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Danny  📍New York, NY travel, food, kpop, video games enthusiast 🌎🍴 “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”

Reunion with some old friends and also became friend with the manager since I kept asking him questions 🤣 "すみません (Sumimasen) ~ Excuse me ~" Probably one of the only Japanese phrases that I can actually say with confidence haha

A trip to Kobe is definitely not complete without trying the world famous Kobe beef!

The spectacular view from the top of 六甲山 Mt. Rokko

Amidst the rush of everyday, it's important to remember to slow down and take some time to enjoy life in the form of family, friends and nature. There's more to life than just getting to the next level. I've definitely been fortunate to have this amazing opportunity to travel and spend time with friends.

Here's another glimpse at Kobe 神戶 harborland before I board the plane to China and have to deal with the unreliable internet there 🤣

The Ferris Wheel of Kobe Harborland 🎡🛳

Be Kobe 神戶 feat. Yukiko ☺️

Meet Gudetama the lazy egg ~ he's a pretty appropriate representation of me if I have to say so

A bowl of a Michelin star ramen in Tokyo. It was so good that no filter was needed 🍜

Roast beef rice bowl with egg and japanese horseradish

It was so nice getting the opportunity to see you guys after 3 years since we studied abroad in Seoul. It was so nostalgic just traveling around Kobe and Osaka with you guys. My post isn't as eloquently written as Connor's but thank you for the memories, Yukiko-sensei and Connor-sensei haha 😆hopefully we'll travel together again sooner than another 3 years! Also, thank you Maaya and Myoshin for meeting up with us for dinner too. Perhaps, we'll meet up in New York, Hawaii, or Fukuoka next time :) #koreamemories

Fresh sushi from the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo 🍣

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