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Di  Yoga Teacher | Freelance Journalist | Entrepreneur | Dog Mom | Elephant ♡♡♡

note to self: "trust the wait. embrace the uncertainty. enjoy the beauty of becoming. when nothing is certain, anything is possible." (mandy hale)

note to self: be brave. ♡♡♡

sundays are for skincare! ♡♡♡

"time for bed, hoomans! sweet dreams!" - #yuantamad

my urban garden, so far. i have aloe vera, oregano, mint, tomato, basil, chili, dill, rosemary, and kalamansi. ♡♡♡ #urbangarden #urbangardening #growyourownfood #plantpowered

hello, yogis! class change, fyi! starting monday, september 24, my classes at @yogamalate will be beginners flow instead of slow flow.

beginners flow is an introductory vinyasa-class designed for students who are new to the yoga practice. here, we will explore different ways of breathing and moving--toward improving strength, flexibility, and body/mind/heart awareness.

the basic yoga postures will be taught at a slower pace and with more focus on alignment. pose modifications and proper and creative use of props will also be included in the class. on some days, we will work toward a peak pose; on some days, we will focus on specific parts of or the entire body.

first-timers, beginners, and long-term yoga practitioners who continue to keep their beginners' mind and spirit alive are very much welcome to attend!

see you on the mat! :-)

thank you for allowing me to #thirdwheel on your anniversary, @tonimoons and @karmenbee! at salamat sa gift--ako pa talaga ang niregaluhan. hahaha. mahal ko kayong dalawa! ♡♡♡

post-class playtime with #yuantamad! now back to my nap. :-D

this week's classes are almost over! six down, one to go. i'm excited to buy some gardening supplies tomorrow and spend time with my plants. then it's back to jobhunting online and watching k-dramas in between. i'm enjoying the lull while it lasts. i know i won't have the luxury of living this slow and steady when i go back to working full time. until then, i will be grateful for every moment. ♡♡♡

salamat sa mga @humanheartnature epektos, my dealer friends @karmenbee and @tonimoons! excited na 'kong mag-mix and match! at sa wakas nakapagsoli na rin ako ng empty bottles. yeyyy!!! :-D ♡♡♡

after many failed attempts, i was finally able to balance and hold. good morning from this bow-pulling cat! ♡♡♡ #pulmonyatop #partyintheback #talikodgenic

status: in a[n] (imaginary) relationship with @johnmayer. thanks for this, sis @jcsayo83! :-D

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