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D Maurice aka DMo!  I's a SOUL SANGA!! I sing behind Kings of Indie Soul and with Queens (@duocity). For booking info, email

#LONDON and #PARIS!!! I’ll be opening for @erro44 for my very first performances in Europe April 22-24! Tickets are still available, so check out @soulgigs in the UK and @bizzartclub in Paris for ticket info. #Mosaic #DMaurice #DMo #DMoSoul

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!!! Saw this on someone else’s page and it accurately describes my joy!! #HeIsRisen #GoodTimes #HairOfWool #FeetLikeBrass

#LastNight in #LA, I had the best time hanging out with my daughter @jai.ima. So, here’s a quick story about last night’s shenanigans. We’re sitting at our table and I dropped the menu. Jaida took mercy on me and my old knees and picked it up for me, all the while this dude at the table behind her was checking her out! I’m completely oblivious, but I’m looking in his direction, spacing out. He thinks that I saw him lurking, so he tells me ”She’s a keeper!” I’m like, huh? “Your woman looks nice.” I’m like, “Oh! Uh...that’s my daughter, my dude.” Bruh is SO EMBARRASSED that he spends the rest of the evening apologizing over and over again. Moral of the story is...I need a shotgun. #DadsAgainstDaughtersDating 😤🙅🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂

#WheelsUp ATL > LAX. On my way to see my beautiful aunt and my amazing daughter @jai.ima, but I had to show some love to my friend @abby_summer_bernard on her birthday! So here’s a special #WheelsUp just for u...Happy Birthday!

Anyone that knows me knows I BLEED CHICAGO, so congrats to the Loyola Ramblers, the first team to make it to the Final Four!! #ChicagoVSEverybody @loyolaramblers

#WheelsUp PHL > ATL. It’s been a minute since I posted a #WheelsUp, but this was a special occasion! 3 bald heads in a row...whew! I need to go play the

#NewMusicAlert!! Sometimes, a song is just meant for u and u alone. My boy @brassbruiser produced this amazing song and my girl @rhysedionnesings blazed it! Hands down the best song on this @djfrancesjaye compilation to me. So proud of u Kierion, can’t wait to see what else u do!!

...when ur daughter’s vibe and taste is sooo dope that she creates a playlist just for u. Can’t wait to see her later this month. Thinking about u @jai.ima...

#FBF Heeeeyyyyyy boo...!! @nao_yoshioka and I a couple weeks ago in Philly. I want to wish a Happy Birthday to one of the dopest singers around! And she always brings me good

They say that Valentine’s Day is for the lovers. Well, there was def a lot of love that week to go around! Thanks to all the photogs that captured pics and videos of our was a blast!!

Hey!!! I can’t let the day go by without wishing my father, my mentor, my confidant and the originators of my good looks, lol, Mr. William L. Macklin, Jr. a Happy Birthday!! Please show my Pops all the love you can muster...he’s old and he needs it! u too much, Pops. Enjoy your special day!!

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