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Niki who loves Jonghyun  소녀시대🎀 ♡SoShi goods collector from Hungary♡ 샤이니💎블락비🐝 ♡Also collecting SHINee and Block B♡ 160602🗼170303🎰 Liked my comment: Seo 180322💞 Yul 180325💖

Holiday to remember 10th anniversary fan - Sunny♡
Final post of my Sunny row😊
I think this beautiful fan deserves an own post😄⚘ and as I said I'm planning to post more nature themed posts🤗💕 the tulips were so pretty this spring🌷
Sunny's pink hair was perfect😍💗 Still salty that we didn't get a proper promotion and shows, concert etc😣
Anyway, it seems like my Holiday night pc set will be soon complete and a super special something is also on the way😉 (related to the anniversary) I really hope it will arrive safely🙇‍♀️
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Special post for Sunny's birthday♥️
Happy birthday dear Sunny Unnie🎉🎈 Thank you for making Sone happy, and working hard even when you're tired💕 you've been thru a lot for us😢💘
I really admire you for actively appearing on variety and other shows, it's really good to see you often😍 you're such a funny, witty and wise woman💞 also I feel you close to me, maybe because you're also a cat person?😺
I think my Sunny pc collection is doing quite good, there are so many beautiful looks and styles😍💝 I love you so so much💖 I hope you had a great day, Sogeum's mom😊🐈🎊 #sunnylightsupoursky
#snsd #sunny #leesoonkyu #girlsgeneration #snsdcollection #snsdgoods #soshi #gg #snsdphotocard #써니 #이순규

2011 Girls' Generation Tour Artist Set - Sunny♡
Sorry if I bother anyone with posting more these days but I have to proceed with my Sunny bday row😆
She looks beautiful, and I'm so happy to finally own some merch from her❣Since Sunny bunny doesn't have much photoshoots etc, I was almost in trouble, I didn't know what to post😅 that's how I found this set😆
Happy birthday you amazing, fine woman😘🎉💕
#snsd #sunny #leesoonkyu #girlsgeneration #snsdcollection #snsdgoods #soshi #gg

2011 Girls' Generation Tour Artist Set - Jessica♡
Phew, it took me a while to get some goods from this tour😅 I was so lucky because I found this set (and Sunny's😏) for cheap on carousell!
Absolutely stunning I have to say😍 the set contains a file, a mini note and 2 badges❣
#snsd #jessica #girlsgeneration #snsdcollection #snsdgoods #soshi #gg

The 5th album - You Think♡
This took me a while but the set is finally complete!😅
Thank you all who helped me
@thesimplymusic for Fany💗, @swagsugaturtle for Yul💕, @susoo7 for Taeng 💟 sorry if I forgot someone🙏🏻 SooSeo is from ebay, HyoSun from a facebook seller? Yoona was my pull😄
I took this photo outside btw☀️
And I just noticed that there is no other group photo except for the cover😕 I wish there was at least a group card🙇‍♀️ Previous caption (edited):
I'm so deeply disappointed in SM that these photocards are not from You think MV filming or photoshoot... I can't even... I don't know why it bothers me so much, probably I wanted more of this luxurious & galactic & bad girl concept😥 but someone told me the girls choose themselves the card images🤔 the MV is just perfection, especially SooHyo's rap parts😍🔥🖤 I wish it was promoted more ;; I feel like this concept was wasted a bit😓
Nevertheless I'm thankful for the galaxy theme🌌😊
#snsd #soshi #girlsgeneration #소녀시대 #소시 #소원 #gg #snsdalbum #snsdcollection #snsdphotocard #kpopcollection #kpopalbum #youthink #snsd小卡

Taeyeon Special Live - The Magic of Christmas Time DVD♡
Hot summer is here but let's go back to Christmas🎄 this package is so pretty😍 the texture of the box is so soft and the rainbow cover is wonderful🌈 I couldn't afford the photocard, but I'm glad that there is an extra - the frame film💗 and wow English subtitles! This should be the standard, SM😒
Anyway, watching the concert was wonderful💓✨ I fell in love with Kim Taeyeon again haha
She is the prettiest, cutest, sexiest, most adorable person for me😭♥️ and the fact that she pulled thru after what happened... that she brought that tree to the stage... that she thanked him at the final stage... and told Sones she won't go anywhere far (needless to say that I cried my heart out)
And the guest Seohyun!!! I bawled when she appeared😭😭😭 the Soshi bond is magical💖
I could go on about the stages, songs, outfits etc but let me just say that 김태연 사랑해💘
#taeyeon #kimtaeyeon #magicofchristmastime #taeyeoncollection #taeyeonconcert #snsd #taengoo #taeyeongoods #taeyeonspeciallive #girlsgeneration #snsdcollection #태연 #소녀시대 #태연아_노래해줘서_고마워

Jessica 3rd Mini album - My Decade♡
Thank you one more time @loonathyk for selling me the last card I needed😊 I bought the make-up version from jace~💄
Sorry this picture isn't the best but I took these a long time ago and realised now that none of them is good😅 anyway I had to share the rose colour extension one too because wahh😍💞🌹
Previous caption (edited):
Queen of aesthetics👑💕 I really like this puffy cover😅 and the plate😍💐
The photobook is heaven😇 and I'm so happy that there are pictures from the whole decade❣
As for Summer Storm I love the MV more than the song but it's still a good title track😊 all the b-sides are wonderful, esp Beautiful mind and Love U💛 and Saturday night is such a bop🌌 I'm really glad Jess keeps releasing albums🌟 can't wait for her 1st full lenght album💿 (or 4th mini who knows)
#jessica #jessicajung #mydecade #goldenstar #maomao #제시카 #jessicacollection #jessica小卡 #제시카정

Jessica 2nd Mini album - Wonderland♡
Yay for blonde Sica💛 thank you again @loonathyk 🤗 Wonderland is such a bop, probably my favourite Jessica title song, plus I like the remixes too🎶 I listened to them a lot recently🎧
Previous caption (edited):
Jess+nature=perfection😍❄🌱 seriously, this album is extremely pretty😻 I loved that fairy tale, I even got teary eyed at the end 😢 and the pictures... divine level tbh💕 I really love that Wonderland is continuing the story of Fly👸🏜🛫🗻💖
From the b-sides my favourite is undoubtedly Beautiful, because it is about self-confidence and accepting ourselves~ and that's something I'm lacking 😔 I kind of presumed that the song is about inner beauty, but when I listened to it with translations, I bawled literally 😭😭😭 but I like all songs and the dreamy feelings they convey💜🌟
#jessicajung #jessica #wonderland #flytowonderland #goldenstar #제시카 #maomao #kpopalbum #jessicacollection #제시카정 #kpopcollection

Jessica 1st Mini album - With Love, J♡
I decided to collect 3 cards per release because these cards are quite rare and expensive😅 thank you so much @loonathyk for selling me your cards😊
Especially my favourite card, the penguin one🐧
Previous caption (edited):
The album is so pretty and huge, I love the whole photoshoot, the various locations😻⛱🍃 also the handwritten lyrics and the colours💕 it's a visual feast to look at this album😍✨
I'm glad the Fly is a meaningful song, not just an ordinary love song or sth. All songs are awesome, especially Golden sky🌟🌠 I cried when I heard it for the 1st time😭 and we're spoiled because there are 2 MVs😍😄
Also it's really generous from Coridel+Sica to release English versions of the songs (even if just digitally)☺🎶
#jessica #jessicajung #withlovej #maomao #goldenstar #kpopalbum #kpopcollection #fly #jessicacollection #jungsooyeon #제시카정 #제시카

Marie Claire 2015 June Issue - Jessica♡
Sica's first pictorial after 9/30 if my memory is correct
No hard feelings, I just hope you noticed that I tried to do a themed row with posting her last pictorial as a Soshi member and first as non-Soshi member (on paper ofc not in our hearts)
Okay! So it's a high-end, classic style, which suits her so much🖤 I re-read some snippets of the interview, she talks about a lot of things, like designing, B&E, Krystal💓 interestingly she said becoming 30 years old is making her anxious yet here we are now, a few days after her bday and it couldn't be better☺ she's flying all over the world, doing a ton of things and prettier than ever😊💖 I'm trying my best to let go of 9/30 and day by day it hurts less🙂🌟
#jessica #jessicajung #jungsooyeon #goldenstar #maomao #jessicacollection #제시카정 #제시카

Special post for Jessica's birthday♥️
Happy birthday dear Jessica🎉🎈🎁 Even though my collection is smol, I have to share it because we just can't ignore those years she spent as a Soshi member😇
I'm endlessly thankful to know such a talented, beautiful woman, who's inspiring in 100 and 1 ways💗 thank you for being always positive✨ your love for your fans is infinite🌌 I hope I can hear your wonderful voice for a long long time🎤💞 I hope you had a wonderful day, and ate a lot of delicious food😋🎂
#happyjessicaday #jessicajung #jungsooyeon #jessica #goldenstar #sone #yesboth #418 #제시카정 #제시카

Ceci 2014 October Issue - Jessica♡
Starting the birthday posts with a magazine😄 this was shot in Prague, also this is the last pictorial Sica did as a GG member (just for the record)
Always very exciting when Korean stars come to Europe, even if they're hundreds of kilometres away😅 I really like this photoshoot even though some outfits are a bit weird for me🤣💟 the picture I choose as the first is one of my favourite shots from our beautiful Sica😍😍😍 #happyjessicaday #jessicajung #jessicacollection #jessica #maomao #goldenstar #jungsooyeon

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