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Greg Scho  Follow a German living in Asia 🇭🇰🇹🇭 I modify Super Cars & enjoy Food: THE DMC LIFE 1️⃣ Hong Kong: Now 2️⃣ London: 1 October 3️⃣ Las Vegas: 30 October


#Wagyu #Sashimi #Sushi
You may know that I enjoyed Wagyu sushi before. However, that was in a cooked/seared form.
This is the first time that I tried raw Wagyu, but I can't give you too much of an opinion. Why, you may ask yourself?
The team from #KyotoJoe cut the beef so thin, you could literally see the rice through it. Having it in my mouth, I rather felt like eating a piece of rice ball rather than beef, which in my opinion defeats the purpose of eating sushi.
Shouldn't the fish, or topping, always be priority?
➡️ Let me know in the comments what you think.

Did a LIVE at #KyotoJoe in #LanKwaiFong!

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#Toro #MincedSashimi
Good idea but poor presentation at #KyotoJoe in #HongKong.
The outside was dry, which hints hat they were made in advance. Tempura flakes inside gave a crispy sensation that adds to the overall good seasoning. If the look would be improved and the items made fresh, then this could be a real nice snack!

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Four Treasure Sushi
This looked very impressive in the menu, but in reality it was just too much.
My attempt to eat was forcefully disrupted by the whole thing falling apart.
Each element may have been fresh, but the total mix did not create any particular sensation.
List price: 11.50 USD, EatiGo promotion 50%: 5.75 USD
#Hotate #Clam, #Uni #SeaUrchin, #Ebi #Shrimp, #CrabRoe

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Simple starter to kick off an epic Sushi menu!

Docktrine of Happyness
My friend Mark's birthday party, thanks for the invite!
Good to catch up with old and new friends again: Word wizards @khanthaitay & @twopee, Whiskey man Mike, my bro @r20o and ofcourse @tashaaaa_v!

#DMC #Bentley #CarbonFiber #Bumper
This beautiful piece of art is from my brothers from @GericiaInternational!

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