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Dominic Ang  |Fitspo Foodie| 💪🏼😋 |Wanderlust| ✈️ 📍SIN 🇸🇬 ➡️ PEK 🇨🇳 30AUG-5SEP |Carpe Diem Quam Minimum Credula Postero| ⚪️⚫️⚪️

|Stateland Asian Nightlife| 🌚💁🏻‍♂️

|Cheers To Churros| 🙌🏼🥖☕️

|Great To Be Back In The Dirty Water Again•For A Different Reason This Time•Throwback To Good Memories•To Remind Myself Why I Love The Sport| 💪🏼😎🌞💦
|Thanks For The Memories•150617-160617| 😌💭
|04/17 Coxswain Course| 🚣🏼

|Another AHM Competitive Race•尽力而为•Train More For A Better Result Next Year| 💪🏼😔🏃🏻
|Unexpected 4th Overall For SAFTI MI| 🏅

|Egg-citing Post-AHM Brunch| 🐣🌱🏃🏻

|Sweet Alcoholism•Heineken+Baileys| 👅🍦🍺

|Jimmy Monkey Just Wanna Get Some Breakfast Food| 🙊👅🍳☕️

|Mont Blanc Lady Dreams| 🍰🍴👩🏻💭🗻

|Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs| 🍽🥗
|Just Daydreaming Only| 😔💭☁️

|Early Celeb for the Birthday Gurls| 🎉🎂🌚
|Finally #Chillers Full Strength| 💕

|The Legendary Pork| ✨🐷👅
|Peppery Bat Kut Teh•Salted Veg•Braised Peanuts•Heavenly Local Food| 🇸🇬😋

|Monday Mochi Matcha Yaaaa| 👅🍦🍵

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