vscocam

A castle on the edge of the world. I could wake up to a view like that. #vsco #vscocam

Drinking coffee and finding some motes of inspiration in my favorite country down under! #vscocam #vsco

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