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#band #weddingku #instalike. Thanks to @berryprojectband celebrate at Wedding Natanail & Angelina 22.07.2017

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OMG! Finally i post something about our wedding today 😅 sorry before, we don't have any proper picture because we really don't have it 😅 but i really want to thank you guys as soon as possible because i'm really surprised, happy, proud, touched, and satisfied with all that you've done for our wedding through those procesees. Thank you for your hard work that makes our wedding so unbelievable beyond my expectation. It was amazing!!!
There's no words can express how thankful i am. Thank you for all the wishes, the surprises that was really surprised me! Thank you for the vendors, the guests, our families, our friends. Thank you for everything 😘 and last but not least, thank you Lord for make it happen. Praise the Lord 😇
Special thanks for our vendors:


#weddingku #eoplaning #eoorganizer #dancing So damn cool. The Bride & The Groom dancing in wedding . Congratz Natanail & Angelina 22.07.2017 @natanail.pranata @angelinvn

#weddingku #myweddingdress #eventplanner #beautiful #instalike. Congratulation Natanail & Angel 22.07.2017

Venue : @BimaGitaTamtama
Bridal : @ovanputri PutriBridal
Video : @marcvideo_production
Photo : Photography
Wedding Organizer : @dmxrevolution

#weddingku #bestwedding #beautifulinwhite #dennywanarun The Wedding of Denny ❤Wanarun 10.06.2017

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