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J H 

Bandit says Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Abby says Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Let’s go Clark, you got this...

I picked Abby up Dec 8, 2017. The year went by so fast.

It is that kind of night, cold and rainy. Perfect night for a fire.

Just finished reading the book. Holy cow! To paraphrase: a long term study to determine who lives the longest and who is the healthiest. Villages in China who have never touched meat and only live a plant-based eating lifestyle outlive the entire meat-eating world.

This girl lives life in constant play. 1yr old now.

Happy Thanksgiving cigar! Have a great day.

I have had this guy for 5 years now, which puts his age at 10. He is completely deaf so it took awhile to learn to communicate. He learned hand gestures very quickly. He is clearly the boss.

We will never forget!

A sea of yellow!

A beautiful view.

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