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D-LOC  “KINGDOM COME” @thekottonmouthkings_ NEW ALBUM IS AVAILABLE NOW AT www.kingmakerstore.com 2 View New Kmk Video Hit Link👇🏻

New hard copy’s and digital downloads available now!!! Www.Kingmakerstore.com

Vegas!!!!! Head on over to @nuwucannabis and pick up some of the brand new harvest of the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS OG !!! Shits pure gas...it’s the world largest collective - great people great place and happy to be their..Thank you for having us!! @thekottonmouthkings_ @kingmakerscannabis @kingmakergenetix #kingmakerfamily 💯

chopped it up @dizzyhippy about the new song we did on the album - thanks for the bars and the lyrics!! He said he was gonna half to send one back our way - lol- the song is called “ we got it” produced by @corley_made_it -

The new album is ready!!!! for digital Downloads and hard copy’s!! They are available now!!! At Www.Kingmakerstore.com - another kmk album one to add to the collection, thank you for all the years of continuous support!! We would be shit with you guy’s... the legacy lives 22 years!! 🙏🏻👊🏻💥💯👑 thank you #kmkfam #kmk4life

New album disk art!!! “ KINGDOM COME “ 2018!!! www.kingmakerstore.com #kmkfam #kottonmouthkings #dlockmk

We are about to make a lot of kings and queens real happy!!! The legacy continues 22 years later it’s the return of the original kings!!! The brand new album drops tmrw!!! Kingmakerstore.com 👑💯

Www.kingmakerstore.com 🔥@fast_mfg thank you for the quality printed shirts! 👊🏻 4/20 Vegas!!! #kingmakerfamily #kmkfam @85jrichter @thekottonmouthkings_

Kingmakerstore.com 4/20

Today at @nuwucannabis @officialtwiztid
3pm ... They will have their brand new harvest and their get Twiztid pre-rolls produced by @kingmakerscannabis @kingmakergenetix stop on by and make some with them - #kingmakerfamily 💯👊🏻💥

KINGDOM COME ALBUM SONG TITLES AND FEATURES 2018!!!! @sendog @officialtwiztid @dizzyhippy @85jrichter only available at: kingmakerstore.com 👑

At 6pm pst!!! We will be releasing all the song titles and features on the new record #kingdomcome log into the accounts @kingmakermusic or @thekottonmouthkings_ on 4/20 Come celebrate The new CD listening party at @nuwucannabis powered by @kingmakerscannabis @kingmakergenetix @kingsblendofficial top shelf quality nugs!!! So ask for prime....and will get it!!! @ask4prime 4/20 #kmkfam listing party!!!’ 2pm be their...

#kingdomcome Don’t forget about the picture contest that was going on still repost this three random winners will be selected follow these easy steps!! 💯👊🏻

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