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Because why not...
Less obsession with other’s opinions or judgements.
More FREEDOM into living and being ME 🙌💕

So often, we’re complaining of “tight hip flexors” or blaming our restrictions solely on the areas that FEEL tight.
However, just because something feels tight does NOT actually mean that is the issue!
So, while we waste away our time smashing into our gut and stretching away an issue that will come back the moment we move again, we might need to consider a different path...
This past weekend, I was at a wonderful course put on by @pelvicguru1 taught by @sclintonpt on connecting the pelvic floor with the upper cervical spine, thoracic spine, and diaphragm.
One thing that was brought up often throughout the course was our need for ROTATION.
We rotate even when we WALK🚶‍♀️
So, why do we typically only train in one motion?
Front/Back (squats, lunges, deadlifts, push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, etc)
It is NECESSARY for our body to be able to rotate.
So, when you’re feeling stiffness in the neck, back and hips.
Rather than just stretching in the opposite direction, what if we started moving in multiple directions more often throughout the day?
When we stop moving in various ways throughout our body, not only do our muscles get tight, but our NERVES also get stiff!
And the wonderful thing about releasing restricted nerves?
It doesn’t take HOURS of holding stretches!
It just requires CONTINUAL maintenance to make sure things are all moving properly.
⚡️Ilioingunial Nerve
⚡️Iliohypogastric Nerve
⚡️Genitofemoral Nerve
These 3 nerves require trunk rotation, trunk side bending and hip extension.
As we move from Level 1 - Level 3, we increase the tension at the top of the spine by first bending the arms around the head & then bending the neck and upper back.
Ek! It gets tight!!
Nerve glides are meant to be GENTLE & for the most part - COMFORTABLE.
Move through slow and carefully & try only about 5-10 reps to begin.
Assess how you feel.
The more often you do it, the better they’ll start to feel.
You may even notice you don’t have that “tight hip flexor” you’ve been complaining about 😉
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When we have total control as we move all the way through our joint ranges, we begin to not only increase the range (mobility), but we increase the stability at the same time! ⁣
@drandreospina really hones in on this concept with #FRC and #Kinstretch 👌⁣

I love creating my own little mobility flows that I can do before or after a workout or even for a rest day.⁣

Today is.... ✨SHOULDERS!✨⁣
Make sure you're moving through YOUR range, not mine or what you think your range "should" be. Keep in mind, this video is sped up 1.5x, so move slow and be mindful. If you need to place your knees down, do it. But I truly challenge you to reach, stretch and HOLD at those end ranges (especially that hand behind your back - don't crawl it up there!).⁣
Most importantly, when you're moving through mobility, don't forget to #BREATHE !⁣
So important. ⁣
Many people think they're going to roll their fascial restrictions away or stretch one day a week for 5 minutes and everything will open up 🤦‍♀️⁣
Like anything in life, it takes time and consistency to open up, reduce restrictions throughout the body, and move into a healthier you.⁣
Movement is the 🔑!! I promise you. ⁣
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You know what’s healing?
Today is the last day of the #StrongMobileFREE Challenge and it has been an absolute gift watching everyone move into their bodies and truly dive into the mindset tools to open to thinking about their bodies and life from a more compassionate, appreciative, and loving space 🙌🙏
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DAY 2 of the #StrongMobileFREE Challenge has been so epic to witness 😭😍
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The round upper back look (aka - increased thoracic kyphosis) typically happens from lazy sitting 😯
When we allow the tailbone to tuck under us, the back ends up rounding and the shoulders shift forward.
This forward shift of the shoulders is essential when addressing the upper back. We can't expect to open that upper back without addressing the tightness from the front of the chest as well.
Here, I'm using a short foam roll to align along my spine that I can use while sitting at my chair. When opening over the top, be sure to try to extend only from the upper back and not just hinge at the low spine.
When mobilizing the upper back, we cannot forget about rotation. I typically show this with an "open book" lying on your side on the ground, but since we're discussing desk series, I decided to give it a shot in the chair! Though the entire spine will probably be contributing in this exercise, use the upper arm to open as much as you can to rotate through the upper back.
Here is the front of the chest stretch I was talking about! Again, typically I show this lying over a long foam roller. And though it's one of my favorites, feel free to just stand and grab the edge of a wall or a corner to get both arms at the same time!
Hold for about 30 seconds to a minute and do them daily!
Be sure to be getting out of that desk at least every 1-2 hours and take a mini stretch break to open that body up before returning to the work load.
Treat yo-self! ✌️

The responses from DAY 1 #strongmobileFREE Challenge have been AMAZING 😭😍
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After holiday break, most are going back to desk jobs 😩 With the focus and intensity I'm sure most of you are putting into your work 😉 that nose starts to drift forward, the shoulders round, the upper back stiffens, the tailbone slips underneath you and suddenly you're wondering why you appear to be shrinking 😳🚶‍♀️
This week, I'll suggest some of my favorite home remedies to prevent future pain.
🔹Forward Head Posture: this happens when the natural lordotic curve in the neck starts to straighten out over time. The deep neck flexors (front) become lengthened. The short neck extensors (back) become shortened.
🔹Suboccipitals: a set of 4 muscles reside directly under your head. When the neck is forward, these get extremely tight!
🎥 My favorite way to release them is with 2 tennis balls taped together. But I show it with one lacrosse ball. Followed by my favorite stretch. Think about rotating the head over an axis as you push the chin down & back and back of head up & forward.
🔹Deep Neck Flexors: there are 4 muscles in the front of the neck that help keep the head in alignment. They go to sleep 😴 when the head falls forward.
🎥: I love activating them with chin tucks lying on the back first. BUT you can do them sitting anytime, anywhere. To advance them, try lifting the head up less than an inch. How long can you hold that while maintaining a double chin? It should be TOUGH when done correctly 😰
🔹Levator Scapulae: this muscle attaches from the high neck into the tip of the shoulder blade. This muscle typically feels the pain because it's constantly working eccentrically to keep that head up at the desk!
🎥: Hold this stretch for 30 seconds to a minute when feeling that pain creep up.
🔹Sternocleidomastoid (SCM): this muscle comes from the back of the ear to the from of the collar bone/sternum. With a forward head, it gets real nice and tight 👌
🎥: Hold the collar bone/sternum area, tilt the head away as the chin lifts toward the sky.
If you're looking down at your phone, DO THESE NOW! 😜
More to come tomorrow!

Feeling stiff after the holidays? 😂
Beginning TOMORROW we will be doing:
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Start the New Year STRONG, MOBILE and FREE!!!! 🙌
PS. How great is this video @medicinamanualegori had posted of Charlie Chaplin 😂👌

I know you’re hurting.
I know people have disappointed you.
I know things may not have ever been what you believed.

You’re allowed to feel it all.
The good, the bad, the ugly, the sad.
And don’t you dare let anyone take that away from you.
FEEL so that you can move through.
FEEL so that you can stand taller.
FEEL so you can heal.

Feeling does not make you a victim, it makes you human.
And the most beautiful thing about humans is our abilities to learn, to grow, and to LOVE.

So, continue loving.
Continue giving.
Continue caring.
The most beautiful thing about you is your ability to see the genuine love, authenticity, and integrity in another human because of the direct reflection within YOU.

Hold onto that.
It’s truly the most beautiful thing about you.

And remember...
Another’s actions and behaviors is not a reflection of you.
It’s a reflection of THEM.

No one else can clip your wings.
Continue to SOAR.
- Love, ME 💕
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with my mini (niece) 🤗
You up for the challenge before we ring in the New Year?!
Tag me and #docjenchallenge 🔥

Anyone else struggling to get movement in during the holiday break?!
Don’t worry, you don’t have to leave the house ✋
Grab some slippery socks or rags and get to work 💪
✨WRIST MOBILITY: a must for planks. Struggling with it? Grab some weights to hold onto or fold the mat so your palms can rest on the mat while your fingers rest over the mat. Think always pushing into your fingers and using the core to lift you from the ground!
✨HIP MOBILITY: this will be needed for almost every movement. Limited? Compensations will happen and you might start feeling your low back rather than your abs. Limit the range of motion and move within YOUR body’s capacity (not mine!)
✨AVOID LOW BACK PAIN: especially with hip bridges! Notice I do NOT extend very high and I even grab my opposite knee to decrease any low back compensations. True hip extension is much lower than you think. Keep the core tight and only lift to your body’s capacity.
REMEMBER: the #StrongMobileFREE Challenge begins January 2nd and will include functional HOME HIIT workouts, mobility flows and mindset reset tools!!
Don’t miss out on this FREE opportunity to learn from me and start your new year our powerfully!!!
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