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Dominic Ang  |Workout to Eat•Eat to Workout| 💪🏼👅 |Let's get PHYSICAL| 🐉🚣 |Wanderlust| ✈️ |carpe diem quam minimum credula postero| ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

|Seoul Good So Good•Mid-Nite Snacking| 🇰🇷🍟🍗👌🏼

|Saturday Steaky Situation| 🐮🍴

|Keep Me Drowning In Your Love| 🌞💦

|Best 24th Birthday Ever| 🎉🎂

|Awesome Birthday Gift•Thanks Teh Bing Kakis•Let's play this together soon| 😻😹😽
|Especially love the card "Check This Out"<Insert 6Pecs>| 💪🏼👀

|B'day Surprise Part2•Is It I made a Kawaii Unicorn Rainbow Cake| 🦄🌈🎂
|Thank You @shirlytwirly for making me your first student| 🙇🏻😻

|Blessed Early Surprise Birthday Party| 🎂🌿
|Super Love the Galaxy Themed Dessert Table Setup by @blancstudios.sg| 💛💚💙💜🌚✨
|Thank You @snzjb for the Galaxy Glazed Matcha Birthday Cake•Looks Too Good To Be Eaten| 🙀😻😋
|Love the matchy Galaxy Cupcakes & Marble Macarons baked by the talented @shirlytwirly| ❤️

|Monochrome Rainy Sunday| 🌧☔️⚫️⚪️

|Chill Weekend With Cinnamoroll| ☁️🐰☕️

|Let's Just Keep This Tarty Obsession A Secret Yeahhhh| 🤐🌚
|Another tarty source in JB for awesome cheesetarts•Especially the Glittery Chocolate Tart| ✨🍫👌🏼

|Feeling Abit Tarty| 🍮👌🏼
|Loving All 3 Flavours•Chocolate•Cheese•Matcha| 💖🍫🧀🍵
|You can now get your hands on an alternative tart source from @CPcheesefactory that's all the way from Taiwan at the basement Taiwanese Food Fair| 🇹🇼👍🏼

|You Are What You Eat•吃田鸡补脚| 👅🐸🏃🏻

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