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My little Red has grown up. We didn’t send out graduation announcements (class of 2018 HHS #gorams), but this first picture says it all. She learned this poem when she was five years old and lives it daily. There is no stopping her. She packed up to head off to USU in August. She is definitely a minimalist now. One trip from car to dorm. Red’s dorm room is her birth date; super cool! It was so awesome to help setup her room. I love that Sutton (her first teddy bear) went with her. Her roommate is adorable! And Claire (8 months older than Red, 18 years of friendship) is in the building across from her dorm window. After we setup we returned home to last minute weekend events; she left for college the next day...Not so fast (we Stoddards believe in doing things twice)...she had a fender bender on her way out of town...returned home to give it a second go the next morning...she made it! She is an Aggie! Kel was missing her big sister, so a visit was a must and of course we had to get Aggie ice cream. ♥️ Redford Surrey you are amazing! My heart, my being misses your nightly cuddles! Your presence, your energy and 9pm dancing is something we miss and look forward to when you come back home. Enjoy university! Never forget you have a home always, to return to for strength, food, kisses, laughter, real talk and family! I love you googolplexsquared! ♥️💗♥️XOX

I promise I’m not soulless....TODAY WAS THE 1st DAY OF SCHOOL! Up until NOW it was just practice school! 1) Kelsham headed into 8th grade! 2) Missing Q, then again she is a working girl! Hunter-UVU, Red-USU (will get to her later) Kelsham-Hillside...oh the hair! 3) Preparation to Slay 2018-2019! Go get ‘em Kel! 😃❤️ 🚌 📚 XOX

Super excited! I received my Amazon package today. Open! Open! Yes! New shoes and new recipe book! HAPPY FEET, HAPPY FOOD! Girls were off running about, I thought I’ll put my feet up and read through my new book...didn’t last long Jared come home from work, “Hey Deb want to go on a drive; have a date night with me?” I hesitated. I know!!! ....“Well I got this new recipe book.? It’s fast, fresh, simple Vegan...” The man who is not vegan, a Texan carnivore, replies “Great bring it, you can read to me as I drive.” He totally loves me! He drives, I read. The view was beautiful, but reading all the recipes made us SUPER hungry! Yummy Tosh’s Ramen did the trick. Jared is such a great sport, I’m a lucky girl. XOX
side note: This is an easy recipe book to read by @bettinas_kitchen its published in the UK, it has both measurements systems: metric (kg) and imperial (cup) (which doesn’t happen often). Everyone can be HAPPY COOKS! 😃❣️😃

Ode to Q! Happy 25th Birthday McQuiston. Time has flown since we had you that very early morning of 7-18-93. You have brought so much joy into our home. I hope this year will keep you looking up, design beauty, and be a little crazy! Also, never forget how much fun we have together! I love you googolplexsquared! XOX PS Thank you Q for the best curry dinner! #Quiepaidforherbirthdaydinner 😯#whatsuchanadultmove

Summer of 2008!
Summer of 2018!
Growing up sisters!
Pre-night swim in Ocean...
After night swim; cold, cold! Yes me the Mama went in too.
Jared watched, stoking the fire to warm our toes, whole bodies!!! Wetsuits are for wimps! 🤣😳😜
Beautiful ending to a fabulous time in Rockaway! XOX PS @missladyex @hunterstoddard Next year all of us!!!

Goodbye Rockaway! You have been so good to us; for us! ❤️XOX #nofilterneeded #justusnopeopleformiles

The sea, sand, salt air and any color skies brings us immense joy! BREATHING in Rockaway❣️❣️❣️ I’ve been coming to the Oregon Coast since I was still makes me giddy. It’s magical! XOX wishing @hunterstoddard and @missladyex was with us!

#familiesbelongtogether I’d do whatever it would take to keep us together! I love them! Families are eternal. We are eternal. The separation of families is genocide to God’s plan. XOX

He makes our world whole! My love has my heart! The best papa for these four girls! XOX

18 years went way to fast! Happy Birthday Red! 😍 I love you! Googolplexsquared!!! XOX

Truth be told, for the past year I’ve been dreading tomorrow...but these cuties showed up to my door last Saturday singing, giggling with the biggest smiles and freshly made chocolate cookies wishing me a happy birthday. I love these little sweeties. XOX My mantra for today: Tomorrow is only a day away, I can do this! 😜 #1/2acenturynobiggie #myheartjustskippedabeatafterwritingthat 😱

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