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Forever In My Heart LL Seem 💕  Langham Ave Ass Nigga 💯 Business : #POB “Plottin On Bags Ent” Rest In Peace My Brothers Free My Brothers 🔐


I fuccin hate myself and all of the choices I have to make and I don’t want no one else but I have to be all long for me to change #LongLiveSeem 💔👼🏾😓

We got him no matter what 💜 Lil Seem 💕

Long live my big brother Seem and I love my nephew Jai 💜

My two favorite people they are apart of my story my nephew Jai’Yon and my brother Basim #SeemTeam4L I love y’all 💔💜💯

I mean this with everything on me, I know you shouldn’t question God but why lord? You broke my heart with this one 😪 I lost a soldier but I’ve gained an Angel 👼🏾 I love you @iplay_ #SmileForSeem #SeemTeam #TripleBeamSeem #LongLiveLaFlare It’s Seem’s world I’m just living in it 💔

The Streets Been BEGGIN For This To Happen It Wouldn’t Be No Better Time Than Right Now We Lost Our Brother Man... @majormotionpicturesz I Hope You Ready #SeemTeam🙏🏾 #LongLiveLaFlare😓💔 Me And @worldwidejp_ Bout To Fucc The World Up And We Doing It For Seem 😪

What ima do on our birthday now Seem? We just was talking bout our shit even tho you kept talking all this gay shit 😭 you said we was gonna go have it just me and you 💔 every year since I was little we either did suin or you made sure I was straight and made sure I enjoyed my shit I’m sicc God took you from me man I love you sooo much my brother idc how many times I say it y’all would never know the pain I feel this is a nigga I be with EVERYDAY if he don’t pull up on me I ATLEAST talk to him every single fuccin day brother now I text ya phone and you not replying I love you man 😓😓😓😔😔😔 forever my angel 👼🏾👼🏾👼🏾 Long live the goat 🐐 you up there wit Jammer Cally Nell and Quille now I know y’all turnt man I just wish y’all was down here turnt with me man ima miss you my boy no lie you got me crying everyday 😔💔 ion care about nothing else right now but you my nigga #SeemTeam4Life 😢

Twinning today Burberry button ups were ya favorite shirts lol you was so happy when I grabbed mine gone say “Okay big daddy welcome to da club” 😭😂 no one would ever understand our brothership you loved and cared about me so much vice verse we be together damn near everyday and if I’m not with you we on the phone I love you so much bro you try to make me happy every time I saw you keep looking down on me brother I love you so much💔 #SeemTeam

Hadda hit the Seem pose lol we gotta sticc together man in a time like this 💔 if I had one wish I would bring you bacc brudda I swear to god I would forever in my heart I love you Seem 💜 #SeemTeam4L

You just wouldn’t shut up about that Burberry shirt 😭💔

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