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∞Spying On Tumblr Since 2013∞  ѕpyιng on тυмвlr ѕιnce 3/28/13☼ • yoυ need тo ĸnow ѕoмeтнιng on тυмвlr, yoυ've coмe тo тнe тнe rιgнт place.☪ • Haters gonna Hate!

The Tumblr Girls are sometimes really nice! They are all pretty sweet but there's a lot of drama. But we never know! I'll keep you updates!

Hey guys! I have some juicy stuff to tell you! Well I'll tell you in the morning! Love you💜

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Ok. I'm not trying to be mean to tumblr. Some of them ( only some) are nice and really funny. All I wanted to do was spread the truth of tumblr to IG. I'm a terrible person.

If u hate me, just comment hateful messages below.

And this is why I stayed! @dancemomsluv232

Guys be careful!

For all you tumblr people, I don't care if u hate me, I'm not leaving IG or tumblr. So get over it, you all know it's true

For all you tumblr's, I'm not abbyleeinspires! Stop giving her hate!

Careful everyone there going on a hacking spree

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