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Alex Matus  Rambling tatter . 🌵 🌵🚐travels: @idratherbenowhere 🍒

MIDNIGHT. Wonder what would happen if Venom and Motörhead fucked for a week and had a bastard son? MIDNIGHT. GO LISTEN TO THEM.

His and hers. Thank you Jana! Always a pleasure hangin and chatting about your epic hikes. :) @torchtattoo

Super fun rock reaper for Ryan @torchtattoo Sweet, now time to warm up my neck for Midnight/Kreator/Obituary

Wrote this awhile ago and is up with a profile on the @RVCA website. Thank you for always feeding me, letting me sleep in the parking lot and taking care of me guys. ❤ ohana ❤

Filling the void with a space reaper. Thank you Jay! @torchtattoo

I'm still getting the note of " I just found out you're a girl!" I'm just as surprised as y'all are, so here's proof. #smellynerdswhotattoo #itaintpretty

Boning up on copyright law and thinking of starting my own brand. Whatcha think?

#Saxon . Pretty damned stoked. LA. Like always I roll to shows solo like a dork and always meet the best folks. Tonight was no exception in that it was truly exceptional. 🙏

Here's the original for @babesrideout . Cheers.

Check out this sweet rip off from @pacsun. I have had so many people rip off my work and I'm so tired of it. I'm literally eating cans of beans and struggling to make van payments while other people profit from my work. Please stop.

Precarious balance.

Thank you so much Tonino!!! @cathedraltattoo

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