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Stages of Life Today I’m fasting for prep of my colonoscopy on Monday. Nothing like these procedures to make you stop, and wonder, where did the time go? We had so much of it, once. Like all carbon forms of life we have an unseen timer counting down to an unknown date. Certainly our physical aging signs do give us and others, clues that we have used up some of our life’s allotment. Though we may not think it so. This image was made to reflect those thoughts. To help with a transformative look to the image, I chose to shoot the sunflowers at a 3/4 angle and rotate the image 180 degrees. My hopes were to give a feeling to the surface, and the flowers that exist in that space; that all is slipping or falling away faster than our perceived reality.

The Shadow is the Subject. I was attracted to this for the multiple layers of surfaces and objects piled up in this private lot. The prominent subject is the shadow, something that cannot hurt you, but still holds a warning about it’s true self.

To stay in a theme I’m posting this from my play in the daily Photo Game 08_11_2016. It is the underside of the top of a cows head.

Chrysler Imperial with a heavy influence from O’Keefe

My Walden Pond at SCR? Spring Creek Ranch Arizona

It’s so comfortable to be in a place we are use to, or be with people we know, or to shoot familiar subjects. But to walk into a strange land and find something to make a connection with, and that is not a typical “Scottsdale” manicured landscape, is a bit un-nerving. Similar for me, was the first few months of living in a L.A. Loft across from the greyhound bus station and Harold’s, one of the many bars in the city. Walking onto some properties at the Salton Sea, land of a hopeful resort living…gone bust, brought back some of those feelings. This time the atmosphere brings on a scare, that a sorcerer could conjure up with a wave of his wand. It’s an image I will not show often because this image does not fit into my usual nicely manicured portfolios like food, product, people, and even normal landscapes. Perhaps with more visits to Salton Sea I could make a group of images to fit a well groomed portfolio.

YouthPortrait This is an environmental portrait of a young girl whom I do not know. She was standing in the Pilot’s cabin of a fishing boat in Puerto Penesco, Sonora Mx. I believe she is dress for school but had stop at her dad’s boat before going home. Framed by a glass window and surrounded by the environment she is use to, family, religion, and ética de trabajo. I think it is obvious here but the late afternoon light and the abstract layering of information caught my eye. I’m so glad this gets to see the light of day again, rescued from the Drobo storage box.

The worst thing about summer is staying indoors where its 40 degrees cooler than outside. But finding old images not worked yet is a great time filler. The Room behind the door. Ascend or Descend No matter what you believe in, we must all pass through the coffin. I was thrilled when I saw this one person stairway in a church in Sonora MX. The shape and tightness that one has to travel through was such a metaphor, the act of going through the passage really made you ponder, death and transcendence. If I were to pick one religion to live by, then I’m rejecting all the others. I go through this life knowing I’m too primitive to understand the universe, and yet I can not reject others, for their choice of experience. The players are: Eliot Crowley, Blue Fier, Bob Stevens, Martin Trailer, Jennifer Bishop , Robert Nease, Russ Widstrand, Jeremy Green and Steve Mason

Organic Transition This Mandala for me represents an organic transition. A meditative altar hidden in the mundane of urban life. This image was processed to bring out the illuminance of the old faded wood while the wind blown scrappy nest materials, added to the serendipity of geometric shapes.

Shelter from the Storm I keep my younger self locked up in a trailer, out back. Occasionally I return for some retrospective time, and sleep. To take a moment away from a culture, lacking in civility.

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