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Denise Johnson 

Paisita and I discovered #raydonovan

New room, new roommate. 😻#nomadlife

I drank a paw before I noticed this amazing #latteart #juanvaldez

Another workday, another cafe. #workfromwherever

Booking a flight to Cartagena and eating the cutest stack of pancakes ever. 🍳☕😍🇨🇴✈

Well, that was fun. #fdm17 #medellinstyle

I definitely spent the first few days wondering where the toilet paper is supposed to go. This sign explains it all.

Very creative spelling! Didn't even see the nice message until I was about to throw it away. Yes, I went to Starbucks in Colombia. Yes, I know its not good but they have soy milk and it was convenient and just leave me alone, I swear its not a habit.

I didn't mean to spend the day working at a mall but the view sucked me in.

When you've had a couple beers and end up playing with a plastic bag and giggling that it's just like American beauty and then try to explain that to your uber driver in broken Spanish.... #fridayvibes

No smokers, vegans, or vegetarians #notinportlandanymore

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