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Dn2earth  The spirit tells the Warrior "You can't fight the storm! The Warrior tells the spirit "I am the Storm"

New little ring I made for a family member I haven't seen for many years👍 Have a great weekend 👌😉#havingfun😄#makingjewelry

Beautiful Blue Opal set in silver with birds made from copper😊 Hard to find time for creating jewelry when the weather is so perfect 👍Winter evenings at the bench are not far off now😉👌

This morning sunrise😊Can you feel a bit of fall in the air👍 Come on ,how about some rain soon👌😉

One of those beautiful sunsets last night👍♥️ #havingfun😄 #onthelake

I'm in Nevada rockhounding and this is what I'm after👍Blue Opal 👌

Loving our new disc cutter and new designs that pop up playing with metal 👍 #havingfun😄 #makingjewelry

Just a fun thing I made when a friends daughter put the moon and the leaf on a disc and said that's my design can you make it for me👌Now her twin brother wants one👍#havingfun😄 #makingjewelry

Playing with our disk cutter😊 This is brass with silver leaf👌#goodtherapy #makingjewelry #havingfun😄

Some common Opal with some butterscotch I cut and polished set in silver👌DM me if interested 😉Have a great day👍#havingfun😄 #makingjewelry #goodtherapy

Can you see how excited my fishing partner gets when I catch a big bass😉 this was a beautiful evening on the lake in my kayak😊🎣 #havingfun😄 #catchingfish#

This is what we love to do👌😉 The river for a hike 👍

At the river today👍 Hope everyone had a great weekend👌😊#havingfun😄 #attheriver

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