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Derrick  I do stuff among other things. Follow me on snapchat! User - radiostation

I wouldn’t say I changed too much. (I cheated and put 2 pics from 2018)

Don’t worry, I can handle anything

Also, what the fuck. You can click on the flight in the text and pull up a flight info screen. #TheFutureIsWild

First #AirportPerson, now this?! What is going on?? Maybe they know I’m afraid of flying so they’re trying to spook me, Halloween is pretty soon...

I honestly have no idea who this is or how it got in my phone, and I’m afraid to call it...

This beast will do anything if he thinks he’s getting food.

Don’t go outside if you’re feeling a bit sensitive today

These were from my trip to the east coast a couple weeks back. I make myself laugh, and as long as I’m laughing, someone is always laughing at my jokes. #IThinkImFunny

There must be a peanut related emergency somewhere in the city! #PeanutMobile

I miss this baby and her crazy facial expressions, took the whole week, but she eventually let me carry her around

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