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Dominic Ang  |Workout to Eat•Eat to Workout| 💪🏼👅 |Let's get PHYSICAL| 🐉🚣 |Wanderlust| ✈️ |carpe diem quam minimum credula postero| ⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️

|Kumoya X Cinnamoroll| 👅☁️

|Spice Up My Life With Some Curry Chicken Toast| 🌶🍗🍞

|Fitness Fest By The Bay| 🏙
|Pic with #fitspo @blogilates| 📸💪🏼👩🏻
|Facepaint For @yogalab._ Neon Yoga| 🎨

|Satisfy Your Inner Nihonjin Craving| 🎌🍱🍙
|Thankyou @yomoda_soba_singapore & @jpassportsg for the tasty treat| 🤑😋
|Loving their signature dry Soba•Taste just like a noodle version of the Korean Bibimbab| 🥗
|Tempura is naturally Sweet that you don't even need any sauce to go with it•So good you can just eat it with the rice| 🍤🍚

|Sun Kissed Skin So Hot Will Melt Your Popsicle| 🌞😎

|Get Fit•Be Fit•Stay Fit| 🙌🏼
|Thanks @peacelovej0y for the free tic| 😊
📹: @dehrennn

|Fitness Fest•#eatcleanstayfit| 💪🏼👅
|#eathealthyspendmoney•Loser Me Didnt Use My Coupon Or Else Can Save $2•And This Small Ass Cup For $7| 😭💸😤


|Star Light, Star Bright,
First Star I See Tonight,
I Wish I May, I Wish I Might,
Have This Wish I Wish Tonight| 🌟

|Finally Got That Gold Medal•SCS3/J/3•Time For This Bunch To Get Their Chevrons| 🏅💪🏼

|Found My True Love| ❤️🐶

|Shadow Hunter Lock On Target| 📸

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